Time Goggles Limited Edition Citizen ‘eco-drive Eyes’ On Sale

Another limited edition watch is on sale, that is, Citizen “Eco-Drive EYES”, which is known as Time Vision, let’s take a look together.
 In March 2013, the Citizen Eco-Drive EYES Global Limited Edition watch officially entered the Chinese market. It is reported that as early as 2010, Citizen released the concept of the watch at the Baselworld Watch Fair. After three years of hard work, the Citizen Eco-Drive EYES watch has finally completed a perfect leap from concept to limited edition, with a limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide.

 When light shines on the three-dimensional dial through sapphire glass, time becomes truly visible in the flow of light and shadow. The eyes are shaped like time-wise eyes staring at the time, condensing the past and the future into a moving time praise. Utilizing the unique ‘yin and yang’ philosophy of the East, and drawing on light and shadow aesthetics and architectural inspiration, Citizen finally achieved this technology and aesthetics.
 With unique light and shadow design aesthetics, leading watchmaking technology and impeccable craftsmanship, the Eco-Drive EYES watch fully demonstrates the watchmaking concept of the fusion of Citizen technology and beauty, which is another masterpiece in its watchmaking journey. Whether it is the pure beauty of the white watch, or the subtle mystery of the black watch, Eco-Drive EYES has a magic that makes people love it at first sight, and this comes from Citizen’s relentless search for light kinetic energy. Light is not only the green power that drives the watch, but also the source of inspiration for the design of this watch. Therefore, only through the application of light kinetic energy technology, this aesthetic feast of light and shadow can be fully exhibited.

 The beauty of Eco-Drive EYES comes from its perfect detail design. The unique curved dome design table glass uses double spherical sapphire glass, which has excellent light transmission effect, and is hard and wear-resistant, and it is not easy to produce scratches. The three-dimensional dial in the shape of a basin is like a container of light, and absorbs the light shining on it without reservation, pushing the pace of time forward. The two hollow small dials on the dial resemble the bright eyes of time when gazing at everything, and the shadows under the light are like deep eyes, which contain endless time secrets. The 13-dimensional ceramic scales that resemble Stonehenge have a polygonal design, forming a beautiful shadow matrix on the dial, showing different scenery at different angles. The design of the hands is ingenious, slender, and superimposed with the shadow projected on the dial, such as a flowing artistic relief, bringing a visual experience of magical beauty.

 In addition to ingenious design, Eco-Drive EYES is constantly improving in watchmaking technology and materials. In order to fully display the best characteristics of delicate and moisturizing ceramics, this watch uses the highest quality polishing technology. Only the dial is polished for 80 times as long as the average watch. This has made the world’s first successful application of ultra-high precision technology Ceramic three-dimensional dial.
 As a watch, Citizen Eco-Drive EYES not only brings precise timing and artistic aesthetics, but also contains the Citizen brand’s thinking on the future, which is committed to innovation and continuous breakthrough.
 When you stare into your wrist, with the quiet flow of light and time and space, time will no longer be a combination of twelve numbers, but will lead you to the moment of each peak!

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