Disruptive Materials And Advanced Complications Roger Dubuis Sihh 2017 New Appreciation

Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis will be galloping at a high speed in 2017, launching a number of shocking brand world-first creations. When the vision of the engineer meets the extraordinary creativity of the watchmaker, a series of regrettable works And the events unfolded endlessly. On April 6, Roger Dubuis held a Roger Dubuis Roh Dubuis SIHH 2017 New Product Appreciation Event at the Ruideman International Kartyard in Beijing, expressing Roger Dubuis by showing brand videos and new timepieces. A brand new breakthrough in 2017.

   The new collaboration between Roger Dubuis and Pirelli Pirelli tires demonstrates the two sides’ perfect match on multiple levels and the common aspiration to create an invaluable experience. At the Geneva International Motor Show 2017 held in March of this year, the brand’s latest collaboration with the world-renowned Italian design company Italdesign showcased the new work of starlight flashing timepieces.

   For Roger Dubuis, the best way to “tie” a watch to an extraordinary racing experience is to equip the timepiece with a strap that is fitted with the rubber leather of Pirelli tires: these are Pirelli-certified tires are all retired soldiers who have actually won in the race. At the same time, the reverse side of the strap is also decorated with a legendary pattern, which uniquely treads the unique tread pattern of Pirelli Cinturato ™ neutral tires. Copy on. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis is here to show the representative characteristics of ‘Pirelli’, so that powerful timepieces emit the glory of victory in major car events.

   Like Roger Dubuis, Italdesign prides itself on being a dream fulfiller, but the similarities between the two don’t stop there. Both brands regularly present their world-first creations to their followers through a variety of innovative ideas. In addition to their firm commitment to style, mechanical engineering, and design quality, they also have strong personalities and far-sighted visions, condensed into Roger Dubuis’ concept of “creating extraordinary things”.

   Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis has spared no effort in all the watchmaking process, and in this spirit has established a cooperative relationship with the FFF team and became its main sponsor. Roger Dubuis and FFF team share the same enthusiasm and pursuit for ‘advanced machinery’ and have deep professional knowledge. This collaboration confirms the brand’s declaration as a watchmaker who specialises in blending architectural beauty with superb craftsmanship.

   The ‘Run to Monaco’ Super Rally is in line with the goal of Roger Dubuis’ extraordinary timepieces. It locks connoisseurs who have a high taste for the delicate things in life and brings together the elites who love superb machinery and exciting adventures; this item Cooperation also strives to transcend boundaries and reach the highest point of luxury.

   Summary: After admiring Roger Dubuis’ new SIHH 2017 timepieces, the guests at the site participated in the kart experience, and experienced Roger Dubuis in the high-speed galloping experience of subversive materials and advanced complex functions. Unremitting pursuit.