Basel 2019: Lightweight And Protective Carbon Fiber Case Casio G-shock Mudmaster

CASIO Casio’s G-Shock continues to evolve. Its Mudmaster series of watches are advertised to cope with various harsh environments, helping wearers to overcome risks in going up and down the sea, and developing a new impact-resistant structure to make 2019 The new G-Shock GG-B100 is more suitable for use in harsh land environments.

The new GG-B100 adopts a carbon fiber composite material shell, eliminating the need for external protective devices, and the overall design is simpler

Casio has launched one of the new Mudmaster G-SHOCK impact resistant watch series. The new GG-B100 is expected to be officially launched in August 2019. The watch uses a carbon fiber protective structure, and the case is made of reinforced carbon fiber. Mudmaster is a member of the Master of G series. It is designed for use in extreme environments. It has a dust-proof and mud-proof structure and is suitable for use in harsh land environments. The brand’s newly developed carbon fiber protective structure is made of lighter and deformation-resistant carbon fiber reinforced materials, and the bezel also uses carbon materials to enhance the toughness of the watch. The new dust-proof and mud-proof structure adds filter material between the case and the handle to prevent dust from entering and ensure a good seal without the need for additional metal button tubes for protection. The new models distinguish models based on the color of the strap, such as GG-B100-1A with black strap, GG-B100-1A3 with khaki strap, and GG-B100-1A9 with orange strap.

The case back has a double-layer structure, and the adhesion of stainless steel and glass fiber reinforced resin has excellent impact resistance.

The GG-B100 supports land missions through sensors connected to a dedicated app. The watch is equipped with a quad sensor and a pedometer. The four sensors can measure bearing, barometric pressure / altitude, temperature, and count steps. In addition to responding to changes in the natural environment, the watch can also be connected to a dedicated app to easily grasp detailed information about past activity records, such as calculating calories burned based on height rises and falls and step data. The watch can also automatically adjust the time by pairing with a smartphone via Bluetooth. The task log function will automatically record the path to a dedicated application based on the watch’s height data and the GPS data of the smartphone. The position indicator function can display the compass. Bearing and distance from user-specified destination. With its new structure and advanced functions, the GG-B100 can be called a G-SHOCK that can complete difficult tasks under any harsh conditions.

G-Shock Mudmaster GG-B100-1A3

Carbon fiber composite material / Quartz movement / Hour, minute, and second display / World time zone function / Chronograph function / Alarm function / Smartphone link function / Barometer, altimeter, thermometer, pedometer / function / sunrise / sunset Time display / Water resistance 200 meters / Diameter 55.4 × 34.9mm / Reference price: 2,400 RMB