The 2018 World Cup In Russia Is About To Start. The Official World Cup Official Timed With The Popular Naughty Wu Lei, Ignited Hublot’s Love Of Football And The China Tour Chengdu Station, And Shared The Green Passion!

[Chengdu, June 2, 2018] The Russian World Cup 2018 is approaching, the official World Cup official chronograph watch, and the famous Swiss watch brand HUBLOT Hublot takes the lead in 95 after the birth of Wu Lei. Fueling the greenery, the Hublot Love Football China Tour is coming to the Chengdu International Finance Center Mall (IFS), let us look forward to this summer football event!

Wu Lei appeared in Hublot Chengdu IFS store

Wu Lei Appears at Hublot Love Football Exhibition Chengdu Station

  Wu Lei’s football moment
  The Hubei Love Football China Tour Chengdu Station attracted Wu Lei, a post-95 talent student. As a representative of the new generation of forces, Wu Lei is full of sunshine and vitality in both film and television works and life. He constantly breaks through, and he also loves sports extremely. The green field is the best place for him to sweat and passion. This year’s World Cup will be held in the ‘College Entrance Examination’. At that time, Wu Lei, who has passed the important challenge of life, can finally enjoy the exciting moment brought by the ‘world’s first sport’ with Hublot.

Wu Lei Experiences Robot Soccer Games at the Hublot Love Football Exhibition

  On the same day, Wu Lei personally turned into a ‘goalkeeper’ on the ‘Hublot Stadium’ to challenge the penalty kick and showed his skills in table football. His aura of ‘ball’ constantly caused cheers on the scene.

Wu Lei Experiences Table Football at the Hublot Love Football Exhibition

  ‘My unforgettable World Cup moment was the last Brazil World Cup semi-final. At that time I missed the alarm clock reminder and waking up was the score at halftime. The German team has led Brazil 5: 0. Seeing that the team they support is behind, I felt very sorry at the time. Of course I will continue to pay attention to this World Cup! ‘-Wu Lei

Wu Lei’s Interactive Experience at the Hublot Love Football Exhibition

  Hublot’s football moment

Chengdu Hubei Love Football Site Map

  Hublot is the first luxury brand to cooperate with football. Over the past ten years, Hublot has not only served as the official timekeeper and official watch of the World Cup for three consecutive years, but also cooperated with many great football clubs and football legends. Including ‘Ball King’ Pelé, ‘Ball King’ Maradona, ‘Maniac’ Jose Mourinho, ‘Silver Fox’ Lippi and other joined the Hublot family And several times jointly presented the ‘Hubble Football Friendly Tournament’. The well-known Chelsea and Juventus football clubs have been Hublot’s partners for many years.

Chengdu Hubei Love Football Site Map

  The biennial World Cup is a global football event. The Hublot Love Football Tour in China focuses on the precious memories shared by Hublot and football since 2008. Whether it is the uplifting moment of holding the ‘Hercules Cup’ or the transfer of players on the sidelines, it is a precious memory for all players participating in the game and the football-watching audience. At the exhibition, ‘Hublot Moments’ is displayed together with a number of limited watches that record Hublot football stories, and there are more interactive football games waiting for you to challenge. After the Hublot Love Football Touring Exhibition in Xi’an, it came to Chengdu. It will also land in Vientiane City, Shenyang on June 12th. Follow-up visits to Beijing and Shanghai will fuel the entire 2018 World Cup season!

‘Hubble Love Football’ Chengdu Station Site Map

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The New Bang Girls Monica Bellucci And Leia Saidu Wore Chopard At The World Premiere Of ‘007: Ghost Party’

London, October 26, 2015 (Monday) local time. The new Bond girls Monica Bellucci and Léa Seydoux wore Chopard at the world premiere of ‘007: Ghost Party’ in Chopard.

Italian actress Monica Bellucci wears Chopard jewellery
   Monica Bellucci chose to wear a pair of Chopard 18k white gold diamond earrings set with two 5 carat triangular cut diamonds each, an 18k white gold full diamond and a 15.8 carat oval sapphire ring, and Another 18k white gold set with pear and marquise diamonds and a 14.8 carat emerald ring.
French actress Leia Saidu wears Chopard jewelry
   Reia Saito is also the winner of the 2009 Chopard Best Newcomer Award, wearing a pair of Chopard 18k yellow gold set with 7 carat rose-cut diamonds, 24 carat oval yellow diamonds, and pear-cut and round-cut diamond earrings , And another 18k white gold set with 13 carat brilliant-cut diamonds and a total of 3 carat diamond rings.

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Tuofei Watch Lecture Hall–analysis Of Iwc Classic Pellaton Automatic Winding System

In the development of mechanical watches, automatic winding is a classic mechanical structure that is well worth remembering. Today’s Watch House will explain this technology for everyone. This technology should be the most practical for people who use mechanical watches. The reason is that the birth of it has saved a lot of people who wear mechanical watches every day. Time to wind up. Although IWC was not the first brand to invent an automatic mechanism, in 1949, R & D Director Billerton created the brand’s most iconic technology, the Billerton automatic winding system, and compared with similar automatic systems in the watchmaking industry. ‘A pen from God.’ This automatic system is very similar to a woodpecker because of the mechanism’s shape and work. It was later widely called the ‘pecker’ automatic winding system.

IWC Automatic Portuguese IW500107 watch

History of automatic winding

 In 1770, Swiss watchmaker Perrelet invented the automatic winding mechanism for the disadvantage of mechanical watches that can only be wound on the hand. However, because it was in the era of pocket watches at the time, this technology could only be applied to pocket watches. What really made the automatic technology popular on the watch was the automatic striker invented by John Harwood from the Isle of Man. Although this patented design is not the real prototype of automatic winding, it is a transitional design between hand winding and automatic winding. Although it can achieve automatic winding, its disadvantages are also obvious-the automatic top can only rotate 180 degrees, and the winding efficiency is relatively low, and it can store up to 12 hours. In order to make up for the shortcomings of the automatic tourbillon, a revolutionary innovation was made by Rolex. The patented technology applied by this brand in 1929 broke the limitations of the collision tourbillon and designed the automatic tourbillon into a full rotation mode.

One-way PK two-way automatic winding

 There are two types of automatic winding systems: one-way and two-way winding, which are commonly known as semi-automatic and fully automatic. These two types of automatic winding systems have always been a controversial hotspot in the watchmaking industry. Winding efficiency is the performance indicator of the automatic system. Let me explain the difference between one-way and two-way: First of all, the watch house popularizes a knowledge point-there is a design core parameter of the automatic mechanism-the braking angle, which means that the position of the automatic rotor swings and stops. The included angle of the central axis directly affects the winding efficiency of the automatic mechanism. The one-way automatic mechanism can achieve automatic winding only in one direction, which means that there is such a braking angle, and the other direction is no-load rotation without any resistance. It is precisely because there is a space for free rotation in one direction, the rotation inertia of the oscillating weight will be very large. effect. The two-way winding mechanism has braking angles in both directions, which means that no matter which direction the pendulum swings, it will achieve the purpose of winding up, but from a different angle, there is a certain resistance. The swing on the chain is as casual as possible, and the wearer can achieve the purpose satisfied by the chain with a little more exercise.

Technical characteristics

 The title ‘Woodpecker’ is a very vivid analysis of the structural features of this Pellerton automatic winding system. The main part is a peach cam 17 and a matching double roller 27, a winding lever 10, and fingers 8 and 9 for winding in both directions.

1. The cam 17 is designed in a peach shape and cooperates with the rollers 27 symmetrically arranged left and right. Two rollers 27 and two winding claws 8 and 9 are provided on the winding lever 10 and rotate with the shaft 14 as a rotation axis;
2. The automatic tourbillon and the peach-shaped cam 17 are fixed as a whole by screws 23, and rotate clockwise or counterclockwise with the rotation axis of the shaft 19, while driving the peach-shaped cam 17 to rotate synchronously. Because the shape of the peach cam is symmetrical, no matter which direction the oscillating weight rotates, its cooperation relationship with the two rollers will remain the same.
3. Driven by a peach-shaped cam, the winding lever 10 uses the two claws 8 and 9 of its own body to dial the winding transmission gear train, so that the spring in the winding box is tightly stored.
4. The automatic oscillating weight is made of heavy alloy. The use of this material is to achieve the purpose of generating large moments of inertia and improving winding efficiency. However, the overweight pendulum will put some pressure on the automatic winding mechanism, so how to relieve this pressure is a problem to be solved. IWC Billerton gave his own answer-the bracket that carries the oscillating weight and the peach cam has an opening design. The purpose is to achieve a certain shock absorption effect.

IWC Billerton (Woodpecker) Automatic Winding System

IWC 1949 Bilerton (Woodpecker) automatic winding structure diagram

Comments: Nowadays, different brands will habitually use one of them as the main automatic mechanism. With the large-scale use of the ETA movement, its invented transcendent double-wheel automatic conversion mechanism perfectly realizes the two-way automatic winding, and the full automatic gradually gains the upper hand. In addition, Rolex’s dual red wheel automatic winding system is also well-known. This Bieleton two-way automatic winding system of IWC is the most intelligent automatic winding system I have ever seen. Although I do n’t know what inspiration of IWC’s Pillerton thought of this design idea, The name ‘Woodpecker’ has a bionic taste. There are also many classics of other brands’ automatic winding systems derived from this technology, and Seiko’s ‘magic claws’ are very representative.

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True Thinline True Thinline Color Watches Shine In Romantic Four Colors

RADO’s thinnest watch series to date-True Thinline is a new addition to the modern lineup, introducing four colorful high-tech ceramic watches.

 The four new creations continue the minimalist design style of the True Thinline series, all with a simple dial and a single color tone. The new models are modern and low-key. They are refined from four new high-tech ceramic materials: dark blue, forest green, silver gray and chocolate brown. The ingenious fusion of color and materials, under the True Thinline collection’s restrained design and 4.9 mm ultra-thin case, presents a striking fashion charm.

True color like poetry

 True Thinline color watches are colorful and unconventional, showing a low-key luxury charm. The matte and polished high-tech ceramic surfaces complement each other, and the two textures are harmoniously intertwined, making the entire collection unique. Grey and blue high-tech ceramic models are mainly polished. The matte middle links of the bracelet make it more harmonious and dazzling, while green and brown high-tech ceramic models are fully polished and fully matt respectively.

 This colorful collection perfectly fits the fashionable expression of the new era. True Thinline is inspired by minimalist design, discarding complicated details, whether it is to mention the retro style suitcase walking on the street, holding a pen to write thousands of love, or wearing elegant clothes such as satin velvet All watches can accompany you to slow down and appreciate the world
Jianzhenpin, enjoy quality life.

 The new color watch has the same exquisite appearance and outstanding performance as other RADO high-tech ceramic watches. High-tech ceramic watches are not only exceptionally lightweight and hypoallergenic, but also known for their high abrasion resistance, making the True Thinline a perfect companion for you to perceive the flow of time.

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