Time Zone Walker Montblanc Sport 08469 Watch Appreciation

The Montblanc brand started out as a writing instrument and gradually developed into a big brand across multiple product lines. In 1997, Montblanc began to enter the watchmaking industry and successively launched a number of beautifully shaped series. In 2004, Montblanc acquired the Minerva watchmaking factory, which greatly enhanced the strength of advanced watchmaking. This watch introduced today comes from the sports series, its model is 08469.
 From the appearance, Montblanc’s 08469 watch itself is very sporty. It seems that it dares to go with you anywhere, either on the top of a mountain, or a volcano, or a cave, or a forest.
Its appearance is somewhat Rolex-like, but it is more rounded. The 41.5 mm diameter is not too large, but it is not small. The stainless steel material makes the case and bracelet.
There are three places in this watch that are more flavorful. One is the bezel. The edge of the bezel has a very obvious texture, but it does not mean that it can be rotated. In addition, the bezel shows 24 hours. Second time zone time scales. These scales are convex and polished to have a mirror effect, while the surface of the bezel is matte. The entire bezel is very technological and controllable. The scale on the bezel is also very artistic, inheriting the brand’s respect for culture and art.

The second is the dial. The scale on the dial uses a triangular design, and the pointer is a wide-fat triangular arrow pointer, especially the second hand is more interesting. The tail of the second hand is designed with the brand’s hollow white hexagonal shape. Although this design Many brands do, but each has its own flavor. The waterdrop-shaped calendar lens on the table glass is round, which is more humorous and funny than the oval shape of Rolex.
 The third is the crown and crown shoulders. Unlike other brands’ crown shoulders, its shoulders and lugs look like an unbreakable ‘mountain’, giving a very solid and thick feeling.
 It’s a pity that there is no back design, so there is no way to appreciate the part of its movement.
The overall appearance may be better described with ‘steadiness’ and ‘art’.
 As the Montblanc 08469 watch of the sports series, it has some interesting functions.
The first is the very conspicuous GMT function, that is, the dual time zone function. The local time is indicated by the red arrow pointer, and the ground reference time is indicated by the central large hour and minute hands, so it is easy to distinguish. The dual time zone function can indicate the time in two time zones. Because the time difference between time zones is in hours, the minute hand does not need to be adjusted when setting the time in the second time zone (of course, it cannot be adjusted). The dual time zone function meets the needs of those business people or travellers who often go to different time zones for time control. In their home country, it can also adjust the 24-hour time to display the current time. Therefore, the user group it faces is actually limited, after all, not everyone has the need to understand the time in different time zones.
The second is the calendar function. Its calendar is a window calendar, and the calendar can be viewed more clearly through the magnifying glass on the table mirror. However, like the ordinary calendar, you need to manually adjust the date at the beginning of the month with 31 days.
Finally, it also has a very powerful feature, that is, water resistance. As a dual time zone watch, it has a water resistance of 200 meters, which is enough to match a lot of other brands’ dual time zone models. 200 meters of water resistance requires a more rigorous design and a completely sealed waterproof system.

 Although the Montblanc 08469 watch is a sports watch, it does not have the professional functions required for sports. It interprets sports style.憨 Thick appearance design, extremely corrosion-resistant stainless steel case, and fluorescent hands and scales are all examples of this watch’s sports style. As a dual time zone watch, it has a very clear second Time zone time indication. Of course, behind these practical functions is a really powerful inner core—Cal. 4810/405 automatic winding mechanical movement as a support.
Montblanc 08649 watch is a product under the brand, adhering to the brand’s pursuit of boutique, art, emotion, and culture, and it has a dual time zone function, which is called ‘time zone traveler’ is still very suitable.
 Watch details: montblanc / 8283 /

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Accelerating For Time: Breguet Type Xxii 3880st

Breguet TYPE XXII chronograph watch: equipped with Cal. 589F movement, swing frequency up to 10Hz (72,000 times / hour), diameter 44mm, round stainless steel case, two-way rotation with 60-minute dial Bezel, oxidized black dial, with Breguet signature, luminous hands and hour markers, water-resistant to 100 meters, does the second hand of a leather strap watch run on the dial for 60 seconds? With the wonderful ideas and exquisite craftsmanship of Breguet’s watchmakers, this question can have a completely different answer. Last year coincided with the fiftieth anniversary of the launch of the Type XX watch, and this year also happened to be the century of the French Navy’s aviation. To this end, Breguet reinterpreted this legendary Breguet TYPE XXII chronograph watch for the French Air Force:
Equipped with Cal. 589F movement, frequency up to 10Hz (72,000 times / hour), diameter 44mm, round stainless steel case, two-way rotating bezel with 60-minute dial, oxidized black dial, signature Breguet, luminous hands And hour markers, water-resistant to 100 meters, leather strap
Does the second hand of the watch take 60 seconds to run on the dial? With the wonderful ideas and exquisite craftsmanship of Breguet’s watchmakers, this question can have a completely different answer.
Last year coincided with the fiftieth anniversary of the launch of the Type XX watch, and this year also happened to be the century of the French Navy’s aviation. For this reason, Breguet re-interpreted this legendary chronograph watch exclusively for the French Air Force, and introduced the Breguet Type XXII3880ST chronograph after modern technology transformation. The watch contains a Breguet chronograph movement with a silicon escapement and balance spring. The swing frequency has been increased to 10 Hz (that is, 72,000 vibrations per hour), which is also a world-leading technical invention. Because of the application of this technology, the movement of the Breguet Type XXII 3880ST chronograph has an unparalleled ability to adjust: the chronograph second hand can complete a full revolution of the dial every 30 seconds, and because of this technology, the timekeeping of the watch The startup function and the accuracy of the timing have been doubled! In addition, the use of silicon material in the movement structure can effectively reduce the weight of escapement moving parts such as the escape wheel and fork lever, while also avoiding the lubrication problem that may be caused by excessive swing frequency.
提高 The improvement of the swing frequency of the watch has also made some changes in the design of the dial of the Breguet Type XXII3880ST chronograph. Compared with ordinary chronographs, the most significant change of the Breguet Type XXII3880ST chronograph lies in the division of watch scales: the scale on the inner bezel is divided into red and white. When reading time, people only need to observe the watch Whether the red and white chronograph seconds hand is located in the red zone (0 to 30 seconds) or the white zone (30 to 60 seconds), you can clearly understand the current time. At the center of the dial, another red hand will move forward by one space after every 30 seconds to count the minutes.
At the same time, the small dial design style of the Breguet Type XXII3880ST chronograph is also unique. At six o’clock, the watch is equipped with a second time zone display and a calendar window below this dial. The 24-hour indicator dial at three o’clock helps the wearer know whether the area covered by the second time zone is now day or night. The second hand of the small three-hand dial at the nine o’clock position of the watch also rotates once in 30 seconds to show the extraordinaryness of this work.
In addition, this excellent chronograph also has a flyback function. Just press the chronograph zero button under the crown to quickly restart the chronograph function from zero. With a two-speed crown, the central hour hand can be adjusted and the second time zone indicator can be reset without affecting the minute hand. When the crown is in this position, the calendar changes with the time in the central main time zone.
In order to make the style of the watch more sporty, the Breguet Type XXII3880ST chronograph uses a black dial that contrasts with red and white hands to set off. The watch also uses a complete calfskin strap to make the watch more powerful. In order to showcase Breguet’s breathtaking 10Hz wobble frequency technology, Breguet also held a related exhibition at Cité du Temps in Geneva from January 14th to February 13th, 2011. Visitors clearly and accurately understood the technical concept of 10Hz wobble frequency, and at the same time demonstrated the historic contribution this technology has brought to the entire watchmaking industry.
Continuously pioneering and innovating, Breguet has undoubtedly become a leader in the field of fine watchmaking. This is not only due to the wonderful inventions such as tourbillon, pare-chute anti-vibration device and gong spring created by the founder Master Breguet more than 200 years ago. development of. This is evident from the unparalleled technological breakthrough of the Breguet Type XXII3880ST chronograph.

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