Bao Ji’s Latest Creation Will Sing Watches

R & eacute; veil Musical is based on the new Breguet fully automatic winding movement, which combines the silicone grease balance and Breguet balanced spring wire design.It is also equipped with wonderful musical devices and originality. Unique.

Baoji’s latest R & eacute; veil Musical watch
几个月 After several months of hard work, this masterpiece was finally achieved. When the wearer presses the button at 10 o’clock or uses the alarm function to preset a predetermined time, the watch will flow out a beautiful crystal clear melody. These extraordinary things are achieved by the patented music box device principle. The needle-shaped ornaments of the record replaced the traditional music box cylinder design, and they alternated on the device’s 15 metal gears.

Baoji’s latest R & eacute; veil Musical watch
Such an extraordinary masterpiece is even more innovative if it is used as a gift box. It is carefully crafted from wood with resonance characteristics. Spruce with resonance characteristics is a kind of wood preferred by violinists as a vibrating membrane for string instruments. This spruce was originally found in the Risoud Forest in the hometown of Breguet, Jouxey, and it significantly enhanced the beautiful melody of R & eacute; veil Musical.
杰 This masterpiece is an art treasure, it perfectly embodies the elegant and noble, subtle and elegant quality of the Breguet brand, while simultaneously combining innovation and craftsmanship. This legitimacy undoubtedly originates from the brand’s long history, which traces the list of many valued customers of Breguet, including such as Gioachino Rossini, Serge Rachmaninov, Rachmaninov, and Arthur Rubisnstein.

Baoji’s latest R & eacute; veil Musical watch
In addition, Breguet has worked with many prestigious music programs and orchestras over the years, such as the Lucerne Summer Festival, the Geneva International Music Competition and the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Through this latest creation, Breguet constantly enriches the prestige and originality of the brand, and presents the broad heritage of European art and culture.

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