Antoine Preziuso Opens A New Boutique In Dubai

In pursuit of the brand expansion strategy, Antoine Preziuso opened its fourth boutique at Wafi City Mall in Dubai on February 1, 2010 Following the boutiques in Geneva, Tokyo, and Kiev, Antoine Preziuso intends to target the Middle East, where it has established a special context for cooperation.

Wafi City Mall is undoubtedly the most fashionable and large shopping mall in Dubai. It has gathered many famous brands-a total of more than 350 boutiques. The architectural style there was inspired by ancient Egypt, but it was not derived from its magic or the like. The entire building is pyramid-shaped, with tall sphinxes standing at the entrance. Continue to walk through a pharaoh stone statue. Many towers are reminiscent of Karnak Temple, some of them are carved A mysterious symbol pattern and colorful tinted glass form the patio foyer.
Original Source: Antoine Preziuso
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