Panoinverse Xl Rare Watch

Glashütte’s classic series PanoInverse XL was launched in 2008. The Saxon maker displayed its unique internal elements on the display of the watch, making its inner beauty exposed for the first time. Both new versions of the PanoInverse XL utilize a more sophisticated case and a wider dial to present a dual gooseneck trimmer in a unique modern trend.

   The red and gold version of this extraordinary chronograph is already on the market, with a limited edition of 200 pieces worldwide. Available in 42mm stainless steel, the case is made of stainless steel with finely-coated polished surfaces and stripes.

   At a glance, the beauty of the PanoInverse XL is striking: its gold rhinestones with threads, each with three white screws, set on a three-quarter splint with a Glashütte rib; Arabic digital , Scale and hands; elegant power reserve indicator, unique double gooseneck trimmer that cannot be ignored.

   The galvanized silver fine-tuning device is inlaid on the balance bridge. The balance bridge is decorated with white galvanized carvings. The spiral weight below it swings regularly, showing the beauty of the rotation of the central Glashütte winding movement 66-04. Right now, the charm is endless.

   The off-center design of the PanoInverse XL gives the dial the unparalleled importance of the dual gooseneck fine-tuning device, making the rhythm and frequency of mechanical movements extremely accurate and with minimal errors, making connoisseurs sincerely praise its components.
   It is the beauty of this carefully crafted feature that has inspired watchmakers to redesign their movements to make the double gooseneck trimmer known as the ‘butterfly’ the most striking feature on the dial.
Invert the elements that can usually only be seen through the sapphire crystal case chassis, exposing their inner beauty. This bold design requires the creation of new components and a substantial redesign of existing and accessory components. To accommodate this new design, all three splints and gear attachments for the movement and power reserve need to be rebuilt.
   Each new model of the PanoInverse XL comes with a well-made strap: a red gold version comes with a brown Louisiana alligator strap, and a stainless steel version comes with a gray Louisiana alligator strap.

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Swiss Radar Diamaster Watch Series Love Romance Qixi

Passionate for Qixi Festival, the bright starlight carved the love of the cowherd and the weaving girl, and the magnificent Qiongqiao witnessed the time when the male and female weaving knew each other. In this beautiful and romantic festival of lovers, RADO selects the DiaMaster diamond black series high-tech ceramic watch with love. No matter how time passes, the Swiss radar watch on the wrist is still new, accompanied by lingering love, interpretation The sincere emotion of ‘not easy to wear out’ seems to be whispering to lovers: Only light and love can not be disappointed.
 The DiaMaster series inherits the outstanding quality and outstanding design of the Swiss Radar, and uses high-tech ceramic materials in the production of the watch to continue the classics that are not easy to wear. The low-key and subtle design makes people think of simplicity and trend.

RADO DiaMaster Black Master Ceramic Black Watch
 RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster series of black high-tech ceramic men’s watches, simple lines with neat large dial, exquisite five-row bracelet is very comfortable, silver dial on the black dial, at 6 o’clock The calendar display window reminds you of every day worth remembering, and never miss any sweet time worth celebrating with your lovers. This watch combines modernity and classic interpretation. No matter where you and your lover are, time will always be under your control, showing a low-key and calm.
 The charming, elegant, pure and flawless RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster series of black high-tech ceramic ladies watches, the material is the Swiss high-tech ceramics of the radar, with anti-allergy, not easy to wear, light texture characteristics, Gives a soft glow all the time. The dial is dazzled with 4 top Wesselton diamonds, reflecting your unforgettable love story. The hour, minute and second hands are more prominent in the mysterious pure black main color, and the intimate calendar display window is also located at 6 o’clock, which perfectly interprets the ultimate model of fashion couples, allowing you to become the focus of attention when traveling with your lovers. .

RADO DiaMaster Black Master Series Black High-tech Ceramic Watch_Men & Women

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