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Thierry Lamouroux, a graduate of the Central Polytechnic in Paris, majored in mechanical engineering. At 23, he joined Cartier as an assistant to Bernard Formas, then Cartier’s global marketing director. After assisting Formas for two years, Thierry was promoted to assistant president. During this period, he was responsible for a number of different projects, including communication and coordination of marketing activities, Cartier’s participation in the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie, and implementation of the brand’s new customer service policy. In 2003, Thierry joined Cartier’s watch marketing department, and in July 2010 was appointed Director of Cartier’s Global Watch Marketing. In Thierry Lamouroux’s eyes, innovation, breakthroughs and craftsmanship are the core concepts that the brand has always adhered to. ‘Since Cartier was founded in 1847, it has insisted on creating distinctive and exquisite works with abundant creative inspirations. The legendary works of Chen Gui, as well as Cartier’s watches. ‘Yang Di Evening News reporter Wu Di

Yang Yang: For the Asian market, what is the focus of Cartier’s watch promotion this year?

T: Cartier has many new works every year in fine watchmaking, fine jewelry watches and other models. This year, we have taken a milestone step forward in the field of complex and self-developed movements. Whether it’s adhering to the idea of ​​making the first mysterious clock in 1912 and putting it back in the newly designed Rotonde de Cartier dual mysterious tourbillon watch, or putting a complex movement on a high-end jewelry watch Cheetah miniature engraving watches, and so on, this year, in the field of fine watchmaking and fine jewelry craftsmanship, we have spent considerable energy on the development of the movement. In addition, Tank watch, as one of the brand’s oldest and most symbolic series, also launched this year’s Tank MC equipped with Cartier’s first self-developed movement-1904MC movement. Cartier, as a global brand, does not conduct differentiated marketing activities for a specific country or region. All of the above are global.

Yan Yang: What are the characteristics of high-end watches that will be loved by the Chinese?

T: Generally speaking, it is the inheritance of superb craftsmanship and aesthetics. As mentioned earlier, this is true for consumers worldwide, including China. A good watch must contain a distinctive gene: a high-quality movement, a historical heritage, or an unparalleled beauty. Proudly, Cartier watches have this gene. Take the Rotonde de Cartier double mysterious tourbillon watch launched this year as an example. The tourbillon of this magical watch is like hanging in the air. This inspiration originated in 1912 and was called the ‘mystery in the history of clocks’. As the ‘Emperor of Jewelers’, Cartier is also a masterpiece in the field of high-end jewelry watches, extending the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and rich inspiration to the field of watches, giving watch works the ultimate beauty of high-end jewelry.

Yang Yang: The same complex movement launched by its brand, what is the advantage of Cartier movement?

T: Creativity and beauty. Cartier has a considerable history in jewellery and watch making, and the accomplishments of jewelry have brought the brand’s aesthetic standards to the field of watches. Today, our watchmaking workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland has become one of the largest comprehensive integration workshops in Switzerland. Over 1200 artisans have worked hard here, enabling every step of Cartier’s watch production to be completed here. . The strong watchmaking strength has provided us with more creative space. Since the introduction of the fine watchmaking series in 2008, 26 home-made movements have been developed in just 5 years, 8 of which have won the Geneva Quality Mark. In addition, the long history of the brand also provides us with more sources of inspiration: for example, the birth of the Rotonde de Cartier double mysterious tourbillon watch is derived from the mystery known as ‘miracles in the history of clocks’ more than 100 years ago. bell. In this era of rapid technological development, everyone can continue to improve in technology. When it comes to aesthetics and heritage, Cartier’s legendary masterpieces do indeed provide us with a huge treasure trove of inspiration.

Wei Yang: Are you considering launching a watch customization service in China?

T: Custom service is a traditional business that Cartier has been in existence since the brand was founded. This is progressable globally, including in China. We can choose different materials based on the existing models according to customer needs, or customize the dial pattern, or redesign after communicating with customers to create a brand new watch. It should be mentioned that every watch from Cartier needs to comply with the brand’s aesthetic standards and DNA. Therefore, during the customization and design process, we will fully communicate with customers to create works that meet both customer needs and our aesthetic standards. .

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