Wrist Fashion Shines Charmingly, These Three Watches Accompany You For The Spring Festival

The Chinese New Year is the biggest festival of the year in China. The Chinese New Year is a time for family reunions and family and friends. People give good wishes to the people around them. At this time of the year, people are welcoming the coming of the new year with a beautiful expectation of the new year. In this festive day, no matter how well you can dress up, today Watch House recommends three stylish and beautiful ladies watches for you to spend the festive season with you.
Bvlgari SERPENTI 101816 SP35C6SDS.1T

Watch model: 101816 SP35C6SDS.1T
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Steel with diamonds
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 35 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 67,500
Watch details: 73,000
Watch details: bucherer / 43414 /
Watch review: This delicate Bucherer watch has a diameter of 26.5 mm and is slender and stylish. The watch case is crafted from stainless steel and 18k rose gold, with delicate patterns on the sides and diamonds on the bezel. The silver dial uses exquisitely shaped Roman numerals and hour markers, the middle hand, and the date display function at the three o’clock position. The watch case has a built-in automatic mechanical movement that powers this exquisite watch. The watch is equipped with an elegant and regular chain strap, which is laid out in gold, which is very fashionable and beautiful.
Omega saucer 424. watch

Watch model: 424.
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 32.7 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 63,900
Watch details: omega / 26349 /
Watch review: This Omega watch is elegant in shape, the round case is made of noble and charming 18k rose gold, and it has a built-in automatic mechanical movement. The silver-white mother-of-pearl dial features rose gold Roman numerals and bar hour markers, a central hand, and a date display window at three o’clock. The watch comes with a brown alligator strap. This watch is also water resistant to 30 meters. Whether at home or on the go, this elegantly shaped watch is a good companion.
Summary: The three watches have different shapes and different treatments in detail. All three watches are designed to be very fashionable, and wearing on women’s wrists is a complementary option. Wearing such exquisite and stylish watches to spend the Spring Festival together is the best time companion when resting at home, and the most beautiful wrist decoration when visiting relatives and friends.

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Omega’s New Olympic Timing Technology Debuts In London

Omega, a famous Swiss watchmaker, has been committed to the exploration and pursuit of time. The extraordinary history of 164 is written with endless glory: countless accurate timekeeping records are amazing, the legend of conquering space and exploring the deep ocean is wonderful, and the achievements in the field of sports timing are extremely brilliant.
    Each Olympics has witnessed the debut of some new timing technologies. Let’s have an overview of the equipment that will be used for the first time in the London Olympics: the quantum timer
    The resolution of the new quantum timer and quantum water sports timer has been increased to 1 microsecond (millionth of a second), marking the advent of a new generation of Omega timing devices. Compared to previous devices, the resolution of the new timer is 100 times higher. In addition, its accuracy has reached one ten-millionth. This means that the maximum error of this timer is only one ten-millionth of a second, in other words, only one-thousandth of a second will be generated every one thousand seconds. The accuracy of the previous generation device is one-two million, so the precision of the quantum timer is 5 times that of the previous device. Such extraordinary accuracy is achieved by a device incorporated in the timer, which is developed by Micro Crystal, a company of the Swatch Group.
    Omega’s timing equipment design team, with its unparalleled in-depth understanding of the sports timing field, has successfully developed a series of technical achievements that will become the core of many timing equipment.
    This includes a complete system built into the body of this new quantum timer to support its precise operation. It has 16 independent timers, 128 inputs and 32 outputs, which is extremely powerful. It is almost impossible to find a sport, it is impossible to time it.
    16 independent timers mean that the device can perform 16 independent timing tasks at the same time, and the timing information of each item can be simultaneously transmitted to the scoreboard or displayed on live TV.
    This new technology is used in quantum chronographs to redefine the timing of bicycle racing.In addition, it is also used in quantum water sports timers to bring the same outstanding timing performance to water sports.
    At the 2012 London Olympics, Omega will use a newly upgraded starter. The competitor’s response time will be monitored entirely by the pressure measurement system on the rear starter, not by movement. From children to the world’s top sprinters, the new starter monitors the response time of each runner without any adjustments.
    Compared with the previous generation starters, the main beam of the new starters is slimmer, reducing from the previous 80 mm to 50 mm, so that women and children can take a better starting position. The starting pedal is wider than before, increasing from 120 mm to 160 mm, giving runners a choice of different starting positions.
‘Swimming indicator’ (signal to indicate the top three finishers)
   An innovative semaphore system called the ‘swimming ranking indicator’ will also debut at the 2012 London Olympics. This new semaphore is placed on a jumper next to the touchpad at the end of the pool track. At the end of the game, a large light spot appears on the jumper to represent the first place, two medium light spots represent the second place, and three small light spots represent the third place.
    The ‘swimming indicator’ device is mainly designed for audiences. With this equipment, spectators do not need to confirm the result of the game through the main scoreboard, and can clearly know the top three players at the end of the pool track. This device can also display the ranking of the top three leading players every 100 meters in the competition.
Open water time gate
   The most challenging Olympic Games are the men’s and women’s swimming marathons. Omega’s new open water time gates will be set not only at the start and end of the game, but also during the game. Therefore, at the 2012 London Olympics, Omega will release timing information for new content. Previously, real-time information was only released at the beginning and end of the swimming marathon, and today, the results are also available mid-race.
    The timing gate at the end is equipped with a touchpad with a longitudinal transponder radar antenna, while the timing gate during the game is equipped with a transversal transponder antenna, which can accept transponders worn by swimmers’wrists. Signal. At the end, a high-definition camera is placed on the pole, which is a very reliable auxiliary device when the players cannot determine the result with only the transponder because of the small time difference between the finishes.

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2013 Sihh Geneva Fine Watchmaking Salon-roger Dubuis Excalibur Double

Excalibur 45 series models use their iconic case to provide a new display space for various large complex functions, showing the unique power and charm of the Excalibur series. Roger Dubuis two outstanding works designed by Roger Dubuis — Excalibur Table Ronde and Excalibur Double Tourbillon Squelette, which embodies the noble history of this Geneva watch factory, in the field of fine watchmaking Take the lead and fear no occasion.

 The passion of this watch factory is an indispensable source of inspiration for its bold creations, which makes the Excalibur series exude legendary flavor. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis infused superb fine watchmaking skills into these two exquisitely beautiful timepieces, giving it a new historical accumulation.
 The first model was the Excalibur Table Ronde. There are 88 fine lines in this area with honor, boldness and history. This wrist watch is equipped with the RD821 self-winding movement. Twelve heroes holding gold swords form a perfect circle around the magnificent fire flame enamel dial. It inherits the iconic elements of the Excalibur series: a large case, a grooved bezel, a sturdy crown protector and three lugs to secure the strap.
 The original design of the second masterpiece was to pay tribute to the arts and crafts. Roger Dubuis has designed a watch with a skeletonized double tourbillon, and has given it a unique aesthetic like never before. The splints and bridges are streamlined to the extreme, so as to truly retain the essence. Roger Dubuis is equipped with the RD01SQ movement and uses extraordinary technology to create an ethereal inner layout. This Geneva watchmaking factory draws on the unique inspiration of the Excalibur series and creates a new ergonomic experience with a thinner case, translating into a hollow design and high-quality movement.
 Roger Dubuis combines outstanding technology and bold aesthetic design to develop a forward-looking timepiece style. The Geneva watchmaker developed complex functions, perfected the functions of the wristwatch, and merged the two into an avant-garde and robust case. Two Excalibur 45 watches are exemplary, combining magnificence, boldness, precision, reliability and excellence.

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