Vacheron Constantin Shanghai Nanjing West Road Flagship Store Grand Opening New Flagship Set Sails, New Creative Window Showcases Travel Spirit, Interpretation Of Life Art

[June 2018, Shanghai] Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin relaunches a new chapter in China, and its new flagship store on Nanjing West Road in Shanghai is unveiled. Vacheron Constantin presents the brand’s watch masterpieces and quality services in Shanghai’s iconic bustling business district, which is another milestone for the brand’s development in the Chinese market.

   The new Vacheron Constantin Nanjing West Road flagship store covers an area of ​​about 160 square meters and is located in the commercial district of Nanjing West Road, the core area of ​​Shanghai’s business. As an iconic commercial landmark in Shanghai and even in the country, Nanjing West Road has led China’s fashion and luxury shopping trend for many years and witnessed the development of China’s most cutting-edge business trends.

   Different from the previous store design, the brand-new Vacheron Constantin flagship store is more modern, simple and elegant, showing the brand’s aesthetic new ideas. The store is decorated with elegant and soft decoration tones, elegant and comfortable. In the sales and display area, there are scattered glass display cases with clear lines, and the watches are displayed as if they are exquisite works of art for watch enthusiasts to enjoy. In addition to the masterpieces of timepieces, the brand also expects to provide guests with a comfortable and relaxing way to relax. Therefore, the shop also has a VIP lounge area and a lounge bar to allow guests to sit back and relax. In addition, there is an open customer service center in the store, where brand technicians provide customers with professional watch technical services. Every detail in every area of ​​the store has been carefully designed and placed in the flagship store of Nanjing West Road, Vacheron Constantin. Connoisseurs and collectors can admire the entire range of watchmaking works of Vacheron Constantin. Deep historical accumulation.

   Ms. Song Shulun, Chief Executive Officer of Vacheron Constantin China, said: ‘Vacheron Constantin has a very high reputation in China. We are very honored and warmly welcome everyone to visit the new flagship store of Vacheron Constantin. Watchmaking skills and subtle aesthetic accomplishments. ‘

   The exterior window of the new flagship store adopts a highly creative themed display design. While cooperating with the product features of the new products and the main thrust of the season, it also flexibly displays the brand’s aesthetic accomplishments with a more lifestyle design concept. Coinciding with the grand opening of the flagship store on Nanjing West Road in Shanghai, the window display uses clear blue maps, lighthouses, sails and other travel elements to cleverly display the Overseas vertical and horizontal series watches, allowing the series’ unique leisure elegance and sports style to be fully displayed. .

   Vacheron Constantin also unveiled a number of new Overseas Timepiece series timepieces, showing a modern way of life daring to explore the vast world. Including the newly launched Overseas Time and World Series two-time timepiece, which was just launched at the Geneva High-end Watch Salon (SIHH) in 2018. We enjoy travelling pleasure; The Ultrathin Perpetual Calendar Ultra-thin Perpetual Calendar watch, as one of the thinnest works of all perpetual calendar models of the brand at the moment, demonstrates excellent watchmaking skills while interpreting the exquisiteness of both leisure and elegance. Style; and the recently launched Overseas horizontal and vertical series black dial chronograph watch, under the interpretation of the new silver-toned dial and black dial with the new ‘Panda dial design’ interpretation, to create a unique tough temperament.
   In addition, a number of Traditionnelle inherited black-brown dial watches with 18K 5N pink gold cases show a superb watchmaking skill and unique watchmaking features with a stylish and elegant appearance; Métiers d’Art The series Copernicus Celestial Spheres Copernicus Celestial Spheres 2460 RT watch combines original and unique time display with exquisite decorative craftsmanship, which fully demonstrates the brand’s excellent craftsmanship.
   Watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs in China can enjoy Vacheron Constantin’s extraordinary timepiece masterpieces in the new flagship store on the new Nanjing West Road, and personally explore and experience the brand’s more than 260 years of uninterrupted history and superb watchmaking skills .
Vacheron Constantin Shanghai Nanjing West Road Flagship Store
Address: No. 1159-1165, Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai
Phone: 021 52785566
Official Service Hotline: 400 623 1289

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Pre-basel 2015 Is The ‘eccentric’ Glashütte Original 格拉苏蒂 原

Elegant red gold meets dull black, cold steel and deep blue. Glashütte Original, two new eccentric moon phase watches and eccentric power reserve watches, debuted in Basel Watches and Jewellery 2015. The show immediately attracted attention. The two classics introduced this time are from the popular eccentric series, with matte black discs set against red gold, elegant; or deep blue with polished or frosted steel, cold and unruly.

New Glashütte original eccentric moon phase watch and eccentric power reserve watch debut in Basel

The finely crafted dial of the new Glashütte original eccentric power reserve watch requires 40 master watchmakers to complete

Exquisite craftsmanship creates new charm
The eccentric moon phase watch and the eccentric power reserve watch are particularly exquisite and individual dials produced by Glashütte original dial factory in Pforzheim, Germany. In this well-known German jewelry design and production center, Glashütte Original draws on the profound knowledge of dial making and long tradition, ensuring that each Glashütte Original watch is noble and unique. Exquisitely crafted exquisite dials require master craftsmen to go through 40 processes to complete. The combination of graphic elements alone will take four (eccentric moon phase watches) to six (eccentric power reserve watches) processes. The dial factory team has developed a perfect chic color scheme-strong blue and mysterious black with rich experience, which makes the new watch shine. In order to create the ideal color tone, precise control must be performed throughout the plating process. For example, to ensure that the voltage is maintained at the correct level, and to ensure that the dial is immersed in the plating bath for an accurate period of time. Keep accurate and suitable distance. The dial must also be produced in accordance with the standard parameter range. In order to prevent the dial color from changing, Glashütte Original sets strict standards for its texture, pressure and durability.

New Glashütte Original Eccentric Moon Phase Watch Shows Minimalistic Perfect Design

Elegant moon phases like silver moon and stars at high altitude

Classics highlight German aesthetics
Glashütte’s original creation of two eccentric series watches, with eccentric hour, minute and small seconds dials, highlights the perfect design of minimalism. The eccentric moon phase watch can best reflect this. On the carefully laid out dial, the eccentric time display with full personality is particularly eye-catching. The hour, minute and small seconds dials are arranged on the vertical axis on the left side of the dial, while the large calendar display and moon phase display are located at the upper right and lower right of the dial, respectively. The layout of each window is inspired by the legendary law of aesthetic harmony, the Golden Ratio.
The new eccentric collection is available in matt black Louisiana alligator leather strap or Louisiana alligator leather strap, while stainless steel models are available with dark blue calfskin strap or Louisiana Crocodile frosted leather strap.

New Glashütte Original Eccentric Moon Phase Watch with Blue Dial and 90-02 Automatic Movement, Showing German Classical Elegance

The new Glashütte original eccentric moon phase watch has a matte black dial, quiet and elegant

Eccentric Moon Phase Watch Pano Matic Lunar
In 2015, two eccentric moon-phase watches presented the world with new colors. The most noticeable one is the red gold model. It uses a matte black dial that reflects the golden hour, minute and second hands and 9 golden hour indexes. A beautiful moon phase display hangs a golden bright moon against the silver night sky. The stainless steel eccentric moon phase watch brings a unique visual experience through a strikingly strong blue dial with hand-painted silver indexes and white gold hour, minute and small seconds hands. The large calendar display shows white numbers on a blue background, while the moon phases show a silver moon and stars in the silver night sky. The new eccentric moon phase watch is powered by Glashütte’s original watchmaking movement 90-02, a mechanical automatic movement with 47 gems and a power reserve of 42 hours. Exquisite movement with Glashütte’s signature elements, including three-quarter splint with Glashütte stripe decoration, eccentric automatic rotor with 21K yellow weights, blue steel screws, and handwork with double gooseneck trimming The carved balance wheel splint can be seen at a glance through the sapphire crystal back cover.

The new Glashütte original eccentric power reserve watch is equipped with a hand-wound 65-01 movement. The ‘golden ratio’ layout display on the dial makes the eccentric power reserve display more balanced and elegant.

The new Glashütte original eccentric power reserve watch with matte black dial and golden hands shows a low-key luxury

The new Glashütte original eccentric power reserve watch with electroplated blue dial and white gold hands shows the elegance of a gentleman

Eccentric Power Reserve Watch Pano Reserve
The eccentric power reserve watch in red gold uses a matte black dial that reflects the golden hands and painted time scales of the hour and minute display windows, a large calendar display with black lettering on white, and a power reserve indicator with gold hands. Another stainless steel eccentric power reserve watch has an electroplated blue dial with white gold hands, painted time scales, and a large calendar display below the power reserve-white text on a blue background. The heart of the eccentric power reserve watch is a hand-wound 65-01 movement with a 42-hour power reserve and 48 gems. Glashütte’s original double gooseneck trimming and other traditional elements of Glashütte watchmaking, including three-quarter plywood with Glashütte column pattern decoration, hand-carved balance plywood, screw balance, screws The fixed gold sleeve and blue steel screws can be seen through the sapphire crystal back cover. The large calendar display, moon phase display and power reserve display are all in German. These logos echo the ‘Made in Germany’ logo, a clever reminder of the origin of the watch and implicitly expressing respect for the German watchmaking process that began in 1845.

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