Breitling Global Spokesperson: Double-sided John Travolta

In your eyes, is John Travolta, a superstar Hollywood star, or a brave and tough man? In the eyes of Breitling, John Travolta is an avid aviation enthusiast. He is an ace pilot with more than 6000 flight hours and 8 types of aircraft driving licenses. He is also a brave man who is willing to challenge life! Because of the common pursuit of the joy of flying freely, as well as the passion to challenge the limits and break through self, John Travolta has been a loyal fan of Breitling, and has become the spokesperson for Breitling’s global image since 2005.

When John Travolta was still a teenager playing in the garden of his home in New Jersey, he stared at a plane passing through Newark and La Guardia airports in New York Airplanes, the desire for the sky and the dream of flying were born in the heart of this young man. He began to read aviation books hungry. Super constellation aircraft, Douglas DC-6 and DC-7, each of the legendary aircraft in the history of the book make him dreamy, dreaming that one day they can fly to the sky.
At the age of 16, John Travolta began to take professional flight training courses, taking the first step to realize his dream. At the age of 20, he invested the first money he earned as an actor into the passionate and challenging dream of flying, and obtained the first flying license in his life.
With the starring movie ‘Weekend Night Fever’ (1977) and later ‘The Hot Prodigal Son’ (1978), John Travolta, 23, became a household name actor, and the film was constantly invited. However, the success on the big screen did not stop his dream. He still took the time to persist in flying to enrich his aviation experience, challenged his life with passion, and enjoyed every moment of flying.

He constantly tried different aircraft models, and successively obtained various types of flight licenses, including Boeing 707 (Captain Level), Gulfstream II, Learjet 24, Hawker 1A ( Hawker 1A), Cessna Citation I and II, Canadair CL-41 Tebuan, and Vampire military jet. In 2002, he was qualified as the Deputy Captain of the Boeing 747-400 large jet airliner. In the summer of the same year, in commemoration of the 9/11 incident, he drove his Boeing 707 jetliner for global flights, flying a total of 65,000 kilometers around the world, and completed a ‘friendship journey’ with his family.
In addition to traveling around the globe in a private jet, John Travolta also often drove airplanes to film locations, not to play cool, but to fly every moment. This ‘star pilot’, like the Breitling Aviation Chronograph (Navitimer), embodies the true spirit of aviation. The latter is known as the ‘Aeronautical Computer’ and is a professional aviation chronograph watch equipped with Breitling’s exclusive circular flight slider capable of performing various calculations required for flight. Naturally, it is also John Travolta’s favorite.
If John Travolta is an avid flight enthusiast, I have to mention his residence in Ocala, Florida, USA: a private airstrip that can accommodate large jets, leading to the house The taxiway and professional and reliable airport terminal can accommodate multiple aircraft, including fully customized Boeing 707 jetliners, Gulfstream II luxury jets (Gulfstream II) and Eclipse jets. All of this exists to fulfill his great dream: to fly at least once a day! Like Breitling, challenge life with passion forever!

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