Casio Tanabata ‘confession’ Stainless Steel Pair Watch

Casio brings a sweet surprise to the Tanabata Festival, especially presenting couples’ watches, and has created many elegant SHEEN & EDIFICE series watches. Romantic Tanabata love. When the heart beats, the ten fingers are fastened. Hold your hand and grow old with your son. Take your lover’s hand and walk with him / her forever in the future.
SHEEN & EDIFICE series couples watch Witness the sweet love of Tanabata
Qi Yunyun sentient beings, fate is set. True love turns into a red thread, entwining each other’s wrists. A vow, the two love each other, the third marriage. No matter how far apart, the fate is destined to meet. Inadvertently, a affectionate glance touches love. The years are not missed, the closer they get, the stronger. This year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day, Casio’s metal pointer watch brands SHEEN and EDIFICE sincerely launch couple watch series, witnessing the sweet declaration of love, ‘you are the happiness I want’.
Special love is for special people. Casio couples watch series ingeniously, carrying a full of love to present the most romantic and happy love surprise for lovers. At this moment, the watch is transformed into a red line of destiny, which indicates that Airu’s hands keep turning. The crystal inlaid on the bezel is clean and transparent, purifying the soul like pure love, emitting a unique light, beautiful and elegant. Casio uses innocent heart to create every couple watch, it is definitely the best gift for himself and his loved one.
The couple watch launched this time combines elegant appearance and versatility. The stainless steel strap is uniquely designed with a chic pattern, which is generous and decent without losing details, and highlights the taste. It also has a stopwatch function and excellent waterproof performance, adding practicality.

Gold dial EF-530P & SHN-5003PS-7

Women’s Gold Dial EF-530P & SHN-5003PS-7
Reference price: ¥ 3380 / pair
The golden dial EF-530P & SHN-5003PS-7 is elegant and gorgeous, with the beauty of loyalty and love. Introverted mature couple lovers in love running.
The main color tone of the watch is rose gold. The romantic and special color gives the watch a warm and timeless beauty. Combined with the pure white dial, it is elegant and stable. Men’s watches underline the gentleman’s elegance. Ladies’ watches are cleverly crafted, set with a sparkling hour marker as the finishing touch, gorgeous and elegant.

White dial

Women’s White Dial
Reference price: 2980 / pair
The white dial EF-544D & SHN-3013D-7 is fresh and romantic, shining the beauty of love, dream, innocence. Sweet passionate young energetic couple type.
This pair of white dial watches is simple and refreshing. Plus crystal inlaid in different parts to create a crystal clear texture. Men’s watches are classic and not easily dated. The ladies’ models are beautiful, the overall silver-white style is more pure and gentle, and the crystal is set throughout the bezel, expressing the temperament of ladies in raising hands.

Black dial

Women’s Black Dial
Reference price: 2980 / pair
The black dial EF-544D & SHN-3013D-1A is luxurious and noble, blooming beautiful love and beauty. Individual lovers who pursue freedom.
Men’s models are inlaid with crystal embellishments on the four sides of the bezel to create the luxurious texture. Women’s models are crystal-encrusted throughout the bezel, and the bottom of the dial is made of mother-of-pearl, beautiful.
I shed a wave of love on the couple’s wrists, telling that they love each other, love eternal with time. Wear exclusive couple watches and spend your minutes with each other. Become the exclusive memories of each other.