The ‘top Watches By Hand’ Series Launched In Basel In 2014

The 2014 Basel Watch Fair is nearing its end. In addition to the major brands working together on new products at this exhibition, teacher Liu Xingli, a well-known watch writer from China, also brought his brand-new work ‘Masterpieces at Hand The ‘Top Watches’ series is on sale in Basel.

 It is reported that Mr. Liu Xingli’s book can be purchased on-site at the Palace Hall. Although the editor was not able to come to the site, I believe that this book will definitely attract many domestic bells to express the influx of people.

 Teacher Liu Xingli himself frankly said that if I summarize the characteristics of this book in one sentence, it is that I try to provide readers with a systematic evaluation system and a relatively complete idea. The purpose is to allow readers to master this system, so as to independently judge the value of a watch and a brand. Although the book may conflict with the mainstream consciousness of watch collection and consumption, for example, the reserved views on the ‘Top Ten Watches’, my purpose is to sell between watch store salespeople and customers, at auction Create a consensus between collectors and collectors.

   The form of this book has evolved compared to ‘Books on Hand’, divided into two volumes, namely the technical chapter and the purchase chapter (grade). The hot topics in the first volume include: the original manufacturing concept, the identification of noble DNA of the column wheel stopwatch, 7 major complication functions, the future of watch escapement, etc .; the second volume proposes the concept of watch production area, which is used in the 21st century for watches and clocks. Discussion on the material of the watch, the watch decoration means watch design success secrets have also been systematically arranged. Some views on watch collections that have been discussed have also been refined and supplemented with more useful information.

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Iwc’s Obsession With Light And Shadow World For Five Years

Adhering to the enthusiasm for film art, IWC joins hands with the Beijing International Film Festival for the fifth time this year to focus on the young generation of Chinese filmmakers and tap into the potential of the new Chinese film talents. From April 16 to The 7th Beijing International Film Festival designated official watch brands and official timepiece partners held on April 23, and a press conference was held in the Rosewood Beijing on the afternoon of April 18.

Host Chen Zhengfei opens IWC International Press Conference 2017 Beijing International Film Festival

Live models, Portofino automatic watches

Live display models, Portuguese series calendar watch

On-site display models, engineer series chronograph watches

   This year, IWC and Beijing International Film Festival collaborated on the theme of ‘New Filmmakers and New Film Paths’, focusing on the younger generation of filmmakers, extending the beauty of time and art from a new perspective, and tapping into the Chinese film industry with unlimited potential. Rookie. Three guests were specially invited at the press conference-Zhou Xun, the IWC ambassador for the fourth time to participate in the Beijing International Film Festival, Dev Patel, a British Indian actor who was nominated for the Best Oscar in 2017, and a new-generation film director. Zeng Guoxiang together witnessed the perfect encounter of time and image.

From left to right: Dev Patel, a British-Indian actor who was nominated for the Oscar for Best Men’s Support in 2017, Zhou Xun, the ambassador of IWC for the fourth time at the Beijing International Film Festival, and Zeng Guoxiang, a new-generation film director, at the press conference. Witness the perfect encounter of time and image.

   At the scene, when Zhou Xun was asked what he thought was similar between the IWC watch and the movie? Zhou Xun replied: They are very attentive to details and all require precision. As a brand ambassador of IWC, Zhou Xun has also visited watchmaking workshops and saw the watchmaking process of IWC with her own eyes. She said that watches must have high requirements for accuracy. To meet this requirement, it is necessary to pay attention Every detail in the process is the same for making a movie. A good movie can only achieve a high-quality work if it strives for excellence in every detail.

   The new generation of film director Zeng Guoxiang was nominated for the 47th Golden Horse Award for ‘Best New Director’ for his first film ‘Lover’s Whispering’. The 2016 film ‘July and Anson’ was a double-box success with box office and word of mouth. .
   Actor Dev Patel became famous in 2008 as Jamie Marley in ‘The Millionaires in the Slums’ and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the movie ‘The Lion’ in 2017.

Zhou Xun wearing the IWC Universal Express Moon Phase Automatic Watch

IWC large pilot watch worn by actor Dev Patel live

IWC Portuguese automatic watch worn by new generation film director Zeng Guoxiang

IWC Group Chief Marketing Officer (second from left) and three guests took a group photo at the end of the conference

   Since IWC cooperated with the Beijing International Film Festival, each film festival will host a grand ‘IWC Filmmaker’s Night’ to praise Chinese filmmakers for their outstanding achievements and to make outstanding contributions to China and the international film industry. He awarded the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker’ award. The previous four sessions have been awarded to Zhang Yimou, Feng Xiaogang, Chen Kexin and Qin Yi. What wonderful chapters will be left this year in combination with the new theme ‘IWC Moviemaker’s Night’? We will wait and see. (Picture / Text Watch House Monica)

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