Chronogram’ Research Plan: Journey Through Time Memories

On the occasion of the 2016 Geneva International Horological Watch Exhibition (SIHH), Vacheron Constantin announced the results of the ‘Chronogram’ research project, which is in collaboration with DigitalHumanitiesLab and EPFL + ECALLab. The laboratories collaborated to transform a superior company archive into an information system and highlight its important value.

   The documents of more than 350 meters have been accumulated since 1775 and contain precious memories of Vacheron Constantin. In 2014, Vacheron Constantin cooperated with two laboratories of the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne to ensure that these archives are permanently preserved and rejuvenated.

   The DigitalHumanitiesLab of the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne took nearly two years to develop new digitalization and automatic transcription technology, which can transform Vacheron Constantin’s huge literature records into a complete archive information system. EPFL + ECALLab researches the potential of emerging technologies based on the research results of visual language and explanatory principles, and develops a device that can effectively transform these huge information heritage into consulting experience. The three installations are inspired by mask art, fencing masks and panoramic telescopes, allowing users to devote themselves to the long history of Vacheron Constantin.

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New Generation Hand-wound Movement Debuts Grand Seiko Elegance

GRAND SEIKO recently launched a new series called Elegance, this has several refreshing features, including its case is ultra-thin design, dial decoration process and past brand watches It’s a little different, and more importantly, it’s also replaced with a brand-newly-developed bracelet movement developed by the brand 9S63, which left a deep impression at the beginning of the year.

GRAND SEIKO’s new work Elegance is equipped with the brand’s new bracelet movement 9S63. Its ultra-thin design and refreshed faceplate layout and decoration process show a new look different from previous GS watches.

It is surprising that such a new product from head to toe was first exposed in Baselworld. I don’t know if there will be any more powerful new works of GRAND SEIKO after Baselworld is launched to open our eyes. Speaking of this Elegance series, the brand’s first wave launched four styles, including two rose gold models, one gold model, and a stainless steel model that certainly has a lot of price points.

Elegance series launched two rose gold models, one gold model and one stainless steel model. Among them, precious metals are painted with painted faceplates, especially the rose gold models with “GS” time stamps are also made with dill painting process. High process specifications

The case of the Elegance series is 39mm. As mentioned above, it has an ultra-thin case design. In fact, the thickness is 11.6mm. This is not a record-breaking ultra-thin shape, but it is relatively thinner than a general three-hand watch. . The round case design of the watch is more distinctive because of the lugs, because the lugs narrow down from the bezel all the way down, and the cut surface of the lugs is not as sharp as the GS models in our past. It looks like People have a sense of sturdiness and shortness. At present, such a design is uncertain whether it is designed to be more comfortable when worn. When the subsequent models are officially listed, if there are table friends to take the lead to share their own experience of wearing watches.

The dial pattern of the watch is a simple small three-pin, and a power reserve indicator is provided at 3 o’clock to remind the watch owner to pay attention to the three-day power reserve period of the movement.

Elegance’s rose gold styles all use lacquered dials. These dials are from ochre workshops owned by GS. The two rose gold models are equipped with brown and black lacquered faces, respectively, and the time stamps of the models and the 12 o’clock direction. The word ‘GS’ is still processed with dill painting technique, and the whole looks quite texture. Compared to the lacquer design of the rose gold model, the silver and white lacquered dial of the gold model is relatively simple. With gold inlaid hour markers, it is relatively low-key at first glance, but carefully appreciate the various details on the dial. Japanese watchmaking On the contrary, the fineness of the product is more prominent, and it can also highlight the solid craftsmanship of GRAND SEIKO. The next thing to see is the blue dial of stainless steel. Its dial has the ‘Iwateyama pattern’ that appears from time to time in the GS model. As the name suggests, it is at the edge of Iwateyama where SII watch factory is located, and it is integrated into authentic Japan. The characteristics of watchmaking culture make the stainless steel face plate as unique and attractive.

Elegance’s round case with wide upper and lower narrow lugs is quite distinctive, and the actual wearing feels curious.

It has been about eight years since GRAND SEIKO last launched the hand-wound movement. This time, the 9S63 movement is well-prepared, including its shock frequency of 28800vph and a power reserve of 72 hours. ), More in line with modern market demand, and in the time display pattern on the watch face, in addition to the central hour and minute hands, there is a small second hand at 9 o’clock, and the power reserve display at 3 o’clock, it seems this will The brand’s new generation of basic movements.

The accuracy of the 9S63 movement is more accurate than the Swiss C.O.S.C. certification standard. At the same time, the blue steel screw is enabled on the movement, which is also a new attempt for GRAND SEIKO.

GRAND SEIKO said that the daily error value of the 9S63 movement falls between -3 and +5 seconds, which is probably a little more accurate than the Swiss COSC certification standard, and given the rigorous personality of the Japanese watch factory, such data is still used in daily wear. It may be more stunning for the wearer. In addition, the 9S63 movement has a special feature worth mentioning. In the past, the 9S movement looked all silver and white tones. So do n’t forget to pay attention to this latest design feature when you turn to the case back to appreciate the movement.

SBGK002 (right) & SBGK004 (left)

18K rose gold material / 9S63 manual winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / power reserve display / painted face plate / sapphire crystal mirror surface, transparent bottom cover / diameter 39mm / limited 150 each / reference price: 215,000 RMB


18K yellow gold material / 9S63 manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / power reserve display / painted face plate / sapphire crystal mirror surface, transparent bottom cover / diameter 39mm / reference price: 156,000 RMB


Stainless steel material / 9S63 manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / power reserve display / lacquered face plate / sapphire crystal mirror surface, transparent bottom cover / 39mm diameter / limited 1500 / reference price: 52,000 RMB– –

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