Heavy-weight Orphan Watch Debuts, We Do N’t Look At The Price, We Just Appreciate It …

To say which brand was ‘blinded’ by Geneva this time, Roger Dubuis will count as one. At this year’s Geneva watch exhibition, Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini and Pirelli released a very An important watch, the Excalibur One-Off watch, is limited to one, and is only customized for one guest worldwide. Although it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with us, we appreciate it very well. Let’s take a look at this sophisticated and complex masterpiece! (Watch model: RDDBEX0765)

Noble is expensive
  This watch is inspired by Lamborghini’s latest SC18Alston supercar, the first supercar developed by Lamborghini’s racing department exclusively for the entertainment of its valued customers on the track. The futuristic ExcaliburOne-Off watch is inspired by modern art and innovative architectural aesthetics, and is equipped with a movement that is the most complex engine. This unique “super costume” watch is made from a wide variety of materials, which truly reflects the peak of the highest level that can be achieved in cooperation with high watchmakers, supercar manufacturers and leading tire manufacturers.

  The case is made of SMC multi-layer carbon fiber, and the case (middle case) is made of woven carbon fiber, in order to reflect the solidity of Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini Squadra Corse. The excellent material known for its safety benefits) and lightness (performance benefits) has recognized deep mastery, and the black ceramic bezel is also another manifestation of advanced applications of ceramic materials in the automotive industry. The 47 mm diameter is magnificent, worn in More domineering style on the wrist.


  The skeleton of the movement reveals the mystery of the structure of the movement, and the three-dimensional visual effect is cleverly created by the tilted movement device (each component is set at a different height and intertwined with the other parts). The highly disruptive dual flying tourbillon fully utilizes the gravity compensation benefits of the tourbillon. It is assembled here on two different planes, forming a 90-degree angle with each other and using a differential phase. connection.

  At 12 o’clock, there is a double-dial jumping mechanism, which drives a minute hand and a digital time jumping window (just like the Lamborghini sports car, the number of revolutions is displayed by a single hand and the speed is displayed by a counter). There is a function selector at 6 o’clock, the wearer can set the crown operation function, W can be used to wind the watch, and S is to set the time. This design also echoes the driving mode selector on the SC18 Alston supercar. .

  The strap is also the highlight of the design, with a wide ‘air inlet’ unique, and its shape design can greatly improve rubber breathability and abrasion resistance. The design and color of the straps are also inspired by the interior of the SC18 Alston supercar. These L-labeled tires are designed to enhance the performance of the car while ensuring an extraordinary driving experience on or off the track. The Excalibur One-Off watch is equipped with a L-brand trademark and strap, and its design can greatly improve rubber breathability and wear resistance.

  The unique movement on the Excalibur One-Off watch is the third movement introduced by this iconic tripartite alliance, namely the RD106SQ movement specially made for this timepiece, equipped with a dual flying top tilted at a 90 degree angle. Flywheel and imitate the V-shaped geometric shape of the Lamborghinis supercar engine.
  Summary: Seeing this, everyone should have some understanding of the price of this solitary product, expensive is inevitable. 1,063,000 Swiss francs, which is about 7.2 million yuan converted into RMB, but it was named after its birth, and our pure appreciation is also good. Friends who are interested can pay more attention to the topic of Geneva Watch Fair! always one option fit for you.