Five 2012 Top Luxury Women’s Watches

For elegant and noble modern women, the watch is not only used to read the concept of time, but is given a simple or gorgeous artistic profile and more additional functions. Wandering between women’s wrists, the romantic atmosphere revealed is more like a living artwork. Here are our 2012 best-selling luxury women’s watches. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra
    For women’s minds, Jaeger-LeCoultre designers, watchmakers and engineers have a thorough grasp. They understand that a single strap can hardly meet the diverse preferences and requirements of female customers. Therefore, they are especially equipped with the elegant and elegant Reverso Squadra women’s watches. A new and fast strap replacement system-without any tools, it can make the watch change instantly, showing different charms endlessly. After the lady removes the day clothes and puts on the gorgeous evening dress, she can replace the commonly used rubber chain strap for the watch, and replace it with a high-quality leather strap with a pleasant color. For the lucky owner of the Reverso Squadra women’s watch, the strap that is changed at any time provides a variety of combinations for changing dress. Fashion and luxury co-existing colored straps, paired with diamond-set rose gold case materials, provide the wearer with visual and tactile and pleasing satisfaction. The ever-changing colors, while creating today’s fashionable women, carry the beauty of its different sides. Chopard Xtravaganza Summer Watch
    The fusion of fine watchmaking and fine jewelry is a dream carefully crafted by Chopard. Xtravaganza watches are designed with unique elegance and free and easy aesthetics, which proves once again that Chopard’s creativity and technical courage are as free and unrestrained. This enthusiastic watch collection has now been added with a matching pendant, which once again shows that in Chopard’s workshop, a wide variety of clocks and jewelry craftsmanship are inextricably linked. Audemars Piguet Millenary Précieuse
    The best way to break the silence is to stage a ‘transformation’ so that you can stand out in the beauties of the harem. Just looking at the shape, we know that Audemars Piguet knows this well, and a beautiful ‘chain meter’ was staged in the Millenary Précieuse watch: a round chain bezel in 18K pink gold set with 147 high-quality diamonds. The solid and empty ring-shaped case and the butterfly hair ornament have the same effect. Isn’t the brocade silk satin strap the epitome of a long skirt? What a great luxury. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Log
    With a new design, this Rolex watch is not only exquisite and elegant, but also for the first time with a diamond-set bezel. The 36 mm case encloses the beautiful moment when the sakura is falling in the wind. The feminine charm of the design also allows it to accompany ladies to different occasions, or to enjoy various lifestyles: elegant, or sports, or leisure. Omega Women’s New Constellation Watch
    Over time, Cindy Crawford’s ad for the Constellation series eventually developed into an Omega “My Choice” themed campaign: the image of the world-famous Omega Celebrity Ambassador is on a brand poster or print ad, next to An image of the Omega Constellation. The only words were the name of the celebrity ambassador and the words ‘my choice’.

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2014 Baselworld Preview: Omega ‘high Magnetic Field’ Retreats

OMEGA 8508 coaxial movement is the most remarkable technological breakthrough recently. It can resist more than 1.5 Tesla (15,000 Gauss) magnetic field, and its anti-magnetic ability is far better than any previous watch. The movement is high, solving the technical problems that have plagued watchmakers for decades.

The launch of OMEGA’s Aqua Terra> 15,000 Gaussian antimagnetic watch, marking the innovative antimagnetic technology developed by OMEGA will forever change the way the watchmaking industry solves the increasing magnetic field problems.

This mechanical watch movement was first adopted by OMEGA’s Aqua Terra> 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic watch. This 41.5mm stainless steel coaxial astronomical watch can be matched with a matching chain or brown leather strap. The watch has a slightly yellowish black lacquered surface. The brand has more casually polished it with sun rays scattered from the center. It is decorated with the familiar ‘deck-style’ vertical texture of the OMEGA Aqua Terra series. The yellow ‘> 15,000 GAUSS’ words are unique and outstanding.
This technology was jointly developed by ETA, ASULAB, Nivarox FAR and a team of OMEGA engineers. This group of elites successfully manufactured the first prototype movement, which was placed in the OMEGA hippocampus Aqua Terra watch. Different from the previous anti-magnetic method, the OMEGA movement does not rely on the protective layer placed in the case to reduce the influence of the magnetic field. Instead, it uses a non-ferrous material cast movement. This movement will receive multiple patents. Even if it is in a magnetic field environment of more than 15,000 Gauss, it can still reach the level of the astronomical table approved by the Swiss official observatory.
For many years, the watchmaking industry has been relying on the inner case to reduce the impact of magnetic fields on watches, but this method has many limitations, including the inability to resist stronger permanent magnets, and from the aesthetic point of view, the inner case also hinders The possibility of see-through movement design also prevents the watch from setting a calendar window display. Since the movement of the OMEGA Aqua Terra> 15,000 Gaussian antimagnetic watch does not need to be protected by the inner case, the movement itself is antimagnetic, so it uses a transparent sapphire crystal as the bottom cover, which can see the 8508 coaxial machine inside. At the same time, a calendar window can be set at 3 o’clock.
The OMEGA Sea Horse Aqua Terra> 15,000 Gaussian antimagnetic watch has a water resistance of 15 bar (150 meters / 500 feet), combined with a coaxial mechanical watch movement and a Si14 silicon spring, to ensure accurate and reliable timekeeping, and enjoy four years of maintenance. The magnetic field has always been a difficult problem for watchmakers. In daily life, the magnetic field is increasing and ubiquitous. Watchmakers need to demagnetize mechanical watches from time to time, otherwise the performance of the watch will be affected by the surroundings. The magnetic field affects and loses accuracy. With the birth of this new movement, this problem is also solved.

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