The Charm Of Hollowout Former F1 Driver Barrichello’s Rolex Daytona Custom Modified Watch

I believe that fans who followed F1 from the 1990s to the early 2000s will remember Rubens Barrichello, a highly efficient driver in Brazil. Although Rubens Barrichello did not win any championship, he finished 11 times in the first place and 68 times on the podium.

   Like many F1 drivers, Mr. Barrichello also likes watches. He was the brand ambassador of Audemars Piguet. The Royal Oak offshore Rubens Barrichello II watch released in 2006 was the hottest One of the models.

   Not surprisingly, Mr. Barrichello is also obviously a fan of Rolex Daytona, so he chose to cooperate with the famous Swiss watch modification brand Artisans de Genève to customize a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch. LaBarrichello. ‘ This watch has been significantly modified with a skeleton movement, which is particularly eye-catching.

   It is worth mentioning that Artisans de Genève provided similar customized services for Juan-Pablo Montoya last year. Montoya and Barrichello are contemporaries active in F1 sports, and the custom skeleton watches of both drivers are new.

Creative difference




   The prototype of ‘LaBarrichello’ is the Ref. 116520 Daytona watch, which was introduced in 2000, and has now been replaced by Ref. 116500LN (which features ceramic rings) introduced in 2016. Mr Barrichello wants his Daytona to look more ‘mechanical’, which is also a common style for F1 inspired watches. ‘LaBarrichello’ is hollowed out. Through the dial side, you can admire the hollowed out substrate, and see the secrets of the mainspring and timing wheel.

   ArtisansdeGenève replaced the steel bezel of Ref.116520 with a black ceramic bezel produced by oneself, reminiscent of Ref.116500LN also equipped with a ceramic bezel, but the speed scale of ‘LaBarrichello’ has been increased from the original ‘400’ to ‘500 ‘. The entire case is matte brushed, in contrast, the original Daytona case is brushed & polished alternately. In addition, the “LaBarrichello” crown and buttons are also coated with black ADLC.

Minimal dial


   The dial is completely skeletonized, leaving only small seconds, minute orbits and chronograph laps. It is worth noting that Artisans de Genève enlarged the 12-hour chronograph circle, making the dial asymmetrical, reminiscent of an antique chronograph. As the dial has disappeared, the Rolex logo and the oyster-shaped perpetual cosmograph have to be printed under the sapphire crystal.

Refactoring Cal. 4130

   Compared with the remodeling of the case and dial, what is more noteworthy is the reconstruction of the Rolex Cal. 4130 chronograph movement. According to Artisans de Genève, the craftsman disassembled the Cal. 4130 movement and individually hollowed out and chamfered certain parts.

   In addition, the rotor is produced by Artisans de Genève. It is first cast in 21K gold, then hollowed out into a rim shape, then manually chamfered and coated with a black ADLC coating.

   Artisans de Genève claims that each watch modification can take up to 260 hours. Despite extensive modifications, the ‘LaBarrichello’ retains the 100-meter water resistance and 72-hour power reserve of the original Daytona watch. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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Omega Flagship Store Held New Exhibition Of Luxurious Jewelry Series

On August 2nd, the famous Swiss watch brand Omega held a new exhibition of Omega luxurious jewelry series in the Omega flagship store located in Xiamen Panji Brand Center.

 Brand jewellery experts introduced the luxurious jewelry series in detail at the event site, and showed the extraordinary charm of Omega jewelry to the guests at a close range.

 At this exhibition, Omega showed you a number of new jewellery products, especially the Constellation series inspired by the Constellation series, which is a collection of classic models and innovative art. eyeball. Owen Marketing Director Tan Wen said that the design of Constellation jewellery is in the same vein as the unique design elements on the bezel of the Constellation watch. It also has a personalized claw, and its sides are engraved with Roman numerals and the Omega logo. Each Constellation jewellery is unique and interesting.

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