A Thin Watch From Hamilton American Classic H38735751

Hamilton’s watches have always been able to link with the spirit of American liberalism, like the American classic series is the one that best implements the brand’s intentions. There are many styles in this series, and all of them embody the Han watch’s understanding of the American spirit in its appearance. He has his own idea, this Hamilton 42mm H38735751, today I will briefly talk about this watch.
 The size of this watch is 42 mm, which is quite satisfactory, but because it has almost no bezel, it looks larger than 42 mm.

 As the Zhen Thin series, it really lives up to its name, and its case thickness is no more than 7 mm. Suitable for friends who like formal watches, because formal watches must feel thin.
 There is nothing outstanding about the others, and it has the illusion that it does not look like Hamilton.
 Its movement selects ETA2892-2 movement, this movement is one of the famous ETA three treasures, it and 2824 are single calendar movements, but it wins thinner and more accurate. Many middle and high-end brands choose this movement as their power source, which shows that it is trustworthy. Through the back, you can see the operation of the internal movement, and it has a clear feeling when it is wound.

 This watch is quite good as a formal business watch, and the price is very suitable, only 7700 yuan. And after getting started, I will feel that the dial is a bit larger than expected, and the stainless steel gold-plated material is also very commercial-friendly. Thin is its biggest feature. It is less than 7 millimeters thick. Although it is not the top in the world, it is quite ok, and it fits the curvature of the wrist. Generally speaking, it is more suitable to appear as your first watch.