How About Oriental Double Lion Watch? How About Shuangshi Watches?

About Oriental Double Lions
  Oriental Double Lion Watch is an old Japanese brand watch that entered the Chinese market very early, because its trademark LOGO is two lions, formerly commonly known as ‘Double Lion’ in China. It was a mainstream watch brand in China in the 1980s. The double lion mark is an integral part of the Orient trademark. The two left and right sides share two lions. Since most of the early Chinese consumers were easily identified by the Shuangshi trademark or failed to pronounce the ORIENT pronunciation, the Shuangshi logo has long been popular.
  Development history
  Its predecessor can be traced back to the Yoshida Timepiece Store established in Ueno, Tokyo in 1901 (Showa 34), and the clock was established and manufactured in 1920.
  Eastern Double Lions
  Toyo Timepiece Factory. The Toyo Timepiece Factory also began to manufacture watches in a division of labor in 1934. In 1936, the Tokyo Hino Factory was established to focus on watch production. In July 1950, Toyo Timepieces established ‘Tama Meter Co., Ltd.’ in Hino, Tokyo, and changed its company name to Orient in 1951.
Watch Co., Ltd. officially started selling watches under the name Orient.
  In 1950, it officially changed its name to ‘Oriental Timepiece Co., Ltd.’, and produced and sold watches under the ORIENT brand;
  1965 Recognized by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry as a company that has contributed to the export business;
  1967 Successfully developed ultra-thin (3.9mm) fully automatic movement;
  1970 Successfully developed a 100-meter diving watch;
  1974 Published LCD digital watch;
  1978 Established ‘Nitto Watch (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.’ in Hong Kong;
  1986 ‘Akita Oriental Watch Precision Co., Ltd.’ established;
  1994 Opened representative office in Beijing, China;
  • Successfully developed a mechanical watch with a kinetic energy of more than 40 hours, which is unique among Japanese brands.
  • Started selling the solar battery timepiece LP4000 (optical drive 4000), which can travel for 4000 hours after being fully charged;
  • The kinetic energy display mechanical watch successfully improved for more than 50 hours;
  • 150,000 yen ‘World Heritage Watch’ for UNESCO;
  2001 became a holding subsidiary of ‘Seiko Epson Co., Ltd.’;
  2003 Oriental watch with accuracy of ± 5 seconds ‘Orient
Star Royal Sterling SiLVer ‘won the’ Gold Design Award ‘in the’ Standard Category ‘in the’ Watch Design Competition 2003 ‘;
  In 2004, 300 limited edition flagship merchandise watches were released worldwide-high-precision mechanical watches with world time and kinetic energy display.
  In recent years, Oriental watches have followed the trend and developed many new series of products with many styles, improved performance, and correspondingly higher prices. There are also multi-functional watches with more than a thousand yuan.
How about the Oriental Double Lion Watch
  Netizen evaluation one: It used to be glorious, but now it is no longer beautiful ~ Basically reduced to ordinary consumer goods! Its price is comparable to domestic seagulls! 7-800 is an individual style, and the basic price is also around 1,000!
  Netizen’s evaluation 2: It is recommended not to buy Shuangshi. The quality of Shuangshi is very poor! I bought one piece 5 days ago and found it after wearing it for a day: the crown is loose and the needle has electroplating and blistering. Return it to the counter, I haven’t changed it back yet. Buy a Seiko watch, and then choose Citizen
  Netizen evaluation three: Oriental Double Lion Men’s Watch should be very good, I have worn two Oriental Double Lion Men’s Watches. The movement of the automatic mechanical watch is quite stable. very good. Later, because the watch was all-steel, and my wrist hurt due to the cold in winter, I did not take it.
  Netizen evaluation 4: In recent years, the sales of Oriental Double Lions in the United States are very good, and many young people and white-collar workers like to take him. I guess the quality is pretty good.
  Netizen evaluation five: Oriental Shuangshi’s watch is an entry-level mechanical watch. I bought one at 700 yuan 4 years ago, which is very durable. So far, except for being slow, the performance is very stable. Now it is 35 seconds slower every day, and it’s a week. It has to be adjusted once, if it is not demanding, it is sober
  Comments from netizens 6: Shuangshi watches are originally made in Japan, mainly based on mechanical watches. The self-powered system developed in the early days has been used to this day. The quality is higher than its brand and the price is quite high. Japanese brands are average, one grade lower than Swiss Tissot, similar to Seiko and Citizen.
  Comments from netizens 7: Japanese watches are average, better than domestic watches, and worse than Swiss watches. It is normal for a mechanical watch to have an error when it travels. + -3 minutes per month is eligible.
  Netizen evaluation eight: relatively affordable, Japanese technology is still okay, but there is still a gap between a penny and a 10,000 yuan mechanical watch.
Oriental Double Lion Popular Watches Recommended
Oriental Double Lions Traditional Collection SEU08002BX

Number: SEU08002BX
Series: Traditional
Style: Automatic, Men
Material: stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 2,180
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Water resistance: 50 meters
Function: Perpetual calendar

Orient Double Lion CFD0F004W

Number: CFD0F004W
Style: Automatic, 40 mm, men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 2,430
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Buckle material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Function: Date display
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