Bauber Opens New Boutiques And Shop-in-shops In Macau

Blancpain is proud to announce the opening of new boutiques and shop-in-shops at The Parisian Macao Hotel and City of Dreams T Galleria, both of which are located in large shopping malls specializing in luxury goods.

Blancpain Parisian

   The new boutique is located in Parisian Macau and covers 1,800 square feet. The Parisian Macao is one of Macau’s largest indoor malls, with more than 850 stores, providing customers with a variety of shopping experiences. The new shop-in-shop is located in T Galleria, City of Dreams, and the renovated area is three times larger than before, providing unique luxury shopping possibilities in the heart of Macau.
   The new store reflects the brand’s proud history and its firm commitment to the spirit of ‘innovation is tradition’. The interior wall of the store is carefully decorated by craftsmen, showing the heritage culture of the Jura Valley in the Jurassic Mountains, and Blancpain’s exquisite watchmaking skills that have lasted for more than 270 years. Noble wood, exquisite shapes, purely streamlined furniture and display cabinets, all perfectly integrated to create a warm and comfortable environment with unique beauty.

Blancpain City Gallery T Galleria

   Throughout the history of the brand, Blancpain has developed a number of outstanding movements, leaving its own unique mark in the changing times. Independent research and development of production components and tools; each movement is manually assembled by a single watchmaker; hand-finished and refined to the smallest hidden details: to create superb timepieces that are innovative and respect the Swiss tradition. Perc’s advantage.
Blancpain Boutique
Address: 3333B Cotai Strip, Parisian Macao
Blancpain shop in shop
Address: T Galleria, City of Dreams

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I Want Every Brother To Understand The Omega 14-digit Number

It is not too late to get to the topic. Today I want to talk to you about the number of Omega watches. Players and sellers talk about watch numbers, especially Rolex and Patek Philippe. The names of watches are ’empty.’ As for the number, everyone knows what the watch is, which is more convenient to say. In addition to Law and PP, players such as Vacheron Constantin, Blancpain, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Panerai, Glashütte Original, etc. also use numbers to communicate. The only exception here is the mainstream brand, which is Omega. Because the Omega number is too long, except when looking for a specific watch, send the number in WeChat and SMS, usually no one will say the Omega number. Numbers of others, 3 digits for Panerai, 4 digits for Patek Philippe and Blancpain, 5 digits for Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet, 5 digits for old Rolex models are 6 digits for sales, and 6 digits for Rolex are more numbers. As a result, Omega gave a 14-digit number directly, who remembers? And the 14-digit number of Omega is divided into 6 segments. For example, 311. is the number of the dark side of the Omega Moon. Whoever opens his mouth says that it is God.

The dark side of Omega Speedmaster Moon, number 311., I will use this table as an example below.
Although we can’t remember, we can understand.

   Everyone knows that some watch numbers are not regular, and some watch numbers are regular. The most typical is Rolex. Several digits, different numbers represent different meanings, you can know what table it is by looking at the number. Although the number of Omegas grows to 14 numbers in 6 segments, Omega is the most regular, 6 segment numbers, each of which represents a meaning. I will explain to you paragraph by paragraph. After reading, brothers will find ‘I rely on, it is so simple.’
   Take the number ‘311.’ on the dark side of the Omega Speedmaster as an example.

Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch, number
The first paragraph of the Omega number (that is, 311 in 311.

   The first digit of the Omega number represents the collection of Omega watches. For example, 311 represents the Omega Speedmaster series. The main Omega series are numbered as follows:
231-Aqua Terra
233——Hippocampus 300
212——Hippocampus 300m diving watch
215/232-Seahorse, Ocean Universe
331-Speedmaster 57
327-Speedmaster Mark II
   You can compare this number. Even if we can’t remember it, as soon as we look at the first paragraph, we know that it is the series of watches that represent Omega.

Omega’s new hippocampus AT, number
The second paragraph of the Omega number (that is, 92 in 311.
   The second paragraph of the Omega number represents the material of the case and bracelet of the Omega watch. For example, 10 stands for stainless steel case and stainless steel bracelet. 92 in the dark side of the moon represents the case and bracelet of materials other than K gold and stainless steel. Because the dark side of the moon is a ceramic watch, 92 means materials other than steel and gold. The second paragraph of the Omega number has many numbers from 10 to 98, because the Omega case and bracelet are too many materials and too many combinations, so the number is a lot.

Omega Inter-Gold Constellation, number

The third paragraph of the Omega number (that is, 44 of 311.
   The third digit of the Omega number represents the size of the watch. For example, the number 44 on the dark side of the moon represents 44 mm in size. The third number is more intuitive for us. We can know the size of the watch by looking at the number.

Omega Seahorse 300, number
The fourth paragraph of the Omega number (that is, 51 of 311.

   The fourth paragraph of the Omega number represents the movement of the watch. The fourth paragraph is special because it needs to be viewed separately. For example, 51 is divided into 5 and 1. The front number represents the type of movement, and the latter number represents the number of movement functions (the number of functions other than the hour, minute, second calendar). How does the number 51 in the dark side of the moon come from? I will write it below, and you will know at a glance.
0——Mechanical movement
1——Observatory movement
2——Coaxial escapement movement
3-chronograph movement
4——Observatory Chronograph Movement
5——Coaxial escapement chronograph movement
6——Quartz movement
7-quartz chronograph movement
   The dark side of the Omega Speedmaster Moon is 311. The fourth paragraph number is 51. We know at a glance that 5 is the coaxial escapement chronograph, and 1 means that in addition to the hours, minutes, seconds, and calendar, there is an additional function ( Time zone function, because now Omega can use 8500 and above movement, you can adjust the time zone separately), so it adds up to 51.

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe, number
The fifth paragraph of the Omega number (that is, 01 in 311.

   The fifth paragraph of the Omega number represents the type of dial. For example, 01 in the dark side of the Supermaster Moon 311. represents the ‘black’ dial. As before, I will simply list some of the main color numbers below.
   In addition to the main colors listed above, Omega refers to some other special dials with numbers 51 to 64, where 51 to 64 refer to gemstone dials of different colors. For example, 51 is a black gem dial and 52 is a silver gem dial. More special is 99, 99 stands for special dials, such as Omega’s meteorite dial.

Omega Speedmaster 57 with number 331.
The sixth paragraph of the Omega number (that is, 007 in 311.

   The sixth paragraph of the Omega number represents the serial number of the product. This part of the number is not useful to our players.
Let me summarize the brothers.
   Omega’s 14-digit serial number and 6 segments sum up:
   Watch Series · Case Bracelet · Watch Size · Movement · Dial · Product Number

Omega Speedmaster MKII, number 327.
   For the Omega numbering method, players have explored its advantages and disadvantages. I think the advantage is that the Omega number is actually very intuitive, and each paragraph represents a fixed meaning. At a glance, you can know the various configurations of the numbered watch. At a glance, at least we can see the size of the watch from the number. The number of many other brands of watches, like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Blancpain, Panerai, etc., is a number, there is no corresponding so detailed. As for the disadvantages, it is said that the Omega number does not include other information about the year of production and water resistance. I said nothing wrong, brother … if you include other information, the number must not be 20 or 30 digits. Does the 14 digits still not feel long enough?

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Limited Edition Zenith Columbus Tourbillon Watch

Zenith launched the latest masterpiece developed over 5 years-Columbus Tourbillon Watch, and named it Christopher Columbus, limited to 25 pieces. During the wearing process, the tourbillon is always in a balanced position no matter how it moves, which can effectively offset the error caused by the gravity of the movement and improve the accuracy of the watch’s travel time.

Limited edition of 25 Zenith Columbus Tourbillon Watches
真 On September 28, 2010, Zenith held a new product launch conference at the Royal Observatory in the United Kingdom, and introduced the latest masterpiece developed over 5 years-the Columbus Tourbillon Watch. Zenith named this watch Christopher Columbus, a tribute to this brave and fearless marine explorer. In fact, Zenith is not the first time Columbus has named its products.
As early as the 20th century, Zenith produced the Lepine astronomical clock movement, and its escapement was named ‘Columbus escapement’. This astronomical clock with a diameter of 201/2’’’NVI was awarded three first prizes at the Neuchâtel Observatory in Switzerland and the ‘A-Class Certificate-Very Good’ from the Tytington Observatory. Therefore, this is not only a tribute to the world’s greatest nautical explorer, but also from historical heritage.
零 This zero-gravity tourbillon movement consists of a self-adjusting gyroscope frame and a constant-level escapement. In this system, one gear system controls the rotation of the frame axis, and another differential gear equipped with a reverser instantly cancels all the relative movements of various elements. During the wearing process, the tourbillon is always in a balanced position no matter how it moves, which can effectively offset the error caused by the gravity of the movement and improve the accuracy of the watch’s travel time.
The Columbus Tourbillon Watch is limited to 25 pieces. It is equipped with an Academy 8804 manual winding movement, 18K white gold, rose gold or gold case. The dial is decorated with wheat ears and Paris spikes. The generous, curved sapphire glass encapsulates the gyroscope assembly. Whether from a technical or design point of view, the tourbillon watch released this time can be said to be a major milestone in the history of Zenith.

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