Being In Love With The ‘core’, The Bucherer Plavier Evotec Watch

If it seems like the current is the true meaning of life, then let the ticking hour hand witness you and me every second. The EvoTec of the Bucherer Plavier watch is inlaid with a new revolutionary self-made movement, combined with an innovative and beautiful pillow-shaped case design.
Time for Attestation-Bellevue EvoTec BigDate Women’s Watch
   Bellevue’s EvoTec BigDate ladies watch is equipped with a CFB A1003 self-made movement, which uses 56 diamonds to hug the stainless steel case to explain its poetic elegance. The anti-reflective crystal glass on both sides is as quiet as autumn water. The long river that reflects the magpie flow. Witness your hands with me.
Bellevue EvoTec BigDate Women’s Watch Technical Specifications

Model: 00.10628.08.23.11
Movement: Homemade CFB A1003 self-winding movement, diameter 32 mm, thickness 6.3 mm, 33 stones, power reserve 55 hours
Function: Large calendar window, small second hand
Case: Stainless steel case with 56 TW vvs diamonds (approximately 1.1 carats, screw-in crown, curved double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, sapphire crystal back, water-resistant to 50 meters, size 38.54 mm x 39.25 mm, thickness 12.9 mm
Dial: White dial
Strap: Water snake leather with stainless steel folding clasp
Complement each other-Plavi EvoTec DayDate men’s watch
   Bellevue EvoTec DayDate watch has a round pillow-shaped case, equipped with a CFB A1001 self-made movement, the case made of stainless steel shows the man’s ingenuity, the sapphire crystal mirror symbolizes the firm eyes of a man, a large-sized watch that breaks the law Body contains everything she has, this is the man’s speechless and heavy love.
Bellevue EvoTec DayDate Men’s Watch Technical Specifications

Model: 00.10625.13.33.01
Movement: Homemade CFB A1001 automatic movement, diameter 32 mm, thickness 6.3 mm, 33 stone, power reserve 55 hours.
Functions: big date display, day of the week display, small second hand
Case: stainless steel, rubber bezel, screw-down crown, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 50 meters, size 44 x 44.5 mm, thickness 14 mm.
Other styles: 00.10625.15.93.01 18K rose gold case with calfskin strap and rose gold folding buckle
CFB A1000 Movement
   CFBA1000 has become a model of a new generation of movements, the unwritten definition of the Swiss watchmaking industry, watch manufacturers have to produce at least 100% of their own movements before they can claim the name of a watchmaker. Bucherer decided to raise the level of watchmaking craftsmanship to a higher level, and making a movement is a logical step. Bucherer abandoned the strategy of ‘copying’ the existing non-proprietary movement, and determined to develop a revolutionary automatic movement from scratch. The design features should be unique and refreshing. The official birth of A1000 witnessed a new milestone in the development of watchmaking technology. The Peripheral rotor of the movement has been patented, and the innovative shock absorption technology (Dynamic Shock Absorption) has outstanding performance. The Central Dual Adjusting System improves accuracy. The concept, structure and workmanship of the entire movement can be considered as a world-leading work.

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Omega Timing Equipment Tour: 有 Rudder Sled

The Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 is about to open. As time passes, the Omega timekeeping team designated by the Winter Olympics is making final preparations for the upcoming world sports event.
   The tobogganing event will be held at the National Slipform Center in Sochi. In order to accurately determine the medal, the Omega timing team will use a number of advanced timing technologies to ensure the accuracy of each race.
   In speed competitions, tenths, one hundredth, or even one thousandth of a second is often the key to a decisive victory. In the case of a bobsled race, a tenth of a second lead at the starting point may eventually evolve into a major advantage of three tenths of a second at the finish line.
Laser electron eye
   In Sochi, the Omega Timing Team set up multiple pairs of laser electronic eyes along the track to measure and record the start time, halfway time, finish time, and the maximum speed of each competitor as they crossed the finish line.
Omega quantum timer
   The Omega quantum timer debuted at the 2012 London Olympics. Its resolution has been increased to 1 microsecond (one millionth of a second), marking the advent of a new generation of Omega timing devices. Compared with the previous generation device, the resolution of the quantum timer is increased by 100 times. In addition, its accuracy has reached one ten-millionth. This means that the maximum error of this timer is only one ten-millionth of a second, in other words, it can only produce an error of up to 1 second every 116 days.

Omega Speedometer
   The newly developed Omega speedometer will be debuted on the open sled in a bobsled race, a technology that allows TV viewers to instantly access important data during the race. This innovative device consists of a speed sensor, a 3D acceleration sensor, and a 3D gyroscope sensor, all of which can get real-time data.

Omega and Snowboard
   In addition to serving as the designated timekeeper for the Winter Olympics, Omega has provided accurate and reliable timing and results for various events organized by the International Sled and Sled Federation (FIBT), the governing body for sled sports since 2002. service. In addition, Omega has been actively promoting the development of a new sport of single-handed sledging.

   As the designated timekeeper for the Sochi Winter Olympics, Omega is proud to cooperate with the International Olympic Committee, the International Individual Sports Federation and athletes to ensure that the timing technology used in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics will help highlight The Olympic spirit captures every decisive moment.

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