Earl’s Jewellery Watch: Never To Watch The Time

Women are always the main force driving consumption. This law seems to be accurate everywhere. Many Piaget watches, or jewellery like watches, or jewellery-like watches, are often favored at auction. Everyone can imagine that such a lot will never be worn by a man after being photographed. So it is conceivable that gems, diamonds, and exquisite designs are all used to please women. Perhaps some people (especially men) may find this watch to be a bit unclear. Don’t be stupid buddy, women wear watches, especially jewelry-inlaid watches, definitely not to watch time.
[Overall description] Manufactured around 1990, quartz movement, case size 25 × 22 mm.
[Estimated price] 400000 HKD-550000 HKD
[Including commission price] 500000 HKD