Bauber Opens New Boutiques And Shop-in-shops In Macau

Blancpain is proud to announce the opening of new boutiques and shop-in-shops at The Parisian Macao Hotel and City of Dreams T Galleria, both of which are located in large shopping malls specializing in luxury goods.

Blancpain Parisian

   The new boutique is located in Parisian Macau and covers 1,800 square feet. The Parisian Macao is one of Macau’s largest indoor malls, with more than 850 stores, providing customers with a variety of shopping experiences. The new shop-in-shop is located in T Galleria, City of Dreams, and the renovated area is three times larger than before, providing unique luxury shopping possibilities in the heart of Macau.
   The new store reflects the brand’s proud history and its firm commitment to the spirit of ‘innovation is tradition’. The interior wall of the store is carefully decorated by craftsmen, showing the heritage culture of the Jura Valley in the Jurassic Mountains, and Blancpain’s exquisite watchmaking skills that have lasted for more than 270 years. Noble wood, exquisite shapes, purely streamlined furniture and display cabinets, all perfectly integrated to create a warm and comfortable environment with unique beauty.

Blancpain City Gallery T Galleria

   Throughout the history of the brand, Blancpain has developed a number of outstanding movements, leaving its own unique mark in the changing times. Independent research and development of production components and tools; each movement is manually assembled by a single watchmaker; hand-finished and refined to the smallest hidden details: to create superb timepieces that are innovative and respect the Swiss tradition. Perc’s advantage.
Blancpain Boutique
Address: 3333B Cotai Strip, Parisian Macao
Blancpain shop in shop
Address: T Galleria, City of Dreams