G-shock Waterproof Watch New Gwf-t1000bs Is On The Shelf

As the summer is approaching, are the water masters already eager to try? G-SHOCK’s Frogman series, one of the most powerful sports watches in the world, will launch the new GWF-T1000BS this year. It is not only powerful, but also a global limited edition model. It shows the arrogance and extreme dignity of its absolute confidence in function. Not only a good helper in sports, but also a symbol of transcendent taste. G-SHOCK waterproof watch new GWF-T1000BS
     As a representative of Frogman, GWF-T1000BS has an ISO-certified 200-meter waterproof structure. The integrated watch body, back cover, and key metal parts are made of 64-bit titanium metal, which is harder than 4-bit titanium. There is no need to worry about damage to the watch body easily.
     GWF-T1000BS also has extreme shock resistance, which is enough to deal with collisions encountered by users during water sports. The 6 rounds of radio waves, solar power, world time and other functions are also powerful, which is convenient for users to walk between different countries. In order to facilitate the use of Frogman Fans who love water sports, GWF-T1000BS also has corresponding underwater functions such as moon age data, tide data, and diving functions, which fully meets the needs of extreme water sports, and perfectly reflects G-SHOCK ‘Absolutely Toughness ‘The essence.
G-SHOCK waterproof watch new GWF-T1000BS
     Different from the general Frogman, GWF-T1000BS is a global limited edition Frogman. The all-black case is set against the top of the screws and ruby ​​inlaid. The GWF-T1000BS, which is limited to 200 pieces worldwide, has a limited edition package. Together, it is definitely a master’s choice for both fashion and sports.