Antoine Preziuso Opens A New Boutique In Dubai

In pursuit of the brand expansion strategy, Antoine Preziuso opened its fourth boutique at Wafi City Mall in Dubai on February 1, 2010 Following the boutiques in Geneva, Tokyo, and Kiev, Antoine Preziuso intends to target the Middle East, where it has established a special context for cooperation.

Wafi City Mall is undoubtedly the most fashionable and large shopping mall in Dubai. It has gathered many famous brands-a total of more than 350 boutiques. The architectural style there was inspired by ancient Egypt, but it was not derived from its magic or the like. The entire building is pyramid-shaped, with tall sphinxes standing at the entrance. Continue to walk through a pharaoh stone statue. Many towers are reminiscent of Karnak Temple, some of them are carved A mysterious symbol pattern and colorful tinted glass form the patio foyer.
Original Source: Antoine Preziuso
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Sports And Sport Certina Champions Watch Recommended

Certina watches have a high reputation in the world. From the brand innovation to the proposal of the double insurance concept, they have brought great surprises to the world. Although rich in watchmaking experience, Swiss watches are numerous and it is not the most outstanding one, so its popularity may not be very high.
 We are living in a time of rapid change. The huge pressure of life makes us often physically and mentally exhausted. People who have been “closed” for a long time in office buildings like to exercise during the rest time, relax their muscles, and face the future career with a better mental state. Torrent. In sports, wearing a professional sports watch will make you more professional and better urge you to walk into the gym and jump into the swimming pool to accompany you to sweat and enjoy a better life.

Certina, a Swiss sports watch brand, has been involved in many sports since the 1970s. Today, the Certina Championship watch model C001.514.16.057.00 that we introduce to you is a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and fashion trends. It is not only loved by professional athletes, but also loved by ordinary people.
 The Certina Championship C001.514.16.057.00 watch has a very rare square appearance in a chronograph. It has a silver hour marker on the black dial and a small white dial to make it clearer. The brown leather strap is soft and comfortable, and the folding buckle with double insurance concept is easy to wear and safer at the same time.

 Equipped with high-quality ETA automatic mechanical movement, making professional timing functions more accurate. The practical dual calendar display window of the day and date reminds you that you will be busy and tired at work, and don’t forget that there are various sports that can help you relax your body and mind.
 Certina, as the leader in Swiss mid-range sports watches, always shows people at accessible prices. The Certina C001.514.16.057.00 watch equipped with a precise Swiss ETA movement, the price of 14,000 yuan also explains the brand’s ‘cost-effective’ characteristics.
Watch details: certina / 4064 /

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Earl’s Jewellery Watch: Never To Watch The Time

Women are always the main force driving consumption. This law seems to be accurate everywhere. Many Piaget watches, or jewellery like watches, or jewellery-like watches, are often favored at auction. Everyone can imagine that such a lot will never be worn by a man after being photographed. So it is conceivable that gems, diamonds, and exquisite designs are all used to please women. Perhaps some people (especially men) may find this watch to be a bit unclear. Don’t be stupid buddy, women wear watches, especially jewelry-inlaid watches, definitely not to watch time.
[Overall description] Manufactured around 1990, quartz movement, case size 25 × 22 mm.
[Estimated price] 400000 HKD-550000 HKD
[Including commission price] 500000 HKD

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Sports And Business Have Both Citizen Perpetual Calendar Radio Timepiece Watch

The CITIZEN brand new radio timepiece exhibited at the 2009 Basel Fair and highly acclaimed, combines light kinetic energy technology, automatic time adjustment by radio waves, and traditional beauty in a stylish, multifunctional watch that lets you Have a whole new experience.
 The new radio timepiece only needs to easily rotate and select the city, and the city time and UTC time can be displayed immediately. At the same time, it has two global radio stations in Japan, China, the United States, and Europe to receive radio time to grasp the world time instantly; it also has multi-functions such as stopwatch timing, perpetual calendar, alarm, and 26 city world time. The use of titanium material is not only fashionable, but also light and comfortable to wear.

Citizen Perpetual Calendar Radio Controlled Watch
Material: Titanium
Movement: Cal. H610 movement
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / world time / perpetual calendar
Water resistance: 100 meters
Mirror: Sapphire Crystal
 In addition to combining sports fashion and business functions, CITIZEN radio timepieces are equipped with Eco-Drive light kinetic energy of high-tech and fashion concepts. Any light source can be charged, which fully reduces the harm to the environment, allowing you to experience business functions and environmental protection fashion Brilliant combination.

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Exquisite And Delicate Tasting Jaeger-lecoultre Biplane Series Moon Phase Calendar Watch

The Jaeger-LeCoultre brand with a history of more than 180 years has always followed the tradition of superb watchmaking, pursued technological innovation, and became one of the largest workshops in Switzerland. On 2016SIHH, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a biplane series moon phase calendar watch. Its exquisite exquisiteness will undoubtedly showcase Jaeger-LeCoultre’s superb watchmaking skills. Today, the Watch House will take a look at this watch with you, the official model: Q6043420.

   This watch has multiple functions and is well designed. The watch has a date display function, which is very practical; the moon phase function makes the watch more magnificent. The small dial with jump-second function allows the watch to have a more accurate time.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Biplane Moon Phase Calendar Q6043420

   This exquisite and complex watch is made of white gold. Its model is exquisite and delicate. The reasonably beautifully arranged dial has a symmetrical structure. The watch is equipped with a black belt and a folding buckle.

Exquisitely crafted crown

   The crown of the watch is a round crown with fine pits on the side for easy adjustment, while the top is matte and decorated with the Jaeger-LeCoultre logo.

Soft and tough strap

   The silver case with a black belt is a classic. Black can be said to be a versatile color, any watch design with a black strap will not look obtrusive, and black itself looks calm and solemn. The leather strap is soft and tough and comfortable to wear.

Polished and sanded case

   The case made of white gold is polished and sanded, and the bezel is round and shiny. There is an adjustment button on the side of the watch, which can control the small seconds hand on the dial.

Delicate and delicate dial function display is complex and organized

   The watch’s milky silver-plated dial is exquisite, sophisticated, and reasonably designed. At six o’clock is a small dial with seconds jumping function. There are windows on the left and right sides of the small dial. You can see the internal movement and display the power reserve. There are two large dials on the working side of the dial. The left dial shows the moon phase and date, the right is the hour and minute display, and the center of the dial is the second hand.

Beautiful moon phase display and practical date display

   The small dial on the left side of the dial is equipped with a loop-back date display and moon phase display function. The moon phase function creates a romantic night sky scenery with hand-carved moon phase patterns and shining stars, and brings the most poetic and artistic expression of time.

Clear and legible hour chronograph dial

   On the right side of the dial is the hour counter. The traditional design of the hour markers is more elegant. The gold hands and indexes are set on the white dial, which is eye-catching and easy to read.

Two power reserves under the dial and a small dial with jump seconds function

   For the movement of the movement, it can be seen through the two windows below the dial, and each of the two windows has a power reserve indicator. This watch has two independent power reserve devices, one of which is dedicated to power accurate timekeeping, and the other is to provide function display; in the center is the small seconds function dial, which can make the watch more accurate.

Lugs shaped like horns and cast into the case

   The watch’s lugs and case are cast in one piece, resembling a horn, with a natural arc, which can make the watch fit more closely with the wrist.

Folding buckle is convenient and safe to wear

   Also made of platinum, the folding buckle is simple in shape and easy to open and close. It has the Jaeger-LeCoultre logo and has been carefully treated to fully reflect Jaeger-LeCoultre’s delicate and delicate watchmaking process.

Delicate and complex manual winding movement

   The back of the watch is transparent, and the complex movement can be seen through the sapphire crystal. This watch is equipped with a manual winding movement of Jaeger-LeCoultre 381. The movement consists of 374 parts and has two independent barrels, each providing a 50-hour power reserve.

Summary: This double-wing moon phase calendar watch in white gold continues the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand’s exquisite watchmaking technology for more than 180 years. The watch is exquisite and exquisite. Through the dial, you can see the beauty of the movement of the mechanical movement. Its complex and excellent functions can provide great convenience to the wearer. The ingenious design and craftsmanship make the watch more ornamental. It is an exquisite and excellent watch.

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6 Recommended Underwater ‘overlord’ Dive Watches

Friends who love the sun, the beach and the sea will definitely love the diving watch. Generally, watches with a water resistance greater than 100 meters can adapt to swimming and snorkeling environments. Shade movements can be performed relative to the specific conditions of the watch. Having a suitable watch can not only ensure the safety factor of athletes, but also increase the joy of exercise. Today’s Watch House recommends 6 underwater ‘overlord-level’ diving watches to help you understand this special functional watch in depth.

IWC Galapagos Islands Edition Chronograph IW376705

Watch Series: Ocean
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: stainless steel, rubber coating
Strap Material: Rubber
Table diameter: 44
Water resistance: 120 meters
Domestic public price: ¥ 57,000
Watch details: 00382 watch

Watch Series: Limited Collection
Movement type: manual machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: Frosted bronze
Strap Material: Leather
Table diameter: 47
Water resistance: 300 meters
Domestic public price: ¥ 81,500
Watch details: Planet Ocean Chrono

Watch Series: Haima
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Table diameter: 45.5
Water resistance: 600 meters
Domestic public price: ¥ 61,200
Watch details: HAWK series 49950-19-632-FK6A watch

 Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: No
Strap Material: Rubber
Table diameter: 44
Water resistance: 1000 meters
Domestic Public Price: No
Watch details: black dial watch

 Watch Series: Deepsea
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Table diameter: 44
Water resistance: 3900 meters
Domestic public price: ¥ 82,500
Watch details: Brief comment: Deepsea rewrites the watch’s deepwater diving record to 3900 meters. If ‘Water Ghost’ is the most popular diving weapon of Rolex, then Deepsea can be called a ‘deep sea monster’. Rolex has always been an authority in the field of cutting-edge waterproof technology. In addition to the depth of water resistance that makes people fall through their glasses, several other breakthrough technological innovations at Deepsea have also made diving enthusiasts want to stop. The structure of the RinglockSystem case can ensure that the watch can withstand tremendous pressure in a deep sea environment of several kilometers.

Hublot King Extreme Series 731.NX.1190.RX

Watch Series: Supreme King
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: titanium
Strap Material: Titanium
Table diameter: 48
Water resistance: 4000 meters
Domestic public price: ¥ 157,600
Watch details: Power Diver, 4000 meters deep dive. Its screw-in crown and the crown that controls the rotating inner ring are both highly protected. The hands and scales are coated with a thick layer of fluorescent material to be seen clearly in the dark sea. HUB 1401 is the mechanical heart of King Power Diver 4000 heavy armor, with 42 hours storage.

Summary: Although diving watches with a waterproof depth of 120 meters to 4000 meters, although the actual waterproofing does not require 4000 meters of water resistance, this does not prevent people from deeply fascinating with diving watches, because it also represents Human beings challenge the feat of conquering nature again and again. It is believed that in the near future, a new waterproof depth record will appear to refresh the past. At the same time, it will prove that human beings will use the light of wisdom to lift the mystery of the depths of the ocean.

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Bell & Ross Enters The Fourth Year Of Cooperation With Renault F1 Team, The Brand’s Team Night In Shanghai Station Homeopathy Recommended R.S.19 Joint Series Racing Table

F1 China 2019 attracted the attention of global fans, as this is the 1000th race since F1 started. As for the Shanghai International Circuit, which hosted the F1 race, it was greeted for the first time since 2004. Since the Formula One Championship, 2019 has also marked its 15th anniversary, which has also brought a lot of topical heat to this China race. Among them, as the sponsor brand of Renault Formula One team, Bell & Ross will certainly not stay out of the business. This time, the brand has also been promoted to China. The rare opportunity of Formula One team night held by Renault Formula One team, The brand also showed the latest RS19 chronograph co-branded with Renault.

Bell & Ross launches new R.S.19 chronograph family in 2019, with the recent debut of F1 China

At the Renault F1 team night event, Renault Sport College introduced Chinese driver Ye Yifei to join them. In the Chinese racing world, Ye Yifei, who is only 19 years old, has actually made a name. He won the 2016 The French F4 Championship, also the first Chinese driver to win the podium in the 2017 Renault Formula 2.0 European Cup, is the hope of the new generation of the Chinese racing industry. He announced that Ye Yifei joined the Renault F1 team. At the same time, the partner Bellex also wishes to give a blessing-giving a BR 03-94 RS18 chronograph to Ye Yifei, wishing him better performance in the future, helping Renault F1 team performance even more Upper floor.

New member of Renault Institute of Sport Ye Yifei wears BR 03-94 R.S.18 watch presented by Bell & Ross to attend 2019 Renault F1 Team Night

Renault F1 team racers Hülkenberg (left) and Ricciardo (right) both wear Bell & Ross BR V3-93 R.S. 19 chronographs for the 2019 Renault F1 Team Night

In addition to expressing support for the Renault F1 team night, Bell & Ross also took the opportunity of this F1 Shanghai station to bring a new series of RS19 chronographs in Shanghai. Daniel Ricciardo put on the BR V3-93 RS 19 chronograph simultaneously, and became a good companion for two outstanding racers on the field. Regarding the cooperation between Bell & Ross and F1 team, in fact, the two parties have entered the fourth year since they decided to cooperate in 2016. On the one hand, Bell & Ross strongly supports Renault F1 team to achieve good results on the field, and also good With the opportunity of cooperation between the two parties, we launched a joint watch series. Now creating a new Renault F1 team co-branded watch has become a routine highlight of Bell & Ross. In addition to designing to show the team’s genes, continuous refinement of the design has also become this series Reasons welcomed by the market.

The R.S.19 series adds the green, red and orange colors inspired by the cockpit buttons to the yellow and black colors typical of Renault F1 team.

The new R.S.19 series includes four unique chronographs, including BR03-94 R.S.19, BRV3-94 R.S.19, BR-X1 R.S.19 and BR-X1 tourbillon chronograph R.S.19. The entire series is still based on the representative yellow and black colors of Renault F1 team. At the same time, green, red and orange colors inspired by the cockpit buttons are added. In terms of materials, most RS19 chronograph faces The discs are made of carbon fiber, the basic high-tech material that must be used in F1 racing cars, which looks unique visually. The lightweight characteristics of the discs also meet the needs of racers.

The faceplate of most models of the R.S.19 series uses the basic high-tech carbon fiber material that F1 racing must use.

Among them, BR03-94 RS19 and BRV3-94 RS19 are equipped with the same movement RS19, but the former uses the Belles famous square case, and the latter is replaced with a round case. Both models have bidirectional rotation. The bezel and the engraved groove around the bezel are ergonomic, intended to facilitate the user to operate smoothly even when wearing gloves.

The BR-X1 R.S.19 and BR-X1 tourbillon chronograph R.S.19 have added a ‘time stamp’ function in 2019, which can continuously mark different moments

In addition to the new BR-X1 RS19’s unique handlebar design in 2019, Bell & Ross has added a so-called ‘time stamp’ function to the outside of its bezel, which the wearer can use. The yellow arrow indicates the stop position of the second hand, which is helpful for racers to mark different moments in succession. This interactive paired with grade 5 titanium, ceramic and rubber materials, plus the perspective dial design, the weight of this watch It is therefore quite light and does not burden the driver. As for the BR-X1 tourbillon chronograph RS19, which is the most advanced series in the series, continues the streamlined style of the BR-X1. The escapement, which rotates 360 degrees per minute at 6 o’clock on the faceplate, makes the entire mechanism resistant to the influence of gravity, thereby improving the accuracy of timing. For racers who value every minute, this accuracy is Foot precious.

BR03-94 R.S.19

Stainless steel material / BR03-94 R.S.19 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal mirror / diameter 42x42mm / limited to 999 / reference price: 49,000 RMB

BRV3-94 R.S.19

Stainless steel material / BRV3-94 RS19 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal surface / diameter 43mm / limited 999 pieces / reference price: 33,000 RMB (tape), 36,000RMB (chain belt)

BR-X1 R.S.19

Titanium, ceramic material / BR-CAL.313 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal / diameter 45x45mm / limited 250 / reference price: 155,000 RMB

BR-X1 Tourbillon Chronograph R.S.19

Titanium, ceramic material / BR-CAL.283 manual winding movement / hour and minute display / tourbillon device / chronograph function / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / diameter 45x45mm / limited to 20 / Reference price: 1,390,000 RMB

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Baoji Holds The Young Scientists Foundation Exclusive Dinner Event

On June 25, 2015, Breguet hosted an exclusive dinner at the Fifth Avenue boutique in New York to host members of the Young Scientist Foundation board of directors. The evening was hosted by key members of the Foundation’s leadership team who were also collectors of Breguet watches.
   The Young Scientists Foundation is committed to building a communication bridge between high school students and mentors, providing them with opportunities to pursue a scientific career. The organization’s mission of innovation is a perfect reflection of Breguet’s values.

   In addition, a fundraising event kicked off at the dinner on the same day. This event will last for several months at the Fifth Avenue boutique, and Baodi is proud to participate in it.

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Roger Dubuis Excalibur 36 Stainless Steel Diamond Watch Released Directly At Geneva Watch Fair 2013

The three stainless steel diamond watches of the Excalibur36 series have their own characteristics. The stainless steel case gives the watch a timeless exquisite beauty, and the shape of the case perfectly reflects the classic elements of the brand. With the same color dial and blue alligator leather strap, the subtlety of the first watch is also elegant. The two subsequent watches introduced a stainless steel bracelet with black and white dials, as if time passed between day and night. The combination of the polished external surface of the stainless steel bracelet and the central satin makes it perfect and precious.

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013:

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A.Lange & Söhne Lange Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Wempe Watch Store With 1815 Up/Down Limited Edition

Wempe is a well-known German watch and jewellery company. Their partnership with Lange A. Lange & Söhne began as early as the 1930s, when Wempe’s headquarters in Hamburg introduced some Lange Pocket watch works are sold, and the third-generation successor of the brand, Otto Lange and Wempe’s second-generation Herbert Wempe, have also jointly built the Glashütte Observatory, which is quite personal.

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the long-term partnership with German watchmaker Wempe, Lange celebrates its 1815 Up / Down limited edition to celebrate

When Lange announced the re-emergence of the representative forum in October 1994 and brought four new works, in addition to the media to report, of course, the brand itself will invite well-known watch dealers including Germany and Switzerland to appreciate their home New products, including Wempe watch shop, Hellmut Wempe, who was in charge of watch shop business at the time, not only played with Lange watches, but also visited their watch factory. He was very impressed by his efforts and his inherited German watchmaking craftsmanship, so he was quite optimistic about the market prospects of Lange watches, and took practical actions to express a lot of support for the brand, and this order was 25 years old. Today, as Wempe’s business scope expands to the world, Lange watches can be seen in Wempe watch stores in Hamburg, New York and London, which are called Böhler of Lange watches.

1815 represents the year of birth of the founder of Lange, symbolizing that the creation of this watch was inspired by early pocket watch works, so the dials such as track scales and Arabic numeral time scales all show the charm of early Lange pocket watches.

In order to commemorate such a long-term cooperative relationship, in addition to the Lange 1 25th anniversary commemorative watch, Lange also recently launched an 1815 Up / Down limited watch as a thank you to Wempe for its support and gifts. The 1815 Up / Down limited editions are available in white and rose gold, with a limited edition of 25 pieces each in response to the anniversary.

The name of Up / Down is only the power reserve display. The watch has a power reserve display at 8 o’clock on the faceplate. The German watch has the characteristics of AB and AUF which represent the power consumption situation.

In terms of dials, this 1815 Up / Down limited watch uses the same dark blue as the previous Lange 1 commemorative watch. The design features of the 1815 series such as lugs, orbital scales and Arabic numerals are fully retained. The so-called Up / Down actually refers to the power reserve display. Therefore, there is a small dial at the 4 o’clock direction of the faceplate, and the power reserve display at the 8 o’clock position, which is the same as the Lange watch. In style, it uses AB for empty chain and AUF for full chain, but from the other digital scales on the dial, it can still be seen that this watch has a power reserve of 72 hours.

The transparent bottom cover reveals the exquisite craft figure of the movement L051.2, including the 3/4 plywood, the gold sleeve, and the carved engraved plywood, etc., and it is very charming. In addition, the limited number of the model can be seen at 1 o’clock on the case back.

Both the white and rose gold models are all in silver with a small silver dial and hour markers, but the hour and minute hands change correspondingly with the case material (for example, the hands of the white gold case are also white gold). Flip to the case back, under the transparent bottom cover is the L051.2 hand-wound movement. This movement is designed with 3/4 plywood, and the substrate is decorated with a large Glashütte diamond pattern, which can also be seen. German watches are more common with gold sleeves. As for the escapement of the movement, it is even more beautiful. Lange carefully engraved the balance wheel bridge by hand, and matched the advanced speed control mechanism to show the essence of advanced watchmaking. . The two watches are engraved with a limited number at the 1 o’clock direction of the bottom case. In addition, the remaining colors (face plate and strap) can be identified. This is a limited edition commemorative watch, which is in line with Lange’s low-key style.

1815 Up / Down Wempe

18K white gold material / L051.2 manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / diameter 39mm / limited to 25

1815 Up / Down Wempe

18K rose gold material / L051.2 manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / diameter 39mm / limited to 25 pieces only

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