Amy Long’s 2019 New Works Are Fully Listed In Shenzhen Kai Curtain New Products Tour Exhibition Tour

On May 20, 2019, Swiss watchmaking brand Emilon announced that the new watches in 2019 will be fully listed from now on, and they will debut in Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Plaza with their new works. A tribute to the dazzling Swiss traditional watchmaking culture. Aimron, from Geneva, ingeniously combines superb craftsmanship and cutting-edge design to introduce three new watches to watch enthusiasts, elegantly interpreting high-end and niche tastes that cannot be shared, showing Swiss elegance Lifestyle.

Collection of Time
  The beautiful scenery by the shore of Lake Leman reflects the romance and elegance of history. The Amy Long Leman series inspired by this is the perfect portrayal of this unique connotation.
[Jin Rai-Laimeng 18K Rose Gold Men’s Watch]

  The new Lehman series 18K rose gold watch is fresh and elegant, simple and exquisite, full of elegant business temperament. Just like the Chillon Castle, which is located in Lake Leman, hidden and firmly attached, the new watch of the Leman series carefully crafted in 18K rose gold carries the historical tradition of ups and downs. The delicate 18K rose gold ring gear echoes the classic watch pattern of centuries of coinage, with the brand’s iconic bi-wing lug design, and the high-quality enamel white dial, which perfectly demonstrates the elegance of the Amy Long Lemont series watch. Business temperament.

  Watch: Lermont Kingley
  Model: 01.1168.G40.
  Movement: ETA2892 fully automatic mechanical movement
  Case: 18k rose gold case, 18k rose gold ring
  Bottom cover: spiral fixed 18K rose gold see-through bottom cover
  Strap: Black alligator strap
  Dial: white enamel dial, studded hour markers
  Watch hands: rose gold fine willow needles
  Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date
  Waterproof: 30 meters waterproof
Elegant Vision
  The Jingya series full of spiritual charm is Amy Long’s outstanding work that praises the unique character of modern women, in order to show their independent, confident, elegant and unique modern qualities.
[Jingya Black Bead Women’s Watch]

  Amyron’s new Jingya series of black pearl beads watches, mysterious and noble, is the ‘pearl on the wrist’ of modern fashion women. Black pearl beads are crafted with ingenious craftsmanship by mother-of-pearl mother of black pearls, possessing a mysterious sense comparable to ‘Queen in Pearls’ black pearls. Amyron selected the high-quality Tahitian black pearl beads to embellish the watch, and decorated the crown and trunnion with Swarovski crystals to inspire the elegant and charming texture of the watch, making the confident and noble lady’s airfield always shine.

  Watch: Jingya Black Bead
  Model: 06.2188.L.N.N.58.2
  Movement: ETA2671 fully automatic mechanical movement
  Case: Black stainless steel case, black stainless steel bezel
  Bottom cover: screw-fixed stainless steel bottom cover
  Strap: Black leather strap
  Crown: Golden stainless steel crown with Swarovski crystals
  Dial: Black dial with black bead and stud hour markers
  Watch hands: golden hollow willow needles
  Functions: hours, minutes, seconds
  Waterproof: 30 meters waterproof
[Jing Ya Aventurine Women’s Watch]

  The lotus, which is known as the ‘Hibiscus in the Water’, has been the inspiration muse of Amy Long, guiding Amy Long to design an elegant and quiet Jing Ya series aventurine watch. The slender texture of the petals of the lotus flower carved from mother-of-pearl is exquisite and exquisitely blooming on the aventurine dial of Canruo Stars. The perfect fusion of aventurine and mother-of-pearl witnesses the romantic, poetic and elegant vision of time, making women wearing this watch the focus of elegance and fashion.

  Watch: Jingya aventurine
  Model: 06.2188.L.
  Movement: ETA2671 fully automatic mechanical movement
  Case: stainless steel case, stainless steel bezel
  Bottom cover: screw-fixed stainless steel bottom cover
  Strap: Black leather strap
  Crown: stainless steel crown with Swarovski crystals
  Dial: white mother-of-pearl and blue sand-gold dial, set with round spiked hour markers
  Hands: blue hollow willow needles
  Functions: hours, minutes, seconds
  Waterproof: 30 meters waterproof
  At the same time as the new product was launched, the Emilion brand started a new product tour in Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Plaza to show guests the uniqueness of the new work. Whether it’s a luxurious and noble Lehman series 18K rose gold watch, a mysterious and sexy Jingya series black bead watch, a romantic and beautiful Jingya series aventurine watch, the audience can feel the superbness of Amy Long Watchmaking craftsmanship and enterprising spirit.

  At the romantic moment of ‘520’, Emilion presents new and exquisite charm watches, leading watch lovers to watch the time essence of Swiss watchmaking. New works are either fashionable, modern, noble, or relaxed. Each one has its own style. Although it interprets a different lifestyle, it all conveys an infinite and wonderful quality of life.