Mb & F’s Razzle Dazzle And Double Trouble

Art always thrives in adversity. Perhaps this is the reason. During World War II, some unique scenes often became the artist’s canvas, such as the nose of an airplane.
This aesthetic display adapted to the time has formed a special art genre called ‘machine nose art’, where rebellious individualism who is dissatisfied with the existing reality can often be seen, and this is the secret of MB & F’s success !!

In order for Razzle Dazzle and Double Trouble to become truly vibrant art, the titanium alloy case of HM4 Thunderbolt has been carefully processed so that the paint and protective layer can be completely attached, and it is integrated with the metal surface, and there is no bump In an uneven state, this processing method also minimizes the risk of case damage.

In order to make the watch look more like a World War II atmosphere, the HM4 Thunderbolt case is locked with titanium rivets, and the two dials specially treated with nostalgia are pre-mixed with extremely fine copper A lacquer made after powder, and a creamy Super-LumiNova luminous paint. The special strap makes it look more plentiful in the wartime military, and the leather used is removed from the real antique Swiss military backpack.

Although Razzle Dazzle and Double Trouble seem to be full of retro charm, it is actually a clock machine made with the highest technology at the current stage. It consists of 311 parts and is a self-made movement developed only for HM4 Thunderbolt.
Razzle Dazzle and Double Trouble each produce a limited edition of 8. Each one is hand-painted and has a pattern that subverts traditional meaning, and each one is unique.