Artistic Crystal Vacheron Constantin’s Historical Masterpieces Recommended

When it comes to the Vacheron Constantin brand, everyone will not be unfamiliar. One of the oldest watch manufacturers, the representative of the highest watchmaking technology in Switzerland, has won one of the six watch brands imprinted in Geneva. First, waiting for many haloes, Vacheron Constantin is a world-renowned watch brand. Today, I would like to introduce and appreciate a masterpiece of Vacheron Constantin 47300-000G-9064 watch.
 As a member of the historical masterpiece series, Vacheron Constantin 47300-000G-9064 is inspired by the rich historical masterpieces of the brand’s more than 250 years of watchmaking history, and its square case design is also inspired by the brand’s classics. The 18k white gold material and shiny silver-white luster highlight the modern luxury sense, and the square outer ring and the rounded lines around the case exude a retro atmosphere, so this watch is a miniature of the times, history and culture Perfect combination with modern techniques. Its dial design industry also has a strong artistic atmosphere, the classic ‘Maltese Cross’ logo at twelve o’clock, the dial shared by the moon phases and small seconds at six o’clock, and a golden moon in the blue night sky. With the stars shining each other, Xiao Miao needle walking leisurely on it presents us a beautiful scene of sky and earth. The scale and engraving of the watch form a circle in the center of the watch, and the outer ring of the square case is a fit for the culture of the Chinese place of roundness. It seems that the stars between heaven and earth are also a very beautiful picture. The black crocodile leather strap contrasts sharply with the silver-white case, which highlights the nobility of white gold. On the whole, this watch is full of nobility and luxury.

 In terms of features, this Vacheron Constantin History Series 47300-000G-9064 men’s watch adds many novel functional elements. Different from the traditional window calendar display function, this watch has a circle of date indicating scale on the dial, plus the month and week display window under the horse’s cross, which allows the wearer to know the current details conveniently. date. What attracts me most to this watch is its moon phase display function, which shows the status of the moon on the moon phase disk according to a period of 29.5 days. This moon phase disk has two moons with 59 teeth on the edge. The moon phase wheel is pushed forward by one tooth every day after being pushed by the transmission wheel. At this time, the changes in the profit and loss of the moon phase can be timely displayed on the dial. Although the moon phase display function is not so complicated, it can add a bit of fun to the watch, making the watch a kind of mechanical complexity that men generally like. Coupled with precise structural settings, this watch can reach a depth of 30 meters, which is convenient and easy to play.
 The Vacheron Constantin 47300 watch is equipped with the brand’s self-produced 1225 automatic movement, which oscillates 28,800 times per hour. The combination of 183 parts provides this watch with many functions. The 40-hour power reserve keeps users from worrying about insufficient power every day. This movement has a diameter of 26.6mm and a thickness of 5.53mm. Such a size is quite satisfactory in Vacheron Constantin’s movement. Vacheron Constantin not only has great achievements in function and decorative arts, but also has made a huge contribution to the watch industry on the movement. It represents the Geneva mark of the high standard of Swiss watch quality, which was initiated by Vacheron Constantin. Representing Vacheron Constantin’s high standards for the movement. The cal.1225 movement is very fine in the surface grinding and chamfering, and these processes are performed after the assembly is completed. All the patterns are carved by hand by the watchmaker to strive for perfection.

 This historical masterpiece not only highlights the original aesthetic characteristics, but also stays true to the time spirit of the watch itself. Its square design with small number of graduated circles can not only reflect the gentleness of the man, but also reflect the gentle side of the man; the design of the moon phase is full, the semi-circular dark blue night sky, with the starry dots, reflects A kind of quiet beauty; coupled with a blue watch hand, the color match each other; what is more worthy of our attention is that it can display not only the date, but also the month.
 Therefore, such a watch with a combination of functions and beauty is truly a wrist watch.
Watch details: vacheron / 7844 /

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