Only Real Players Need A High-precision Quartz Watch

It is not too late to get to the topic. Not long ago, Longines launched a new watch, and it was surprising that the new watch was a quartz watch. I believe that most watch players play mechanical watches. Normally, players will not pay attention to quartz watches. It is no secret that in my past career in contact with watches, I only recognized and touched a quartz watch, and the appearance of this new Longines quartz watch was the second time I focused on quartz watches. This Longines quartz watch reminds me of stories I have experienced in the past.
   After the launch of this Longines quartz watch, some media interpreted the watch and introduced new technologies and new features in the watch. For a quartz watch, I don’t want to talk too much about its electronic technology (but I will also introduce it later), because if it is better than electronic technology, we can buy a six-station radio function and GPS function. Watches, these watches are more technologically advanced. Because the watch is not a simple competition of ‘technical content’.
Therefore, I want to give you a ‘reason’ through some stories and experiences I know. Why can a mechanical watch player buy a quartz watch?

Quartz version of Seiko GS, visible hands and hour markers are very sharp.
   In the past many years, I worked with a big guy in the domestic bezel (everyone knows who it is). From the beginning, I did n’t know anything about the watch until later I learned about the watch. I am familiar with the model and the watch. He learned everything about the market and accumulated trading experience. In fact, you can see from my usual point of view and attitude. I am more fascinated with Rolex and PP. These are also formed by the impact of this experience. But one day, I saw the boss wearing a Seiko GS. In that year, Seiko GS was being fired very high, the secondary market prices have been rising all the way, and prices can even approach Rolex. But at the time, the hot-selling GS was mechanical, and I found that the GS on his hand was only quartz. I am very surprised. Even if I wear GS, how can I wear a quartz watch? The workmanship of this watch is very ‘sharp’, unlike Rolex’s rounded lines. The GS needles and hour markers were cut very sharp. I was under the impression that at 6 or 7 o’clock that night, in the BOSS office, the sky was already dark, but as long as a little light was shining into the dial, the hands and hour markers reflected immediately The ‘shine’ or even ‘glare’ light made me feel really like the cold light on the blade. Then he told me that the quartz watch is one of the essence of GS, because the quartz watch is invented by Seiko, and the quartz watch’s one-second jump time is also invented by Seiko. Seiko’s first quartz watch was also a sweep second. Later, in order to save power, it made a second jump. The quartz GS was like it was engraved in my heart. This was the only quartz watch I recognized at the time.

Quartz Edition Seiko GS

Quartz Edition Seiko GS
   The well-known watch collector and critic in China, Fengfeng Qing (Doctor Yun), has been in China for many years. It was the earliest group of people who knew Japanese brand high-end watches, and also the earliest people who started to wear GS at that time. In the past few years, because of my work arrangements, I have been the editor of the doctor, so I have learned many stories. Seiko GS was once known as ‘Oriental Rolex’, and became famous for a while and had a good reputation. Many players and collectors began to look for Seiko GS, but at that time, Seiko GS was not sold in foreign countries, only in Japan. Watch enthusiasts outside Japan are difficult to reach. The late founder of Hong Kong’s ‘Famous Watch Forum’, Mr. Kwong, asked Dr. Kwong to help find GS. Later I learned that many collectors’ GS are quartz. I didn’t understand, so I asked the BOSS why. In addition to the history of the Seiko quartz watch he told me before, there is another reason that these players and collectors use the quartz GS as a ‘school timepiece’. Because the Seiko GS quartz watch is on time (quartz watch after all), it can be used to time other mechanical watches (more than one watch, except for the hand, most of the other stop, need to adjust time). Of course, you may say that you can’t make time with a mobile phone or computer? That’s right, but watches are for playing. I remember that at the time Dr. Wu woke up in the middle of the night and knew the time without turning on the lights, he bought a three-question question; a player bought a glasu in order to calculate the time to cook the eggs and prevent the eggs in the pot The original countdown hits the reed watch. If we have to look at it from a ‘practical’ point of view, we don’t have to buy anything, and even the iPhone is completely useless. A 1,000 yuan mobile phone will solve everything.

Quartz movement used by Seiko GS.
From these experiences, I learned that famous quartz watches can also be bought and worn. Of course, the premise is that the quartz watches are respected by the players and collectors, and the brand is respected, not those cheap quartz watches.
   Seiko GS has a certain brand prestige and is recognized. Although after I came into contact with more Rolexes, I also realized that it would be an overstatement to call GS ‘Oriental Rolex’. GS does have a gap with Rolex. I clearly remember that one day when we talked about GS again, BOSS said that GS is close to the level of Omega, but has not reached the level of Europe. From the GS market in the past two years, we can clearly see that this statement is true, and after all, the popularity of GS has slowly declined. Longines this time introduced VHP (abbreviation of Very High Precision, meaning high precision) high precision quartz watch, this is the second time I focused on quartz watches. The reason is that the Longines brand is hard and prestigious. Regardless of GS or Longines, the brand is the first. No matter how good the technology is, the highest the precision, if there is no brand prestige support, then such a watch is just a tool, not a luxury watch.

Longines VHP High Precision Quartz Watch

The Longines VHP high-precision quartz watch has a perpetual calendar function. The calendar is adjusted at the factory.
   This time, the Longines VHP quartz watch surpasses the Seiko GS quartz watch in terms of technology and accuracy. The Longines VHP high-precision quartz watch has an annual error of +/- 5 seconds, and the accuracy of the GS is not as high as this Longines. The Longines VHP high-precision quartz watch is also a perpetual calendar. The calendar is set and you don’t need to adjust it yourself (the calendar is set when you leave the factory and you can’t adjust it yourself). Seiko made quartz watches every 1 second to save power. Longines VHP high-precision quartz watch can sleep by itself. After the watch is still for 1 minute, it will enter sleep power saving mode and suspend work. When re-wearing, press the crown and the watch will return to normal time by itself, and continue to move. There is also a more fun time, when the watch is used for many years, the watch battery is almost dead, and the second hand of the watch will jump once every 5 seconds (I remember it is 5 seconds, if it is wrong, please correct), and further save power. At present, the highest precision in quartz watches, no battery replacement for a long time (no battery replacement for 5 years of continuous travel, no battery replacement for 20 years under the sleep function), plus a perpetual calendar, when I learned that Longines launched such a quartz watch I am exclaimed that this is the most suitable ‘timetable’. Radio watches that are even more precise than this Longines VHP high-precision quartz watch are not luxury watches. The accuracy of the GS is not as high as the Longines VHP. The Longines VHP is a ‘timer watch’ that is more suitable than the GS.

Three-pin Longines VHP high-precision quartz watch.

Longines chronograph high precision quartz watch
   So you can see why we can also buy one or two quartz watches (quartz GS is also very good), because the mechanical watch in our hand needs it.

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