Chronogram’ Research Plan: Journey Through Time Memories

On the occasion of the 2016 Geneva International Horological Watch Exhibition (SIHH), Vacheron Constantin announced the results of the ‘Chronogram’ research project, which is in collaboration with DigitalHumanitiesLab and EPFL + ECALLab. The laboratories collaborated to transform a superior company archive into an information system and highlight its important value.

   The documents of more than 350 meters have been accumulated since 1775 and contain precious memories of Vacheron Constantin. In 2014, Vacheron Constantin cooperated with two laboratories of the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne to ensure that these archives are permanently preserved and rejuvenated.

   The DigitalHumanitiesLab of the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne took nearly two years to develop new digitalization and automatic transcription technology, which can transform Vacheron Constantin’s huge literature records into a complete archive information system. EPFL + ECALLab researches the potential of emerging technologies based on the research results of visual language and explanatory principles, and develops a device that can effectively transform these huge information heritage into consulting experience. The three installations are inspired by mask art, fencing masks and panoramic telescopes, allowing users to devote themselves to the long history of Vacheron Constantin.