Panerhai Fully Supports The 16th D’ Days 2016

Panerai, the high-end watch brand of Florence, is renowned for its innovative combination of Italian design and Swiss watchmaking. The brand participated in the 16th D’Days, a design event that celebrates contemporary design through light.
 From May 30th to June 5th, Panerai held the 16th D’Days at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. D’Days is one of the most well-known design festivals in Europe, a well-known platform for the public to observe, discover and share challenges and perspectives in the field of design.

 Regardless of watch function or brand positioning, the connection between Panerai and design is an integral part of the brand’s history. The classic ‘bridge protection’ design of the Luminor case, the overall lines and the luminous dial are all essential elements of Panerai’s aesthetics. In the exhibition ‘LUMINOR: light from elsewhere’, exhibiting works by artist Dan Roosengarde. With this exhibition, Panerai further strengthened its connection with international excellence in design.
 Through this opportunity, exhibitions, events, workshops, conferences, art installation exhibitions and experiences will be held in the French capital, showing once again the power and innovation in the field of design.

 Design is also a major feature of Panerai. Each new model was inspired by classic models made in the 1930s and 1950s, when Panerai’s workshops in Florence provided the Italian Navy with a variety of instruments for the commando to perform underwater tasks. Panerai Radiomir and Luminor watches are rugged, waterproof and with legendary luminous reading function, the brand has been recognized as the pioneer of professional diving watches, and has an irreplaceable position in watch design for many years.

 Since its founding in 1860, Panerai has continuously explored the relationship between design and innovation. This Florence brand has worked with many independent units and large design agencies for many years to encourage and support excellence in design through a series of cooperative planning, exhibitions, awards ceremonies and other methods.
 “O ‘Clock – Time Design, Design Time” exhibition co-organized with the Triennale Design Museum of Milan, collaborated with Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola to conceive a new concept for the boutique, and co-sponsored “Panerai MiamiDesign” with Design Miami The ‘Visionary Award’ is an example of Panerai’s cooperation with different units in the past and the past. Among the cooperation units include the Musée d ‘Orsay in Paris, Spazio Rossana Orlandi, a designer boutique in Milan, and London Design Week. And Tokyo MidtownDesign Touch.

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Leader Weathervane Keep Up With The Times Tissot 2014 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show New Preview

As one of the most innovative Swiss famous watchmaking brands, Tissot’s traditional watchmaking technology and modern innovative technology for more than 160 years have been leading the development of world clocks. Every year, Tissot’s outstanding new watch products released at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Show always win the applause of many watch lovers. In 2014, what kind of innovative masterpieces will Tissot explore to the extreme, splashing ink on the huge scale of the Basel Watch Fair? The following four thick chapters will give you a sneak peek.
  Sports, Keeping Pace with the Times-Tissot Special Series for the 17th Incheon Asian Games
  Racing against time, 2014 is bound to be a year full of speed and passion. As the official designated timing and partner of the 17th Incheon Asian Games, Tissot will provide accurate timing and analysis of the results of each Asian Games event. Show the world the brand’s superior timing technology and the superior quality of its products. In order to remember this extraordinary sports feast and convey the passion of the Asian Games spirit, Tissot will launch a series of special watches specially designed for the 17th Incheon Asian Games in 2014, including Haozhi, Tengzhi Elite Edition, Racing Touchscreen, PR100, Junchi 200 series, the back cover of these watches are printed with the logo of the Incheon Asian Games. At the same time, the special sports detail design and color scheme give Tissot the infinite passion and strength of the 2014 Asian Games series, and accompany the wearer to control the memorable moments at any time.

Figure 1: Tissot Haozhi series automatically winds up for the 2014 Asian Games Limited Edition
  Technology · Advancing with the Times——Tissot Skysmith Series Observatory Certified
  The international timekeeping competition of the slamming watch altar has always been synonymous with precision and professionalism. It is the highest hall of contemporary mechanical timepieces and an arena for precision watchmaking. The event is held every two years. Tissot began to participate in this timed competition as early as 1884 and won the championship with a superb pocket watch that year. At the end of 2011, the Tissot Rock series won the ‘enterprise group’ in the international timed competition. The first place in the “Classic” category once again made the watch world applaud this leading brand in the traditional Swiss watch industry; in 2013, Tissot even took the amazing achievements of winning the first and second prizes in the classic category of the corporate category for its products. Excellent quality and extreme precision make a solid proof. The two brand heroes wearing flowers and armor are from the Tissot Tianjiang series of observatory certification models. Their talents and ingenuity are the most appropriate descriptions of this series.

Figure 2: Tissot Skysmith Series Observatory Certified
  Style · Age with the Times——Tissot Huiyi Series Automatic Female Watch
  In 1911, within a year after the launch of the brand’s first men’s watch, Tissot created its first women’s watch, thereby expressing the brand’s respect and praise for women to the world, and opening up the world’s women’s watches. influences. Today, Tissot has never stopped exploring and innovating the world of women’s watches and clocks. The new Tissot Huiyi series is a legendary testimony. Inspired by the roses in the Tissot shield badge, this series interprets the aesthetic propositions of women and nature, softness and resilience with blooming flowers. Whether it is the simple color without applying pink daisies, the distinctive sun light decoration in the center of the dial, or the rose pattern engraved on the automatic hammer, all of Tissot’s popular expression of feminine beauty from different angles-harmony, independence and nature. At the same time, the Mechanical Power 80 movement (Powermatic80) has injected a precise soul into this extraordinary design of the watch, ensuring that the watch travels up to 80 hours, making it easier for women to control time. Between the rise and fall of nature, the Tissot Huiyi automatic mechanical watch is like a woman’s best friend of the time, accompanying her to record every special moment worth remembering.

Figure 3: Tissot Huiyi series automatic mechanical female watch
  Technology · Following the Times——Tissot Solar Series
  Using the power of technology to open up the breadth and depth of human timepiece art, this is the firm belief that Tissot has always upheld as the innovation leader of the traditional Swiss watchmaking industry. The touch screen watch launched in 1999 is the best proof. Today, the world’s first solar touchscreen watch came into being, once again confirming Tissot’s irreplaceable leadership in the field of innovative watchmaking. The sun’s rays shine on the dial, which not only allows the scales and hands with Super-LumiNova® environmental protection coating to glow in the dark, so you can control the time even in the dark; it can also be used as a source of power to charge the watch. . Comprehensive high-tech touch screen function to help you better in daily challenges: Perpetual calendar with date and week number display, which is convenient for you to organize your busy schedule; two groups of alarms can be set on weekdays and Set alarm clocks at different times on the weekend; two places of time for your peace of mind and enjoy your vacation trip; the watch is also equipped with weather forecast and sea level barometer, altimeter and mountain climbing speed, lap time with log function and simultaneous segment time, compass, Powerful features like countdown timer, azimuth, regatta countdown and backlight. All data can be measured with the touch of a fingertip.

Figure 4: Tissot Solar Series
  ‘Made in Switzerland’ is the brand that Tissot has never worn out. It makes the brand stand out from the rest of the world. The ‘+’ in the Tissot logo is the same as the Swiss flag, which is a symbol of quality, showing the reliable quality that the brand has inherited since 1853. Tissot is an innovative brand, but it has never forgotten its Swiss roots. It was founded more than 160 years ago in the small town of Lillo in the Swiss Jura Mountains, and its headquarters are still located there today. The quality of Tissot products is pure, but the price is very approachable. They select special materials, carry advanced functions, and use exquisite designs to perfectly integrate precision performance and stylish appearance. Tissot’s high performance and high quality have long been recognized by many parties. It serves as the World Motorcycle Championship MotoGPTM, FIM World Superbike, FIBA, Australian Rugby Federation AFL, RBS Six Nations Rugby Championship, and the world of cycling, fencing and ice hockey Officially designated timing and partners for the tournament. Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor, with sales outlets in more than 160 countries. The brand will continue to launch innovative products with a pioneering spirit and continue to write its brand concept-‘Innovation, from tradition’. For more information, visit

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Citizen Citizen Summer Aurora Goddess-news Citizen

Since ancient times, thousands of different interpretations and records have been circulating, dating back thousands of years since the Roman Empire divided the year into 12 months. There have been different changes. In the summer of 2015, CITIZEN celebrated the infinite beauty that has been continuously recorded. With 12 beautiful rhinestone inlaid designs, it launched the summer new female watch EO1150-59W. CITIZEN spokesperson for the female watch, Asian queen Hebe Tian Yanzhen presented the latest advertisement, with a refreshing atmosphere style, continues to convey the brand’s unbelievable belief that “every moment is a new beginning” for the summer fashion.

 Hebe Tian Yanzhen’s interpretation of CITIZEN’s global radio-controlled timepiece model, Aurora reappears in summer

Aurora, also known as Aurora, is a natural beauty that occurs at high latitudes, and is also a dream that many people must watch once in a lifetime. For this aspiring mysterious light, CITIZEN is inspired by the aurora shades of the summer period and uses the dial design to perfectly show this moving beauty on the Eco-Drive Global Radio Controlled Timepiece EC1050-61W.
The EC1050-61W summer limited edition model is displayed on the white butterfly shell and frame through the blue-violet layered color and 9 natural diamonds, depicting Aurora and the starry sky reflected on the lake, and using soft lines to show The swaying rhythm, the mysterious night sky dance is vivid. The EC1050-61W model is the 2015 CITIZEN Global Radio Wave Women’s Watch. With the delicate and delicate characteristics of the Japanese system, the aurora scene is interpreted differently.

 CITIZEN EC1050-61W Exclusive Women’s Solar Powered Radio Controlled Watch Collection

Since the launch of the women’s solar-powered radio-controlled watch in 2011, it has been popular among pink-collar women for its stylish design and convenient features. The CITIZEN global radio-controlled timepiece EC1050-61W is different from the traditional quartz watch. As long as there is a low light, the kinetic energy can be converted. In the fully-charged power-saving mode, it can operate continuously for three years without worry No power problem. The case strap uses Duratect hardening technology, which makes the watch difficult to wear and shine for a long time. The double-sided anti-glare sapphire glass mirror uses complex workmanship to maintain high quality light transmission and wear resistance. Not only that, the EC1050-61W, which has five global radio stations, will automatically receive the signal at two and four in the morning every day, so that you are no different. The date display window replaces the three o’clock position with a metal surround, which is exquisite, compact and fully functional.


In the summer of 2015, CITIZEN used the aurora image ‘Aurora’ as the design concept of EC1050-61W to interpret the natural scenery that must be seen once in a lifetime. The Aurora light reflected in the lake and natural diamonds embellish the starry sky, breathtaking. The beauty of craftsmanship leaps above the watch. The dial uses the ancient Roman numerals as the 6th and 12th hours, adding an elegant and noble temperament, corresponding to 1, 5, 7, 9, and 11 o’clock each a little bit of a natural diamond; also on the periphery of the frame are also scattered 4 natural Diamonds, starlight sparkles echo the aura of the aurora night sky. CITIZEN also uses ingenuity on the radio wave symbol of the second hand. The C-shaped design is like a moon in a starry sky. With time flowing, it displays the moon with different angles of the moon and the moon. It draws beautiful arcs in this aurora starry sky. On the surface, the limited collection of Aurora is as beautiful as raising a hand.


CITIZEN EO1150-59W women’s watch, with a soft pink color, brings a touch of tenderness to the enthusiastic summer. Starting from one to three points on the surface, it is inlaid with twelve crystal rhinestones, representing the dazzling light like diamonds in the twelve months of the year, presenting the most beautiful side to the world. The square crystal diamond set at twelve o’clock adds extra luxury to the model. This CITIZEN EO1150-59W model is also equipped with CITIZEN’s most proud light kinetic energy technology. It can continue to run as long as there is light, and can continue to operate for six months after being fully charged. Continued concept. Spherical sapphire glass mirror, using complex work processes, maintains high quality light transmission and is more resistant to wear. For consumers who prefer a low-key and simple style, the same series also presents EO1164-54A and EO1163-57P; the two styles focus on gold with different chroma, and replace the rhinestones with elegant Roman numerals at twelve o’clock, which is neat and elegant. In July 2015, Hebe Tian Yanzhen, the ambassador for CITIZEN women’s watch, will show a delicate and restrained summer women’s watch.


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