Inspired By Classic Fusion Tasting Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Series Chronograph Watch

Since the creation of the first chronograph by Tudor in 1970, the brand has opened a chapter dedicated to manufacturing timepieces that are closely related to the racing industry. The strict timing standards have promoted the direction of the Tudor chronograph. In a more precise direction, it has attracted the attention of many watch enthusiasts with its outstanding timing functions and exquisite appearance. Today, the Tudor, loaded with classic and brilliant achievements, set sail again. At Basel Watch & Jewellery Expo 2017, a new work is added. The new timepiece integrates accurate timing into the diving watch series design, creating this Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Series chronograph. (Watch model: 79350)

Brand diving series Kai Cheng Biwan’s first chronograph

   Just like the brilliance of the chronograph, the quality of the brand diving watch is also quite reliable. Since its establishment in 1954, Tudor has continuously improved the professional performance of its diving watches, making each diving watch more outstanding. Qicheng Biwan is a collection of Tudor high-quality diving watches. The launch of the new chronograph diving watch is also a bold combination of the diving watch tradition represented by the Biwan series and the essence of racing chronographs, which has become another masterpiece of Swiss high-end watch brand Tudor, showing its outstanding watchmaking tradition and unique brand. charm.

Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Chronograph
   ‘Snowflake Needle’, as the most recognizable pointer design of Tudor, retains the brand’s famous aesthetic characteristics. Since 1969, it has been exquisite and generous as the brand’s logo placed on most classic watches, showing the exclusive beauty of Tudor to watch lovers. It can be recognized at a glance, it is very eye-catching, and has no charm.
Iconic detail design

Stainless steel case
   The 41 mm stainless steel case, polished and brushed, presents two aesthetic qualities of steel, delicate and generous. The stainless steel fixed outer ring is engraved with a black tachometer scale, showing its full charm. The stainless steel crown on one side is decorated with the Tudor rose pattern, which gives the watch a strong brand charm. After polishing and grinding, it contrasts with the stainless steel timing buttons on both sides to show the unique beauty of the watch, which is very beautiful.

Black chronograph dial
   Against the backdrop of the domed sapphire crystal, the black chronograph dial is full and full of tension, revealing the atmosphere and refinement of a man. The 45-minute counter at 3 o’clock and the small seconds counter at 9 o’clock complement each other, giving the watch a functional connotation. The central snowflake hand, minute hand, and hour markers are covered with a luminous part, which can show a clear and intuitive time display even in a dark environment. At 6 o’clock, there is a date display window, and a red diving depth indicator is designed above the window, just like the brother brand Rolex’s 2017 diving watch design style is breathtaking.

Tudor MT5813 movement
   The dense bottom technology design allows the back cover to more effectively protect the safety of the watch, and the waterproof new energy is more outstanding. It is equipped with the Tudor MT5813 movement and has a 70-hour power reserve. Equipped with a silicon hairspring, compared with traditional hairsprings, silicon hairsprings can more effectively avoid the interference of magnetic fields and gravity and protect the watch’s various functions. In addition, the watch has been certified by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center to ensure that the time is accurate and to show extraordinary and reliable quality.

Denim style jacquard textured strap
   The strap is made by a 150-year-old family-owned company in the St-Etienne region. It is knitted with a 19th-century jacquard loom. It is of high quality and comfortable to wear. Retro and classic design style, with a stainless steel buckle, perfectly integrated with the clock, showing a great visual experience.

Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Chronograph
Summary: As the first chronograph of the Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan series, it combines the charm of the diving watch of the series itself, showing the brand’s unique timepiece style. Inheriting the brand’s classic and reliable chronological tradition, it makes Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan series chronograph watches more connotative. It is also a good chronograph in 2017. Favorite watch friends, may wish to look forward to its coming!