Citizen Announces Hebe Tian Huan Zhen Huan As The Brand Image Spokesperson For Greater China

Citizen, a world-renowned watch brand, announced that since November 2015, Ms. Tian Yanzhen, a well-known Taiwanese singer, was officially appointed as the spokesperson for the brand image of Greater China, and the latest autumn and winter advertising image was also launched.

   Tian Yanzhen, who is independent and fresh, has been the spokesperson for Citizen Taiwan for three consecutive years, and has perfectly interpreted the Citizen brand spirit and provided support for women’s true image at every moment. Since becoming an independent singer, Hebe has constantly challenged and tried in his own field, visual, music, writing words … to make himself better with action, which is the core spirit of Better Starts Now, Citizen’s global brand strategy.
   The ideal brand spokesperson for Citizen is the one who recognizes and practices this spirit: no matter what achievements he has, he always believes that there are infinite possibilities to make the world better, and this is the beginning. Hebe once said: ‘I’m not just a spokesperson for the brand, but a close integration with Citizen.’ For a long time, Tian Feizhen, who has been continuously upward and motivated, has deeply influenced and inspired fans. Citizen believes that as the spokesperson for Greater China, she can certainly enrich the spiritual connotation of this concept and affect more fans.
   Citizen, which also implements the concept of Better Starts Now in its products and publicity, strives to show the true state of the spokesperson in this autumn and winter image: Hebe walks on the grassland with a light green autumn outfit, interpreting Citizen’s autumn and winter 2015 women’s watch style, feminine A firm look revealed the calm and confident that every moment can meet the challenge, conveying the belief that ‘every moment is a new beginning’.

Xinyue Journey Series EC1032-54W

   Together with Hebe in the autumn and winter advertising image is the Citizen Xinyue Series EC1032-54W watch, pink gold stainless steel dial and strap, bringing a touch of beauty and elegance to autumn and winter; two-color digital scale with white dial, full of fashion taste. Functionally, the watch is equipped with multiple radio wave functions. Whether you are in the United States, China, Europe, or Japan, you only need to select the name of the city in your time zone, and the watch will automatically receive the standard time radio wave signal emitted by the local radio tower to correct the time. Easy time conversion. In addition, Citizen’s core technology, light kinetic energy, provides power support. Any visible light source can charge the watch without frequent battery replacement, which is stable and environmentally friendly. With both elegant appearance and rich functions, it is the best choice for women in the modern workplace.

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