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Since ancient times, thousands of different interpretations and records have been circulating, dating back thousands of years since the Roman Empire divided the year into 12 months. There have been different changes. In the summer of 2015, CITIZEN celebrated the infinite beauty that has been continuously recorded. With 12 beautiful rhinestone inlaid designs, it launched the summer new female watch EO1150-59W. CITIZEN spokesperson for the female watch, Asian queen Hebe Tian Yanzhen presented the latest advertisement, with a refreshing atmosphere style, continues to convey the brand’s unbelievable belief that “every moment is a new beginning” for the summer fashion.

 Hebe Tian Yanzhen’s interpretation of CITIZEN’s global radio-controlled timepiece model, Aurora reappears in summer

Aurora, also known as Aurora, is a natural beauty that occurs at high latitudes, and is also a dream that many people must watch once in a lifetime. For this aspiring mysterious light, CITIZEN is inspired by the aurora shades of the summer period and uses the dial design to perfectly show this moving beauty on the Eco-Drive Global Radio Controlled Timepiece EC1050-61W.
The EC1050-61W summer limited edition model is displayed on the white butterfly shell and frame through the blue-violet layered color and 9 natural diamonds, depicting Aurora and the starry sky reflected on the lake, and using soft lines to show The swaying rhythm, the mysterious night sky dance is vivid. The EC1050-61W model is the 2015 CITIZEN Global Radio Wave Women’s Watch. With the delicate and delicate characteristics of the Japanese system, the aurora scene is interpreted differently.

 CITIZEN EC1050-61W Exclusive Women’s Solar Powered Radio Controlled Watch Collection

Since the launch of the women’s solar-powered radio-controlled watch in 2011, it has been popular among pink-collar women for its stylish design and convenient features. The CITIZEN global radio-controlled timepiece EC1050-61W is different from the traditional quartz watch. As long as there is a low light, the kinetic energy can be converted. In the fully-charged power-saving mode, it can operate continuously for three years without worry No power problem. The case strap uses Duratect hardening technology, which makes the watch difficult to wear and shine for a long time. The double-sided anti-glare sapphire glass mirror uses complex workmanship to maintain high quality light transmission and wear resistance. Not only that, the EC1050-61W, which has five global radio stations, will automatically receive the signal at two and four in the morning every day, so that you are no different. The date display window replaces the three o’clock position with a metal surround, which is exquisite, compact and fully functional.


In the summer of 2015, CITIZEN used the aurora image ‘Aurora’ as the design concept of EC1050-61W to interpret the natural scenery that must be seen once in a lifetime. The Aurora light reflected in the lake and natural diamonds embellish the starry sky, breathtaking. The beauty of craftsmanship leaps above the watch. The dial uses the ancient Roman numerals as the 6th and 12th hours, adding an elegant and noble temperament, corresponding to 1, 5, 7, 9, and 11 o’clock each a little bit of a natural diamond; also on the periphery of the frame are also scattered 4 natural Diamonds, starlight sparkles echo the aura of the aurora night sky. CITIZEN also uses ingenuity on the radio wave symbol of the second hand. The C-shaped design is like a moon in a starry sky. With time flowing, it displays the moon with different angles of the moon and the moon. It draws beautiful arcs in this aurora starry sky. On the surface, the limited collection of Aurora is as beautiful as raising a hand.


CITIZEN EO1150-59W women’s watch, with a soft pink color, brings a touch of tenderness to the enthusiastic summer. Starting from one to three points on the surface, it is inlaid with twelve crystal rhinestones, representing the dazzling light like diamonds in the twelve months of the year, presenting the most beautiful side to the world. The square crystal diamond set at twelve o’clock adds extra luxury to the model. This CITIZEN EO1150-59W model is also equipped with CITIZEN’s most proud light kinetic energy technology. It can continue to run as long as there is light, and can continue to operate for six months after being fully charged. Continued concept. Spherical sapphire glass mirror, using complex work processes, maintains high quality light transmission and is more resistant to wear. For consumers who prefer a low-key and simple style, the same series also presents EO1164-54A and EO1163-57P; the two styles focus on gold with different chroma, and replace the rhinestones with elegant Roman numerals at twelve o’clock, which is neat and elegant. In July 2015, Hebe Tian Yanzhen, the ambassador for CITIZEN women’s watch, will show a delicate and restrained summer women’s watch.