High-profile Wonderful 4 Recommended Marine Culture Watches

It is such a pleasant thing to cross the ocean floor and ride the ocean. Even though most of this time is not so realistic in life, you can use other ways to talk and comfort, such as There is such a marine style watch when looking down at the watch. Most marine watches have bright colors, either refreshing navy blue or dazzling orange. Even the easy colors will definitely make your eyes brighter. Don’t want to be so low-key, choose a marine watch!

Hublot 2011 Concept Oceanography 4000 Watch
This is a very symbolic watch, with red and white hands making it look dazzling. The large diameter of 48mm, matte carbon fiber material and 4000 meters water resistance are all outstanding features of this watch. This is an alternative watch, but also a hard-to-reach watch. Its creativity and production place originated from the Principality of Monaco. It once appeared at its auction in Monaco in September this year. It is not a big watch. Mass-produced watches, but the unique temperament, those who love the ocean watch can not help but appreciate it.

Tissot Sublime Watch
The combination of orange and black can best show your youthful vitality, and daily wear is memorable. The submersible watch has a very intelligent way of realizing time: when it enters 1.4 meters underwater, the pointer will recombine and point to 9 o’clock. If you continue to dive, the watch will start measuring. The minute hand indicates the depth of the water and the hour hand indicates the dive. Speed, in addition to the flexibility to press the button under the water to activate a variety of auxiliary functions such as the compass, backlight or thermometer. This watch has a lot of underwater brightness, anti-magnetic shock resistance, timing functions, diving, it is your loyal partner, it is your accessories to pull the wind on weekdays

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe 45.5mm Chronograph
Is also a watch with a main color of orange. Orange is widely used in marine watches. It is bright and colorful, even in the dark, and it also brings a joyful and comfortable visual experience. This watch uses Omega’s new 9300/9301 coaxial chronograph movement, which has a water resistance of 600 meters. And the details are also very thoughtful for you: the luminous coating used by the hour and second hands emits blue light, and the minute hand is distinguished by green.

Breitling Super Marine Culture 42mm Watch
The color changed from orange to the embrace of green. Breitling is a brand that is good at soaring into the sky, and its marine watch looks somewhat different. However, this is very suitable for people who pursue individuality. After all, there are very few opportunities for such products to hit the watch. Compared with Breitling’s flying watch, this watch is much simpler. Instead of dense reading, it is replaced by a triangular hard broad pointer. The simple atmosphere is another impression that Breitling brings to us. However, compared with the two watches mentioned before, this Breitling Marine watch is somewhat suspect.