Double-hopper Blancpain L-evolution Tourbillon Carrousel Watch

In 2013, Blancpain’s first Le Brassus Tourbillon Carrousel watch was launched, allowing Caruso to break the ice with the tourbillon; this L-Evolution
The Tourbillon Carrousel watch makes the two seem to be stronger together.

   Blancpain did not decide to create a contemporary orthodox Carrousel installation. The name is likely to exist only in words in a hundred years, and the technology in it is no longer able to be inherited by watchmakers because Blancpain, This technology has not created a fault in the watch world, and the name ‘Caruso’ has not really disappeared. Blancpain launched Le in 2013
Brassus Tourbillon
Carrousel watches are an excellent choice for those who understand the preciousness of these two, and those who have so far been unclear about the tourbillon and Carloso, give them a chance to see the two clearly.

   L-Evolution Tourbillon Carrousel and Le Brassus Tourbillon
The Carrousel watch is the same. The tourbillon and Carloso have their own barrels, and these two barrels can be wound at the same time through the planetary gear system. The back of the watch has a long power reserve indicator. Although the two devices oscillate independently, the differential gear system averages their speeds and displays time.

   Carloso and the tourbillon came to the L-Evolution series with sports racing as the main style, and were given a more modern interpretation. The watch’s 2322V2 movement is the key to the image and style of this watch. The hollowing-out method and surface finish of this movement completely break away from the constraints of the traditional frame.

   In particular, although the splint and bridge are decorated with an ancient Frost technology, they can create post-modern visual effects. The key is to finally apply a NAC that blackens the bridge and the main bridge to the outermost layer. The electroplating process and different visual effects seem to inject new life into these two century-old installations.