Tag Heuer Carrera Carbon Composite Concept Chronograph Stopwatch

Carrera Carbon Matrix Composite

   Carrera CMC’s design inspiration comes from the first Calera sports chronograph stopwatch released in 1963 for professional racing mobile phone racing fans. The case is based on the epoch-making Carrera Mikrogirder chronograph released in 2012, the latter The ‘Aiguille d’Or’, the highest honor in the ‘Geneva Watch Awards’ held in November 2012.
TAG Heuer Carrera CMC’s asymmetric ‘bull head’ case and blade lug design, based on Mikrogirder chronograph stopwatch, crown and chronograph button at 12 o’clock, and traditional chronograph stopwatch; of course, the biggest difference is naturally CMC carbon composite material And extremely sophisticated micro-production techniques, both of which are pioneering in the watchmaking industry. The case, case back and bezel are made of carbon fibers arranged in the same matrix. Each layer of this reinforced carbon fiber is only 0.007 mm thick. It is made of three-dimensional parts through cutting-edge technology, and then heated and compressed. The chemical reaction in it will be soft and elastic. The thin layer of carbon fiber transforms into an ultra-strong part shape. This cutting-edge technology has so far been mainly used in Formula One racing and aerospace industries, but it is conducive to the processing of complex and delicate parts for watch making, with almost no shape restrictions and perfect precision; in addition, this The chronograph has undergone stringent quality tests by TAG Heuer, which is more durable than ordinary watches, with almost no scratches and wear, and is extremely lightweight, making it more comfortable to wear on the wrist.

   Carrera CMC is equipped with TAG Heuer’s first self-made CALIBRE 1887 movement. This movement took 4 years to develop and is an integrated column-wheel movement, consisting of 320 parts. Reform the watchmaking industry to mark the 150th anniversary of the brand’s founding.

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