Blancpain Watch Hua Fan Cong Jian Zhi Art

In order to simplify the appearance of the movement and highlight its essence, Blancpain decided to remove the components such as the splint and bracket to make the interface more refreshing. It is common practice to simplify it by keeping only the most basic parts of the metal frame. The appearance of the movement has not been simplified, but the reduction of metal parts has made the bridge and the splint form a mutually contested and complicated relationship, making the entire watch ‘intricate.’
    Therefore, this method may not work. The best way to show the extreme craftsmanship of Carloso is to remove all the splints and bridges. Make all unnecessary parts completely disappear. It’s simple, but the movement always needs ‘something’ to support and fix important parts. The answer lies in the sapphire splint. The idea of ​​removing ordinary metal splints and brackets and replacing them with completely transparent sapphire sounds simple and not so easy to implement.
    Over the years, Blancpain has devoted itself to innovative processes, using sapphire as the material to replace the original plywood and bridges of the movement, and developing new and revolutionary methods to ensure the high accuracy of perforations and hole rests. Development of movements. Although the flying carrousel has long existed (the reason why it is called ‘flying’ carrousel is that its rotating frame is completely supported by the bearings under the frame and there is no top bracket), to achieve the new sapphire splint and bracket structure, the movement must be Carry out comprehensive rectification and design. Therefore, in every aspect, this is a brand new Blancpain movement.
    Such a design eventually caused Caruso to ‘suspend’ in the table without any side branches. The one-minute flight Carrousel’s configuration fully demonstrates the watch’s spaciousness. Surrounded by other important movement parts, including a barrel, rotating gears, and a faucet that replaces traditional key winding. The sapphire splint, bridge and the sapphire case are closely fitted, and the perfect sculpting process is concentrated to the L-evolution rose gold case with a diameter of 43.5mm. Through the transparent back case back, you can enjoy the beauty of the movement harmony. L-evolution series Carloso sapphire watch, limited to 50 pieces worldwide, is bound to become a rare treasure.