Iwc Launches Pilot Series Father And Son Watch

Schaffhausen IWC brings a unique pilot father-son watch for men who value the family. Large pilot watches and Mark XVI pilot watches allow fathers and sons to show their personal qualities while emphasizing noble taste. These two extraordinary timepieces represent the precious affection of family members, marking the common hobby of precision machinery and aviation flight between father and son, passed down from generation to generation.
IWC launches Pilot’s father-son watch
    The relationship between father and son is indestructible, and you don’t need to say much to know the other person’s heart. Similarly, they cannot resist the ever-changing technology and sophisticated craftsmanship. Regarding this new pair of exquisite watches, Georges Kern, Chief Executive Officer of Schaffhausen IWC, said: ‘The most unique emotion is connected between father and son. Our latest pilot father and son watch is exactly A great choice for families who want to deepen their father and son’s feelings while proudly showing the father and son’s excellent taste to the outside world. ‘IWC is known for its men’s timepieces, which coincides with 2012 being the’ year of pilot watches ‘ Special edition father and son watches have been launched since 2008. If expressed in flight terms, they can be called ‘pilot’ and ‘copilot’ watches. In real life, pilots rely on each other and trust in the cockpit, and senior pilots will make the younger members of the team gradually take more responsibility. It’s like a father imparting vital personal qualities to his son, such as confidence, ambition, and responsibility. In many cases, his father’s passion for machinery and his pursuit of perfect skills will unknowingly affect the next generation.
    The awards party specially invited three world-leading watchmakers. Among them, former IWC Development and Design Director Mr. Kurt Klaus was also invited to attend. As the soul of the brand, he has great influence on the works created by IWC in the past 40 years Obliterated contribution.
   Over the years, Schaffhausen IWC pilot watches have been well received by the outside world. These timepieces represent a pioneering spirit, courage to fight, and courage to take risks. Schaffhausen IWC has designated 2012 as the ‘Year of the Pilot’s Watch’ and launched a number of high-profile works. Today, it is the pursuit of victory to launch the pilot’s father-son watch again. For his father, a large pilot watch is the best choice, with a built-in power reserve and date display. The case diameter is 46 mm, which is eye-catching in the same type of watch. In terms of watchmaking, this timepiece also breaks through the traditional norms: it is equipped with 51111 automatic movement, and is equipped with a spring-fixed turntable and a Pellerton pawl automatic winding system, with a power reserve of up to 168 hours. The mainspring has a longer power reserve, but the movement automatically stops every seven days to maintain a very high level of accuracy.
    Son is equipped with a smaller model, equipped with a 39 mm case and 30110 automatic movement, from a technical point of view, exactly the same as the Mark XVI pilot’s watch. This excellent timepiece offers a 42-hour power reserve, as well as time and date display. Water-resistant to 6 bar and sturdyly fitted with a glass watch that can withstand sudden pressure drops, this pilot’s watch is the son’s most trusted partner every day.
IWC Pilot’s Watch Father-Son
IWC Pilot’s Watch Father-Son
    It is a very sacred tradition to give precious timepieces to our most cherished people. Whether it’s expressing inner emotions, praising special contributions, or commemorating happy moments, watches are the most personal and intimate gifts. In this respect, the pilot’s father-son watch is sufficient to convey the clearest message. Both large pilot watches and Mark XVI pilot watches can be engraved with inscriptions, making them precious treasured heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. The inner ring of the bottom case of both watches can be used for engraving names. This is not only a very elegant way to give gifts, but also a good way to avoid confusion: because the pilot father-son series also has a set of multiple watches For fathers to donate to multiple sons.