Meet The Perfect Pursuit Of Watches For Modern Women: Tissot Dressport Women’s Watch

The time is so magical. In the blink of an eye, this new year has passed more than 1,200 hours, and it is going through every minute and second, but the Tissot watch is still the same, showing the truest and best self, Tissot Each piece of the watch will make you truly appreciate the moment when you glance down at the watch. In 2016, Tissot once again launched an amazing perfect timepiece. The Tissot Dressport women’s watch (Dressport) will hide its exquisite craftsmanship, revealing fashion and charm.

Tissot Yunchi Women’s Watch (Diamond Set)

Tissot Women’s Watch

   The mother-of-pearl color of each dial of Dressport shows a retro elegance, especially the right proportion of the case. , Put on a leather strap with high-quality color, and round the case and symmetrical lugs to make it more charming.

Tissot Women’s Watch, Rose Gold PVD Case (Diamond Set)

   How strong the insistence on the watch is, how profound the second hand’s swing record is. It can be called the nearly perfect Tissot rhyme series women’s watch. It casts the modern woman’s attitude of perfection on the design of the wrist. The perfect combination of the brand’s persistence, aesthetics, innovative design and elegant elements. The top Wesselton real diamond inlaid watch body and mother-of-pearl face plate shine under the light. Imagine yourself walking in the spotlight, gorgeous and elegant. The coat reflects the graceful face, and this watch on the wrist makes you more noticeable. Every detail of the Tissot Yunchi women’s watch highlights the brand’s exquisiteness and intention.

Tissot Women’s Watch, Rose Gold PVD Case

   Every woman is like a pearl in the sea and has her own unique light. The Tissot Yunchi women’s watch is charming and special. The watch is equipped with a wear-resistant sapphire crystal. The case is made of stainless steel to enhance the taste of life. It records the movements of each moment. Tissot has launched a variety of different color cases: rose gold and silver. The case is equipped with a high-quality white leather strap, gorgeous colors decorate the world of women’s watches, the dial has a classic three-eye chronograph small dial, 30-minute and 12-hour chronograph small dial and small seconds, the watch has a diameter of 35 mm The shining round case contains the flow of time. Through the sapphire crystal mirror, you can clearly appreciate the superb dial design content. Women’s requirements for watches, in addition to beautiful, are more meaning and connotation. .