Majestic Seiko Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch

The Seiko Premier series absorbs the style of classical architectural elements. The watch as a whole feels solemn and magnificent, and the decoration of the details is exquisite and elegant like reliefs or murals. The 12 striking Roman numerals on the black dial, and the stainless steel hands under the sapphire crystal have a dual mode function, which can display the date, month and leap year, and can also be used as a stopwatch.

Seiko SPC051J1 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

 The 7T86 perpetual calendar chronograph quartz movement is used. It is indicated in the manual that no adjustment is required until 2100 years ago. It may be the task of your grandson to complete the next time. In fact, as early as 1969, after SEIKO discovered how to make a quartz crystal into a tuning fork, the sales of quartz watches made by them never became the second place. I am afraid that SEIKO SPC051J1 will still adhere to this style. Unwavering for ten thousand years.