Li Bingbing Leads Five Watches Suitable For Ol

The movie ‘I’m willing’ looks like a big commercial, and no matter the movie is good or bad, Li Bingbing’s style in the movie is still remarkable, especially the continuously appearing Bulgari Serpenti The series of watches are the most powerful women’s aura in the workplace with high education, high salary, and high IQ. Today, I recommend several of these watches suitable for OL to wear in the workplace to enhance their aura. Right. Bvlgari Serpenti Watch
非 The extraordinary and unique strap of the Serpenti series watches meanders out of the curved curved case, like a snake snake wrapped around the wrist. The new Serpenti watch is equipped with a Swiss quartz movement specially made for Bvlgari. As a reinterpretation of classic jewellery, the gold or polished stainless steel 7-wound winding strap contrasts sharply with the silver-brushed dial and the goose-egg-cut pink gemstone inlaid on the crown (some models have a bezel setting of 38 A brilliant-cut diamond (0.29 carats)) that sparkles the entire watch.
CHANEL J12 Chromatic Watch
The new realm of traditional metal processing technology and innovative particle technology, high-tech precision titanium ceramics combined with titanium have extremely high wear resistance. This magical color is inspired by the high-tech precision titanium ceramics of the 21st century. Chanel Swiss Watch Factory researched and created high-tech precision titanium ceramics to create a new generation of J12 watches.
PIAGET Piaget Limelight watch
Piaget’s works have always won with novel ideas, lively and steady, and Limelight series of high-end jewelry watches are even more eye-opening. The original watches can also give you infinite surprises like technology products. The Limelight Magic Hour watch in white gold and diamonds shows us the multifaceted expressions of magic time. The Limelight series lace ring in white gold and diamonds is even more beautiful, bright and luxurious.
LONGINES Longines Series
The beauty of life can be described as an hourglass, a long stream of water, and endless love … The elegant Longines watch with a flying wing hourglass as its logo. Its classic design and excellent quality of the watch have always been loved by happy new people, after an authoritative wedding expert With the votes of many consumers, the Longines La Grande Classique diamond pair watch was selected as the ‘best elegant and loving wedding pair watch’ at the ‘Marriage Ceremony’ hosted by a famous Chinese wedding magazine.
Cartier Blue Balloon Diamond Women’s Watch
The Cartier brand itself is ‘the emperor’s jeweler, the jeweler’s emperor’. Its diamond watch must not be wrong. This diamond-studded blue balloon can be described with luxury and luxury. The dial is set with 11 diamonds. Selected top diamonds, perfect gorgeous designs, turn the blue balloon watch into a woman’s favorite cherished dream. The clear diamonds set on the dial and the pink alligator strap convey a feminine look.

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