Interview With The President Of Swatch Group China: ‘innovation, From Tradition’

On March 8, 2019, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot held a press conference with the theme of ‘this moment, born of me’ in Shanghai, and launched a new Carson Zhen ME series With brand-new, traditional and innovative designs to return to the broad audience and present the audience with an urban lifestyle of an era, we have the honor to interview Ms. Susan, President of the Swatch Group China, and The following questions were asked.

 Watch House: Can you briefly introduce, what is the biggest highlight of the new product launched by Tissot Carson Zhen this time? What kind of development strategy does it have?
Ms. Susan: This new product is designed for young people in modern cities. Young people living in contemporary cities will face many changes and challenges. The design concept of this new product is to let these young people live in busy urban life. You can still live in the present. Do n’t be constrained by certain past behaviors, let alone fear the future dangers. Be truly “Be Yourself” and do it with your heart. Based on this consumer group, the product design is also very Simplicity, which is in line with the aesthetics of young consumers.

Tissot Carson Zhen Men’s Watch

 Watch House: For the current international market, there are many brands with similar prices, so what do you think is the development advantage of the Tissot brand?
Ms. Susan: The Tissot brand has several major product lines such as fashion, tradition, and sports. There are many products to choose from. In addition, Tissot was founded in Switzerland in 1853 and has a long history. It has penetrated more than 160 countries and 5 countries around the world. Continent, after many years, has been verified by the public as an excellent value-for-money national brand. The service and maintenance channels behind the brand are very professional. The price is affordable, high-quality, and cost-effective. Whether at home or abroad, Tissot Are very competitive, which is our advantage.

Tissot Carson Zhen Women’s Watch

 Watch House: What achievements has Swatch Group achieved in the sales of e-commerce channels in the past two years? What are the differences from offline sales?
Ms. Susan: We joined Tmall in 2017 and became the official timekeeper of Tmall Double Eleven. It was the same in 2018, and we have achieved very good online cooperation results. Our online and offline sales are the same, there are not many discounts, offers, etc. online, only when similar to Double Eleven or other special events, we will launch some special packaging offers, etc. . For consumers, online platforms can better help consumers understand detailed design issues before buying a product, add a channel for consumers to understand, and buy products offline and online. All enjoy the same after-sales service, so no need to worry about the table friends.
  The Swiss Tissot watch brand has always maintained a high degree of enthusiasm for watchmaking internationally, attracting the attention of many watch friends. Perhaps, in the eyes of the parents of your watch friends, for the watch brand, it is still this brand that has a high national standard. Nowadays, Tissot has created more modern style watches for modern urban youths. It integrates new trends into the classics and perfectly integrates the design concept of ‘innovation and tradition.’ Watch, you can enjoy more exciting.