The Veteran Is Not Dead, Just Withered. Look Away From The Watch In ‘death Squad’

The Hollywood movie ‘Death Squad 3’, which was released in China on September 1st and was led by many old-fashioned tough guys such as Stallone and Schwarzenegger. One of the most eye-catching box office bombs during the festival. Although the film encountered the crisis of leaking the film source, it still made a welcome box office. However, while gaining a considerable box office, this blockbuster action blockbuster did not gain a gratifying reputation. The audience did not seem to buy this simple and rude movie. Some people could not help asking: Is it a meal? ‘

Stallone and old-fashioned action tough men such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis can be described as one-handed action films that splendidly acted in the 1980s. Incisively. However, with the development of film technology and the change of people’s aesthetic taste, more and more magical special effects and beautiful and exquisite faces began to fill the screen. At the same time, people are increasingly paying less for simple, straightforward and vivid plots. On the contrary, those logically complex plot designs are popular, and it seems that the more you ca n’t understand, the more you must say that it is unfathomable. trend. In such an environment, the works of veteran tough guys who have not had a lot of works, whether at the box office or word of mouth, have seen a huge decline, and they have been a mess. As a result, the work ‘Death Squad’, which seemed to be determined to make a final blow, and also a tribute to the action blockbusters of the 1980s, appeared.

The appearance of ‘Death Squad’ does not seem to fundamentally improve the declining trend of traditional action movies, but just as Stallone had hoped-bringing together action stars who have not cooperated in the past, and using such a big-name lineup that has never been seen before to the 80s A tribute to action blockbusters, such a gimmick is still enough to attract a ticket audience to pay for it.

Except for the fighting scenes from the punches to the flesh and the sword, and a group of heavyweight old drama bones in their 40s and 70s, the three consecutive films come down most noticeably than the tough and brave wrists of the players. Watch, I believe whether you are a watch enthusiast, have been attracted by the tough style of the players’ wrists. In this eye-catching but seemingly inconspicuous little accessory, it seems to have penetrated some special allegorical meanings. Below I will combine the watches that frequently appear in these three films, and talk about the three movies. The inspiration and sentiment brought by the watch.

‘Death Squad’-Classics and Redemption

As the first film in this series, ‘Dare to Die’ is a film edited, directed, and performed by Stallone. Through the use of traditional action filming methods, it has reinvented the classics with sincerity. Although the film has a lot of firepower, the simple plot makes the film almost completely brainless, which obviously does not meet the taste of the current audience. However, in such a real-life base built with huge sums of money, the explosions and action scenes are actually performed by the actors. The smooth effects brought by this real texture are definitely those completed before the green screen and then synthesized by the post. The production scene is unmatched.

Panerai Luminor 1950 Double Chasing Classic Sailing Chronograph Watch

In the climax of the film, this flashing Panerai luminous lens must have attracted many viewers. The watch worn by the players in the film is a classic Luminor 1950 double-tracking classic sailing chronograph watch from Panerai. This watch is a special watch for the Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge. The tailor-made limited edition models have become the perfect choice for tough guys with their extremely precise and reliable professional positioning, a wide diameter of 44 mm and a sturdy case.

In my opinion, the symbolic meaning of this watch in this film is ‘classic and redemption’, just like these old tough guys on the screen, they ignited the passion of action in the 80s, and it is unsurpassed in the cinema. Unbuttoned classic. The most memorable thing in the film is the story told by Mickey Rourke’s old figure to Barney played by Stallone: ​​He killed so many people who had the opportunity to save one person, but did not save it until he heard The sound of falling water from the bridge. He later discovered that if he rescued the woman then, it was probably his heart that was truly redeemed. After hearing this, Barney made a decision immediately, and even had no plan, he planned to go alone to rescue Sandra by Velena Island. Nominally, this movie is about to celebrate the feelings of old action films, but in fact, for these classic action actors in their old age, isn’t it a journey of redemption?

‘Death Squad 2’-Golden Age

After ‘Death Squad’ achieved a good box office, ‘Death Squad 2’ absorbed the success of the previous work and summarized the shortcomings of the previous work, showing great progress in both the script and the effect. In this movie, the ‘Death Squad’ appeared young fresh blood-‘Hammer Brother’ Liam Hemsworth, although the characters played fairly well, but still unfortunately took a bento at the beginning of the film , And became a main line of the entire story of ‘Death Squad 2’, people have to lament ‘the veterans are not dead’ (Yeah, all the dead are recruits …).

Panerai LuminorSubmersible 19503 Power Reserve Automatic Professional Diving Bronze Watch

In this film, although there is no direct shot of the watch worn by the team members as in the previous work, the watch worn by the team members is even more prominent. In this movie, the watches worn by the team members are also from Panerai. It is a Luminor Submersible 19503 power reserve automatic professional diving bronze watch launched by Panerai in 2011. This watch was originally made in Panerai. Developed on the basis of a watch created for the Egyptian Navy commandos more than half a century ago, it was worn by the members of the death squads and was even more domineering. Such a watch symbolizes the ‘golden age’ of the death squad.

I think for the audience who love action movies, when Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis stand side by side in the same shot, the shock is more shocking than any gorgeous special effects scene. At the time of the filming, Sylvester Stallone was 66 years old, Arnold Schwarzenegger was 65 years old, and Bruce Willis was 57 years old. When Schwarzenegger spoke to Bruce Willis in the classic line ‘I’llbeback’ in Terminator, Bruce Willis uttered ‘You have come back too many times’ At the end of the film, when Bruce Willis gave Stallone a plane, Stallone said, ‘This plane is old enough to enter the museum.’ Bruce Willis smiled at him and said, ‘We too ‘What could be more exciting for those who loved action movies of that era? When asked about the action plan, Stallone’s phrase ‘Follow him! Find him! Kill him!’ Is definitely better than any affectionate confession.

‘Death Squad 3’-Fresh Blood

After the first two films have made a good box office, it is almost beyond doubt that the third film will be filmed and released. However, after the climax of the second film, the old actors also face a Question-A tribute to an old action movie, which is somewhat ‘Twilight Love in the Twilight of Action Movies’, means the third film in the old action film. What should we do in the future? The answer to this question is given in the film. In ‘Death Squad 3’, Stallone not only gathered a young fresh blood, but also introduced an unprecedented electronic warfare style like the ‘Mission: Impossible’ series. Although the new players were captured halfway, they were still old players. Only finally escaped the ascension with the help of the Chinese, but for the future development, the old actors seem to give everyone an answer in the form of a movie.

Richard Miller Tourbillon Chronograph RM025

In this movie, I am afraid no one will not notice the bright red on Stallone’s wrist, this watch should be from Richard Miller Tourbillon Chronograph RM025. In the world of watch brands with a history of hundreds of years, Richard Miller, born in 2001, is definitely one of the ‘new blood’ that cannot be ignored in a group of young brands. This eye-catching watch, with a bright red strap to symbolize the theme of ‘Death Squad 3’, could not be more appropriate. Similarly, in the movie, although the plot of the old team to rescue the new team is designed, but on the camera, the old team members are also willing to be green leaves, so that the new team members are in the limelight.

At the same time, this movie is probably the three most controversial. Although the ratings of the first two movies are not optimistic, but because of their nostalgic action movie style, they still lack the support of loyal fans. In this movie, although many novelties have been introduced in the plot design and combat mode Elements, but it still seems not enough to satisfy the discerning young audience today. At the same time, the fans who have lost their authentic old film feelings are also slightly disappointed. But I still want to say that this is still a work of sincerity. In addition to the 52-year-old Wesley Snipes, who claims to be ‘the world’s number one swordsman,’ and 54-year-old ‘Latin lover’ Antonio Banderas, the film also invites special invitations to join. At the age of 54, Mel Gibson starred in the villain. When the old players were ‘settled’, in the face of the calm and strange daily life, the melodious American country ballads slowly flowed out, like a lengthy confession and a heavy sigh, which vividly rendered the players. The loss and helplessness became the most tender part of this series of three films. And this kind of loss and helplessness is not exactly a true portrayal of the old action actors who are facing the decline of old-fashioned action movies?

When Stallone looked at the lively young players, in his eyes full of expectation and satisfaction, there was a hint of helplessness and reluctance to pass by … This mood, I think, is also the common inner contradiction of the old action actors. I thought of the speech ‘Old soldiers never die, they just fade away’ delivered by General MacArthur after his dismissal. I just hope that these ‘old soldiers’ can wither, slow down … no slow a little……

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The Three Classic Bvlgari Models Have Evolved And Set New Benchmarks In Watchmaking (Part 1) —octo Series

In 2017, Bulgari foretold that its flagship series will be fully launched through original and contemporary brand new designs. Bulgari always believes in the promise of dreams and the value of leading the future. The new products launched this year will reflect the brand’s ultimate pursuit of modernity and beauty. The professional watchmaking workshop started in Rome is undoubtedly a temple dedicated to beauty. With classic reinterpretation, Bulgari’s three classic models, Octo, LVCEA and Serpenti, will once again set new benchmarks in watchmaking.

OCTO Roma watch-a new luxury watch for everyday use
   The heart of the ancient civilized world, the Eternal City, is a proverb: Roads lead to Rome. The same principle applies to OCTO watches: the idea of ​​the octagonal decoration on the ancient Roman cathedral, the prototype of the watch began in 2000 with a large complication watch, and then introduced the hour and minute hands in 2012 After the collection, which confirmed the excellent design skills of Bulgari, the classic appearance of OCTO watches gradually took shape. Today, Bvlgari interprets this watch in a new way, once again breaking the limit of octagonal design.

The OCTO ROMA watch case has a total of 58 facets, which are available in 18K rose gold, stainless steel, or 18K rose gold and stainless steel. Crown with ceramic bezel; water-resistant to 100M; black lacquer, silver-toned or Newsor sun-polished polished brown faceplate, polygonal hollow hands, hand-made hour markers, two-way automatic winding movement, Calibre BVL 191 Solotempo, hour hand, Minute and second hands, date window at 3 o’clock; Geneva ripples, chamfers and snails; 42-hour power reserve, stainless steel strap or black or brown alligator leather strap with folding or pin buckle, Depending on the style.
   Ancient philosophers advocated ‘quintessence,’ the ultimate example of matter or concept. Bvlgari chose to create another style for the OCTO series, and challenged this pure ideal to create a watch that is ingenious and reflects the pursuit of ultimate perfection. The new OCTO Roma watch condenses all the essence of the collection, while also injecting extra three-dimensional space. The OCTO watch is famous for its three-dimensional structured case with 110 facets. This time, through a strong and innovative design, it uses a new form to change around the geometric octagonal shape. The OCTO Roma is the watch of choice. It represents all those who refuse to compromise and subvert tradition. A classic and elegant ideal daily watch should not be limited to the traditional round faceplate. People who choose OCTO watches are willing to show their own personality and express their preferences, so they tend to choose watches with unique charm and lead them firmly into the future with strong and powerful designs.
   OCTO Roma will launch five models with white, black and brown dial designs, as well as stainless steel, 18K gold and steel two-tone or all 18K gold case. The one-piece leather strap is suitable for everyday wear, while a stainless steel bracelet with chain design is also available. OCTO is a stereotypical contrast, condensing all the ultimate essence.
Octo Finissimo skeleton tourbillon watch
   Time invites people to achieve perfection in a better way. The Bvlgari watchmaking workshop continues to explore the limits of beauty and elegance. The newly launched OCTO ultra-thin skeleton tourbillon witnesses the thinnest record of this type of watch by the Bulgari Octo ultra-thin tourbillon, and presents another masterpiece of beauty. .
   The Octo series of Bvlgari has been avant-garde in style since its inception. Its 110-faceted case, which shows its impeccable craftsmanship, stands out among many models. However, the key to Bulgari’s success in the market is the perfect proportion of watches. The ultimate model of Italian design, bold innovation without excessive display, while also taking into account the wear of the watch, the watch size after proper calculation, the perfect combination of elegance and masculinity. The most important element is naturally time itself. The Octo series is Bulgari pushing the ‘thinness’ of advanced watchmaking technology to the limit, which is about the most sophisticated and complex function of watchmaking-tourbillon.

OCTO FINISSIMO TOURBILLON SKELETON watch Platinum case, 44 mm diameter, water-resistant to 30 meters. Platinum crown with ceramic bezel, manually wound movement, Finissimo skeleton flying tourbillon, sapphire chassis, Calibre BVL 268, tourbillon frame fixed with ceramic ball bearing mechanism, 253 parts, 21,600 vph vibration frequency, 62 hours power reserve ; Thickness 1.95mm; hour and minute hands display; processing: beveled, round satin polished and ruled chassis and table bridge; barrel coated with black diamond-like carbon coating, equipped with beveled and round satin polished gears Series and three sets of ball bearing system, black alligator strap with buckle.
   The functional design of the tourbillon is to offset the gravity effect of gravity on the mechanical structure. Behind the operation mechanism of the tourbillon is the pinnacle challenged by advanced watchmaking technology. To place the hairspring, various components and escapement in such a thin and light tourbillon frame, a certain degree of professional and experienced knowledge and technology are required, and only a few craftsmen have this unique craft. Bvlgari’s home-made tourbillon movement BVL 268 is still the thinnest record holder. In 2017, Bvlgari continued to move forward, aiming to build an Octo Finissimo full skeleton tourbillon watch, unique in the world, and set a new model. Now the results are published. In the beautiful and elegant new work with a sense of modernity, with the color of the top technology, make the Octo series’ magical charm to a higher level.
   Octo Finissimo skeleton tourbillon is equipped with a fully skeletonized ultra-thin tourbillon movement composed of 253 parts, decorated with 13 jewels and 8 ball bearings, thereby reducing the thickness of the movement. The vibration frequency is 21,600 vph per hour, providing a 62-hour power reserve. In order to ensure the perfect performance and accuracy of the new product, the spring of the barrel is made of sliding spring, and the tourbillon frame is equipped with ultra-thin ceramic ball bearing mechanism. This unique movement is equipped with three sets of ball bearing barrels. The innovation is that the height of the spring is doubled, which increases the power reserve by nearly 80%. This is only achieved with the extremely thin tourbillon. Performance merit.
   To highlight the movement’s style, the Octo Finissimo fully skeletonized tourbillon case is made of platinum. The philosopher Immanuel Kant believes that ‘representation requires refinement and art, and the truth points to simplicity and calm.’ Bulgari Octo’s new masterpiece is undoubtedly a tribute to philosophers.
Octo Ultranero-the ultimate modern watch aesthetic
   The new Octo Ultranero black model continues the style of Bulgari’s modern large-scale model, while gradually solidifying and enriching in the year-long remodeling, it gives the watch with two ingenious changes that radiate the masculine charm of contemporary men. Available in an all black version, or a contrasting version with an extremely black dial set against red hands and red hour markers. The Octo Ultranero watch declares its pure style power through the elegant appearance of the wash chain. The perfectly structured case is treated with black diamond-like carbon coating, highlighting the solidity and absoluteness of Italian craftsmanship. The geometric design is immediately reminiscent of Italian architecture and contemporary furniture, such as the appearance of stealth fighters and even adding some mystery. All of these unique and original designs open a new interpretation for the watchmaking industry, which is suitable for the elegant pace of urban life and can be easily integrated into the leisurely and comfortable time. The Octo Ultranero watch incorporates a unique masculine style, dedicated only to all urban men.

OCTO ULTRANERO Watch The stainless steel case is coated with a black diamond-like carbon coating. Diameter 41MM; transparent caseback; screw-in crown, black diamond-coated carbon coating; water-resistant to 100 meters; black lacquered dial with black or red polygonal cut-out hands, and black or red hour markers, two-way Caliber BVL 193 manual winding movement with dual barrel, hour, minute and second hands display, date window at three o’clock; decorated with Geneva wave pattern, fish scale and chamfering treatment; guaranteed 50 hours power reserve, Rubber strap and stainless steel buckle with black diamond-coated carbon coating.
   The Octo case is an extension of Italian craftsmanship. The structure is confidential and complex, and the shape is simple and generous. The geometric structure, in a calm and elegant design, moderately renders the freehand design atmosphere, adding a unique taste to life. And all of this is due to the demands of Octo watches beyond effectiveness. On this basis, the Octo series can continue the spirit of Italian hedonism and create classic and extraordinary watches for confident men.

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Roger Dubuis – Commemorating The 125th Anniversary Of The Geneva Seal Of Geneva Seal

In commemoration of the 125th anniversary of Geneva Seal this year, watch maker ROGER DUBUIS launched a limited edition single-button flying tourbillon chronograph. This outstanding watch will not only be the first Roger Dubuis model to comply with the newly revised Geneva Seal Geneva Seal standard, it also highlights that Roger Dubuis is currently the only Geneva Seal whose full line of movements represents the excellence of traditional watchmaking. The world’s top watch factory imprinted in Geneva.
Geneva Seal, which has always been regarded as the symbol of Switzerland’s top watchmaking, marks its 125th anniversary this year. Roger Dubuis launched the Excalibur single-button flying tourbillon power reserve display chronograph at this important moment in the top watch industry.

Equipped with the new RD580 movement, with a limited production of 8, this outstanding watch will be the brand’s first watch that meets the new and more stringent requirements of the Geneva Seal Standard. There is no doubt that this marks the beginning of a new era in the history of the ROGER DUBUIS and Geneva Seal Geneva Seals: Since 2012, Roger Dubuis’ new watches will meet the newly revised Geneva Seal Standard.
The Excalibur series is known for its superior technology and powerful design. The new limited edition single-button flying tourbillon chronograph, with a 45 mm diameter rose gold case, is the perfect embodiment of the avant-garde spirit of the Geneva watchmaker.
In addition to the flying tourbillon at 9 o’clock, a power reserve display is set at twelve o’clock, the forty-five minute timer at the three o’clock is the chronograph, and six o’clock is the new Roger Dubuis in platinum. The miniature automatic rotor is made visible from the side of the watch dial. In particular, the two automatic rotors clearly reveal the Geneva Seal of the Geneva Seal-which is usually cast only on the movement-the two automatic rotors on the front and back are engraved with the words ‘125 years’. In particular, the Seal imprint is allowed to be displayed on the micro-rotor equipped with this new movement, emphasizing the important status and major changes of the 125th anniversary of Geneva Seal.

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Majestic Seiko Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch

The Seiko Premier series absorbs the style of classical architectural elements. The watch as a whole feels solemn and magnificent, and the decoration of the details is exquisite and elegant like reliefs or murals. The 12 striking Roman numerals on the black dial, and the stainless steel hands under the sapphire crystal have a dual mode function, which can display the date, month and leap year, and can also be used as a stopwatch.

Seiko SPC051J1 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

 The 7T86 perpetual calendar chronograph quartz movement is used. It is indicated in the manual that no adjustment is required until 2100 years ago. It may be the task of your grandson to complete the next time. In fact, as early as 1969, after SEIKO discovered how to make a quartz crystal into a tuning fork, the sales of quartz watches made by them never became the second place. I am afraid that SEIKO SPC051J1 will still adhere to this style. Unwavering for ten thousand years.

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Cartier 2013 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition Is Ready

At the 23rd Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon, the new Cartier d’Art series of high-end watches made from almost rare metal beads craftsmanship released a dazzling light. At the same time, the Calibre de Cartier chronograph equipped with the first Cartier workshop refined self-winding chronograph movement, applies precise and only chronograph functions to high-end men’s watches.

At the 23rd Geneva Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, a new high-end Cartier d ‘Art series watch crafted from almost rare metal beads, a cheetah carved from gold seeds The avatar floats on the dial vividly and three-dimensionally, releasing an eye-catching light. At the same time, the Calibre de Cartier chronograph, equipped with the first Cartier workshop refined self-winding chronograph movement, applies precise and only timekeeping functions to high-end men’s watches, injecting more ancient craft A breath of time.

Cartier d’Art Collection

With a strong curiosity about the world and its miracles, this year, Cartier has poured great enthusiasm on a gold jewelry process that was born in the early stage of human civilization, the metal bead process. In order to make this door have thousands of years of history, rare and almost lost ancient handicrafts are reproduced in the world, Cartier has carefully adjusted and improved to finally re-interpret it more perfectly.

Crafted from metal beads, the Cartier d’ Art collection of high-end watches gives this ancient and precious handicraft dating back to the first half of the third millennium BC a new look. This extremely complicated and ingenious decoration process reached its heyday in the first millennium of Etrurie civilization. Its masterpiece is world-famous decoration by ‘granulation etrusque’ Ancient utensils.

Calibre de Cartier chronograph

Strong lines and a solid case. The Calibre de Cartier watch series introduced in 2010 through the ingenious combination of frosting and polishing technology, forms a balance with sharp contrast, which can be called a unique chronograph masterpiece.

In 2013, Cartier equipped the Caribo watch with a new workshop exquisite 1904-CH MC chronograph movement, and at the same time injected strong and resolute qualities into this sporty watch.

Calibre de Cartier chronograph, equipped with the first self-winding chronograph movement developed by Cartier, including eight models from stainless steel to white gold diamonds, with leather strap or metal bracelet. These sporty models reinforce the self-motivated spirit of the Calibre de Cartier.

This is a watch with prominent design elements: two chronograph dials at 3 and 9 o’clock, a grooved bezel on the dial flange with a minute track scale, and an enlarged Roman numeral hour The standard XII is located above the chronograph. Two new chronograph buttons complement the crown shoulders and add vitality to the watch.

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