Vacheron Constantin Timepiece Display Box Won The First Prize Of The ‘future Art Master’ Of The French National Crafts Bureau In 2015

February 9, 2016, Geneva-With the cooperation of high-end watchmaker Vacheron Constantin and the École Boulle, students from the school Corentin Ollivau and Clément Demarson co-created A unique piece of art-a timepiece display box. This unique work won the first prize of the 2015 “Avenir Métiers d’ Art” by the French National Crafts Agency (INMA).

   The ‘Master of the Future Art’ award was established by the French National Crafts Agency in Paris to reward young people who are in the professional training stage. Their enthusiasm and creativity lead the development of these professions. At the same time, young people are encouraged to value creativity And the development of professional skills. The graduating design work of the young engraver Corentin Ollivau and wood craftsman Clément Demarson, two graduating students of the Bühler College of Fine Arts, won the 2015 ‘Future Art Master’ award.
   As a project of the ‘Crafts and Design: Sharing of Professional Skills’ project between Vacheron Constantin and Buhler College of Fine Arts, the two students designed an exquisite display box for Vacheron Constantin timepieces, using them in their respective art fields The purest traditional art style-carving and wood art. Inspired by the city of Paris, the display box is made of multi-layered texture of wild fruit rowan (pear tree), and the inner ring-shaped inner wall is carved with a map of the city of light.

   There are two drawers hidden on each side of the display box, which can be used to store various tools, while the timepiece is presented on a platform in the middle of the display box through an original wheel train structure, just above the carved Paris map. Clément Demarson explained: ‘A careful look at the details of this work and its ergonomic design will taste the self-evident ritual of the display box when it is used.’ This unique piece will be peaceful at Vacheron Constantin Paris It’s on display in a specialty store on the road.

   Vacheron Constantin cooperates with the Buller Institute of Fine Arts, one of the largest art and design colleges in Europe, to provide an ideal platform for promotion, sharing and communication in different arts and crafts fields. The ‘Crafts and Design: Professional Skills Sharing’ cooperation plan will continue until 2017, and students’ creative projects will also be guided and supported by brand designers and craftsmen. This cooperation aims to discover future craftsmen who are in the learning and training stage but have excellent handicraft skills, to support them and encourage them to enter the fine watchmaking industry.
   This partnership with Bühler College of Fine Arts is part of Vacheron Constantin’s commitment to the development of human resources and crafts. Established in 2013, the academy aims to preserve traditional skills and inherit the glorious history of fine watchmaking traditions in the past 260 years.

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