Overseas Vertical And Horizontal Series Thousands Of Changing Elegance

In 2016, Vacheron Constantin’s classic watch for global travelers, the Overseas Vertical and Horizontal series opened up a new horizon. The interchangeable strap / bracelet showcases the diverse styles of original work. Originally equipped with a leather strap, a rubber strap and a metal bracelet, the Overseas Vertical and Horizontal Series will present more fashionable and elegant colorful straps for the holiday season as a matching choice.

   These new strap colors meet the needs of the wearer in different occasions. This quick-changeable strap / bracelet and folding clasp do not require any tools to assist in replacement. It has a high degree of freedom and attractiveness, and is as strong and secure as any traditional fixed strap. / Bracelet. A variety of color designs denote a bold and stylish style. Vacheron Constantin always puts comfort first when developing easy-to-remove replacement devices to ensure that the watch fits the wrist perfectly.

   The trickiest part? Choose only one color from the colorful range to complement the original three straps / bracelets of the Overseas Crosswise Series: semi-matte dark gray, blue or camel for men; pink and light blue for women Colored or white. Overseas vertical and horizontal series models provide a variety of colors to meet different moods (or shapes)! Even rubber straps can be transformed like chameleons: blue for men and white for women.

   Adhering to the brand’s values ​​and high standards, Vacheron Constantin has put the same emphasis on the replaceable strap / bracelet and the details of the entire model. The polished inner corners of the curved metal forged surface brushed and polished bracelet outline a semi-Malta cross. The hand-stitched Mississippi alligator leather strap is lined with suede leather for a micro-hole effect. The surface of the rubber strap is not inferior either. Its pattern is inspired by the brand logo of Vacheron Constantin, which highlights the casual and elegant style of the Overseas Vertical and Horizontal series.

Easily removable straps / bracelets and this collection of colorful fashion choices will ensure you travel the world elegantly!