Why Buy Gold And Rose Gold?

It is not too late to get to the topic. After writing several articles about the movement in succession, I decided to write an article that was completely linked to ‘money’. High-energy warning ahead, brothers who think that buying a watch is too ‘superficial’, and think that buying a watch is considered ‘uninteresting’, please avoid it, because the following content is related to these. Brothers who are interested in watch prices, or brothers who are considering changing hands, please continue.
We all know that there are several types of gold watches.
   Gold is gold, platinum, rose gold (also red gold), and platinum. Platinum is the most expensive gold. It is not at the same level as the previous three types of gold. A platinum case watch is more expensive than the gold, platinum, and rose gold models of this watch, and it is not a little more expensive. To about 40% (this is a number I roughly wrote). For example, the public price of Patek Philippe Platinum’s 5140P is more than 790,000, and the gold 5140J is more than 620,000, which is more than 100,000. So platinum is beyond our scope.

Gold case 5140J (top) and platinum case 5140P (bottom)
   Gold, rose gold, and platinum are all one thing, and the case is now made of 18K gold. Because different metals are added to gold, it causes gold to appear in different colors. When tin and nickel become white, it is white gold, and when copper is multi-color, red is rose gold. So platinum, rose gold, and gold are one thing.

   White gold, gold, rose gold, some brands of watches, or some jewelry, different gold but the same price. But for many brands, there will be some differences in the price of different gold shells. For example, the most typical version of a Rolex watch is the same in gold, rose, and platinum. Gold shells are the cheapest, rose gold and platinum shells are a little more expensive. For example, Rolex’s new 40mm DD, the price of the gold case 228238 is 250,000, the rose gold 228235 case is 280,000, and the platinum case 228239 is also 280 (I took the whole number, and the platinum case 228206 is 480,000) . Both rose and platinum are more expensive than gold. This is because many white and rose golds have added extra precious metals. We all know that platinum and rose gold are special in color, but the disadvantage is that they will change color over time, and the color will be dark. At the same time, platinum needs to be plated with rhodium on the outer layer, which will wear out over time. To prevent this, Rolex will improve the ‘ingredients’ of platinum and rose gold. Add platinum to platinum and rose gold to make the color stable and do not change color for a long time, so Rolex’s rose gold is called eternal rose gold, and platinum is called eternal platinum. The method is similar for other brands of watches.

Rolex’s various gold versions of DAY DATE 40, from left to right, are eternal rose gold, platinum, eternal platinum, and gold.
   The ‘ingredients’ of rose gold and platinum become complicated. Some need rhodium plating, and some add platinum. The price is higher, so this is why some rose and platinum are more expensive than gold. When we went to the counter to buy a watch, there were no problems. Platinum, gold and rose gold were free to choose.

But when we get tired of wearing our watches, the difference comes out.

   I said two things I encountered some time ago. I shot a platinum Breguet 7057 a while ago. The public price of platinum 7057 is 218500, and the public price of rose gold is 217800. You can use this price as a reference. At that time, the star of a TV drama, just happened to wear a 7057 on the TV, just like the watch in my hand. The TV series is very hot. I watched it well. The stars are of the same style, which is convenient for shooting. The fact is, I haven’t been out for a long time, because many players think my watch is expensive. They all came to bargain, and when I saw blood, I hurt. I also know that I lost money on the platinum shell, the ‘cheap’ selling of the platinum shell and the ‘expensive’ selling of the rose gold shell, and the gap between them is not small. In the secondary market, rose gold is more expensive than platinum. less. In the end I discussed the price reduction, and then came out.

Platinum 7057 (top) and rose gold 7057 (bottom)
   The second thing. A brother wants to change the watch. What’s new is that everyone else is tired of wearing this watch in his hand. He wants to sell it, and then buy a separate watch. This brother is wearing a platinum Vacheron Constantin 85180 in his hand, and then wants to exchange for a rose gold 85180. Same watch, want to change to another gold shell version. When I first heard my brother tell me about this, I was still surprised. I had never seen such a situation before. The official price of Vacheron Constantin’s 85180 white gold case and rose gold case should be the same (I checked it online), but in the case of changing the table (in the secondary market), the price is different. The 85180 rose gold case is more expensive than the white gold case. Even if you find a rose gold case, you will have to make up the difference if you change the table, and there should be a difference of 88,000. The difference is not small. This matter has yet to come to an end, and I also want to know if he can switch to it in the end.

Vacheron Constantin Platinum 85180 (top) and Rose Gold 85180 (bottom)
   In fact, these situations are normal. Platinum looks like a steel watch. It costs a lot of money to buy a gold watch, but people who do n’t know it still think it is a steel watch. Many people will feel awkward. If I am, I also want to think Change the table. Most people have this mentality, so it affects the market situation. For the same watch, gold and rose gold go higher, and the price of platinum is lower. This situation can even affect platinum watches in some cases. Although the value of platinum is higher than gold, rose gold, and platinum, platinum also looks similar to steel watches, which has led to some non-hot platinum watches (note that I am talking about non-hot watches, not those famous models) ), When changing hands, in the secondary market, the value drops. So as we have seen, Patek Philippe, Rolex, etc., many popular watches are gold, rose gold versions, which is a matter of preference for many people (except 5296G orbital surface).

Patek Philippe orbital surface 5296G, orbital surface 5296G is a very popular platinum watch.
   I like gold and rose gold because the color is golden at first glance. You don’t need to look at the dial to be blue, like the platinum and blue ghosts, to know that it is a platinum watch. This reminds me of a while ago when I went to buy a ring, all kinds of gold, the same price, and finally gold. I ca n’t wear a watch. I wear a watch for a while and always want to change it. The brothers who always change watches are higher in gold and rose gold than in platinum. You can refer to this situation. Brothers who are not bad money please feel free.

Classic Orthodox Tasting Breguet Classic 8787 Rose Gold Moon Phase Watch

When talking about Breguet’s classic series of watches, many people think of a thin case with a simple dial and blue steel Breguet needles. The gentleman can read it at a glance, which is very suitable for formal wear. Today, the Watch House brings you a Breguet classic series watch, the official model: 8787BR / 29/986.

   This watch is no different from Breguet’s popular 7787BR / 29 / 9V6 in appearance. The only difference is that the watch diameter is 36 mm, which is 3 mm less than the 7787’s 39 mm. , 36 mm can be regarded as a ladies’ watch in this era with a large watch diameter, and it is more suitable for slender wrists.

Case diameter 36 mm

   This watch case is made of 18k rose gold, the case diameter is 36 mm, the thickness is 10.2 mm, small and slim. The clean ‘big fire’ white enamel dial, the traditional three-pin Breguet indication, continues Breguet’s classic style. Equipped with Breguet Cal. 591 DRL automatic movement.

Gear crown is simple and exquisite

   The gear crown made of 18k rose gold has a simple and exquisite shape, which makes the slim case more elegant. The top of the polished crown is embossed with the Breguet brand logo, which shows the distinguished brand identity.

Brown alligator strap with folding clasp

   Brown alligator leather strap with neat and beautiful texture and brown stitching for fine workmanship. The buckle is also made of rose gold, with a foldable design that is simple and comfortable to wear. The polished buckle is engraved with the Breguet brand logo.

Moon phase adjustment button at 8 o’clock on the side

   The slender 10.2 mm case is decorated with Breguet’s usual and classic coin pattern on the side, fully showing the brand’s style and grasp of watch details. The curved bezel is polished and polished, exuding the faint luster unique to rose gold, noble and elegant. Moon phase adjustment button at 8 o’clock on the side.

Welded rounded lugs

   Breguet’s classic-style welded rounded lugs are small and cute. The delicate polishing reveals the unique luster of rose gold. It is comfortable to wear and fastens the strap with screws.

‘Bright Fire’ Enamel Dial

   The white dial is fired with ‘big fire’, and the dial layout is elegant and simple, and the display is clear. Breguet-style hollow eccentric ‘moon-shaped’ blue steel hands indicate hour, minute and second information, minute scales are replaced by small stars, and every five minutes scale is also decorated with stylish iris flowers. The Arabic numerals and hands on the dial are unique to Breguet, and have become classics to follow suit since their introduction.

Moon phase at 12 o’clock

   At 12 o’clock on the dial, there is a moon phase display window, and the moon in rose gold and the stars on both sides are in the blue night sky. It also divides the moon phase cycle into 29 half spaces, which can clearly understand the number of days remaining from the next profit and loss.

Power reserve display

   The power reserve indicator is set between 3 and 5 o’clock on the dial and is indicated by a blue steel arrow. It is inspired by the dial decoration of the 92nd pocket watch of Breguet since 1785. .

Cal.591 DRL automatic movement

   The bottom case is made of a whole piece of sapphire crystal, and the exquisite movement can be seen at a glance. The Breguet Cal.591 DRL self-winding movement is only 3.02 mm thick. The movement uses a silicon escapement and balance spring, which is lightweight, does not require lubrication and is not affected by magnetic interference, ensuring accurate timekeeping performance. The movement is finished in Geneva and fish scale engraved motifs, with a double barrel.

   Summary: The classic dial design embodies the unique charm of the ‘big fire’ enamel dial, and the moon phase display also adds a unique elegance to this watch. Continuing the traditional design of the Breguet classic series, the dial with Breguet digital hour markers, Breguet blue-steel hands with hollowed-out ‘moon-shaped’ needle tips, welded lugs, and a coin pattern on the outer edge of the case, each detail exudes Old school breath. The 36 mm diameter is the length of the diameter used by antique watches. Although it may not be so popular in this era of large diameter, it is indeed the love of some old watch fans.

Introduction To The Blancpain Collection Limited Edition Watch

This white dial is inlaid with a ruby ​​bezel with a red silk strap, which is more comfortable and noble. Designed and distributed exclusively for the Asian market, limited to 138 worldwide!

 Break tradition? This is undeniably true. Is it in line with modern trends? Absolutely correct. Is it designed for women? Tailored. This Blancpain watch collection has a very bold and avant-garde edge design, mother-of-pearl dial with guilloche trim, natural and gorgeous. Blancpain should be aware that the strange features of this table are related to the elusive nature of lotus. The original design of the irregular mother-of-pearl dial and the striking Arabic numerals make it more eye-catching, and the guilloché graphic is the icing on the cake. Two rows of delicately set diamonds make the classic double-layer bezel more vibrant. The excellent BLANCPAIN Cal.1150 movement means a gentle time in the ‘Lian’ jewellery model, automatic winding, central hour, minute and second hands, date display at 6 o’clock, case back sapphire crystal The transparent bottom cover can see the 188 parts that make up the movement. Geneva stripes are polished, stippled, chamfered, polished, and engraved. In fact, in all BLANCPAIN movements, these processes are upheld. The fine traditions of the watch industry are done with rigorous craftsmanship. The unique personality of these watches has earned them the praise they deserve in women’s watches, which also proves that the unique personality can perfectly match the outstanding reputation and femininity.

2016 Baselworld Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Rolex introduced the new Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona 904L steel watch, equipped with a black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring developed and patented by Rolex. This latest design brings together high technology and extraordinary aesthetics and pays tribute to the tradition of excellence of this legendary timepiece. This black bezel follows the 1965 version of the black Plexiglas bezel. The new Cosmograph Daytona is certified by Rolex in 2015 as a top astronomical observatory, guaranteeing that the watch will perform at its highest performance when worn on the wrist.
CERACHROM outer ring and speed

    The Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch was born in 1963.It is specially designed for racing cars. With its reliable and outstanding performance, it has laid a brilliant achievement for the racing world. Under the name ‘Daytona’, this watch is now among the classic watches, becoming a world-renowned and popular chronograph watch. The engraved speedometer on the outer ring is a major feature of the watch, measuring an average speed of up to 400 miles or kilometers per hour. The new high-tech Cerachrom ceramic outer ring has many advantages, not only anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, and does not fade even when exposed to ultraviolet rays. In addition to being extremely durable, this outer ring is also clear at a glance. PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating technology is used to coat the numbers and scales with a platinum film, making the speedometer on the outer ring clearer. The integrated Cerachrom outer ring helps secure the mirror to the case and ensures water resistance.
Oyster Case Waterproof Symbol

    The Oyster case of the Cosmograph Daytona is guaranteed to be water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet), a model of solid elegance and perfect proportions. The uniquely shaped middle case is cast from a single piece of solid 904L steel. Rolex watchmakers use the brand’s exclusive tools to tighten the triangular pitted bottom cover to seal the case, so only Rolex watchmakers can open the movement. The winding crown is equipped with a Rolex patented triple-lock triple waterproof system. Like the chronograph button, it is firmly screwed into the case and protected by the crown shoulder guard. This crown shoulder is integrated into the middle case. The mirror is made of sapphire and is not easy to scratch. The waterproof oyster case of the Cosmograph Daytona watch gives the highest precision movement protection.
4130 chronograph movement

    The Cosmograph Daytona is equipped with a 4130 automatic mechanical chronograph movement, which was developed and manufactured by Rolex. The structure of the movement is completely innovative, consolidating Rolex’s exquisite watchmaking technology, greatly reducing the number of timer components, thereby making the movement more reliable. The sturdy chronograph movement is equipped with a column wheel and a vertical chronograph clutch wheel device, which can instantly start the chronograph to ensure accurate timing. The balance with hairspring is the heart of the watch. It is equipped with Rolex’s patented blue Parachrom hairspring. It is made of a unique alloy cast by Rolex. Ten times higher. The hairspring is also equipped with a Rolex lap to ensure regularity in any position. The 4130 movement is equipped with a self-winding component, which has a constant-motion rotor and has a power reserve of approximately 72 hours.
Solid link buckle strap

    The new Cosmograph Daytona watch is equipped with a 904L steel solid link oyster strap. The strap is equipped with an oyster safety buckle to prevent the buckle from accidentally opening. The buckle is also fitted with a Rolex patented easy-to-adjust chain link. This extension device is cleverly designed to allow the wearer to easily extend the strap by about 5 mm, making it more comfortable in all situations.
Top Observatory Certification

    The cosmograph Daytona has been tested by Rolex to a new standard laid down by 2015 and certified as a top-level observatory precision timepiece. This unique title proves that the watch has successfully passed a series of tests by Rolex Labs, and its standard exceeds the standard and standard of watchmaking industry. The watch is only tested after assembly to ensure that the watch is worn on the wrist and that it can perform at the highest level in terms of precision, power reserve, water resistance and automatic winding. The Rolex top chronometer precision timepiece, which is tested after the movement is installed in the case, has an average error of less than two seconds per day, which is twice as accurate as the average chronometer certified precision timepiece. The green seal is a symbol of top chronometer precision timepieces. Every Rolex watch is accompanied by this seal and comes with a global five-year warranty.
    For more news about Baselworld 2016, please lock the watch home Baselworld :.

Portable And Practical Three Titanium Watch Recommendations

Titanium alloy watches and watch cases have become more and more in recent years. This is not simply fashionable, mainly because titanium has many advantages such as light weight and corrosion resistance, such as its strength. The hardness is close to that of stainless steel, but the specific gravity is only half that of steel. The corrosion resistance makes it basically not rusty, and it is green and environmentally friendly. It does not harm the human body like nickel metal. Today I recommend three classic and popular watches made of titanium.
Panerai LUMINOR 1950 Collection PAM 00305

Model: PAM 00305
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: titanium
Strap Material: Rubber
Case diameter: 47 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 64100
Details of the watch: The 1950 series watch, with a titanium alloy case and a rubber strap, will not be too heavy for a large diameter of 47 mm, and it will be more manageable. The bezel and the hour markers on the black dial are made of luminous material. A calendar is set at 3 o’clock and a small seconds dial is set at 9 o’clock. The right side of the watch has a crown and a unique crown guard, which is water-resistant to 300 meters. The watch as a whole looks masculine, equipped with a P.9000 automatic winding movement, which vibrates 28,800 times per hour, providing a 72-hour power reserve.
Cartier SANTOS 100 series W2020009

Model: W2020009
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold-titanium
Strap material: braided
Case diameter: 38 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 89000
Watch details:
Summary: Many excellent properties of metal titanium have been used more and more widely. Like the appearance and application of aluminum, it has become the fourth generation metal. It gives a full sense of modern technology, so some people call titanium the metal of the 21st century.相比 Compared with stainless steel, titanium alloy has more advantages in terms of weight and hardness. Correspondingly, its production cost is several times that of stainless steel. The titanium alloy watches recommended for everyone today have their own characteristics and high cost performance. If you want to choose a watch that is light, not easy to be corroded, and stylish, you will be the best choice.

Only Real Players Need A High-precision Quartz Watch

It is not too late to get to the topic. Not long ago, Longines launched a new watch, and it was surprising that the new watch was a quartz watch. I believe that most watch players play mechanical watches. Normally, players will not pay attention to quartz watches. It is no secret that in my past career in contact with watches, I only recognized and touched a quartz watch, and the appearance of this new Longines quartz watch was the second time I focused on quartz watches. This Longines quartz watch reminds me of stories I have experienced in the past.
   After the launch of this Longines quartz watch, some media interpreted the watch and introduced new technologies and new features in the watch. For a quartz watch, I don’t want to talk too much about its electronic technology (but I will also introduce it later), because if it is better than electronic technology, we can buy a six-station radio function and GPS function. Watches, these watches are more technologically advanced. Because the watch is not a simple competition of ‘technical content’.
Therefore, I want to give you a ‘reason’ through some stories and experiences I know. Why can a mechanical watch player buy a quartz watch?

Quartz version of Seiko GS, visible hands and hour markers are very sharp.
   In the past many years, I worked with a big guy in the domestic bezel (everyone knows who it is). From the beginning, I did n’t know anything about the watch until later I learned about the watch. I am familiar with the model and the watch. He learned everything about the market and accumulated trading experience. In fact, you can see from my usual point of view and attitude. I am more fascinated with Rolex and PP. These are also formed by the impact of this experience. But one day, I saw the boss wearing a Seiko GS. In that year, Seiko GS was being fired very high, the secondary market prices have been rising all the way, and prices can even approach Rolex. But at the time, the hot-selling GS was mechanical, and I found that the GS on his hand was only quartz. I am very surprised. Even if I wear GS, how can I wear a quartz watch? The workmanship of this watch is very ‘sharp’, unlike Rolex’s rounded lines. The GS needles and hour markers were cut very sharp. I was under the impression that at 6 or 7 o’clock that night, in the BOSS office, the sky was already dark, but as long as a little light was shining into the dial, the hands and hour markers reflected immediately The ‘shine’ or even ‘glare’ light made me feel really like the cold light on the blade. Then he told me that the quartz watch is one of the essence of GS, because the quartz watch is invented by Seiko, and the quartz watch’s one-second jump time is also invented by Seiko. Seiko’s first quartz watch was also a sweep second. Later, in order to save power, it made a second jump. The quartz GS was like it was engraved in my heart. This was the only quartz watch I recognized at the time.

Quartz Edition Seiko GS

Quartz Edition Seiko GS
   The well-known watch collector and critic in China, Fengfeng Qing (Doctor Yun), has been in China for many years. It was the earliest group of people who knew Japanese brand high-end watches, and also the earliest people who started to wear GS at that time. In the past few years, because of my work arrangements, I have been the editor of the doctor, so I have learned many stories. Seiko GS was once known as ‘Oriental Rolex’, and became famous for a while and had a good reputation. Many players and collectors began to look for Seiko GS, but at that time, Seiko GS was not sold in foreign countries, only in Japan. Watch enthusiasts outside Japan are difficult to reach. The late founder of Hong Kong’s ‘Famous Watch Forum’, Mr. Kwong, asked Dr. Kwong to help find GS. Later I learned that many collectors’ GS are quartz. I didn’t understand, so I asked the BOSS why. In addition to the history of the Seiko quartz watch he told me before, there is another reason that these players and collectors use the quartz GS as a ‘school timepiece’. Because the Seiko GS quartz watch is on time (quartz watch after all), it can be used to time other mechanical watches (more than one watch, except for the hand, most of the other stop, need to adjust time). Of course, you may say that you can’t make time with a mobile phone or computer? That’s right, but watches are for playing. I remember that at the time Dr. Wu woke up in the middle of the night and knew the time without turning on the lights, he bought a three-question question; a player bought a glasu in order to calculate the time to cook the eggs and prevent the eggs in the pot The original countdown hits the reed watch. If we have to look at it from a ‘practical’ point of view, we don’t have to buy anything, and even the iPhone is completely useless. A 1,000 yuan mobile phone will solve everything.

Quartz movement used by Seiko GS.
From these experiences, I learned that famous quartz watches can also be bought and worn. Of course, the premise is that the quartz watches are respected by the players and collectors, and the brand is respected, not those cheap quartz watches.
   Seiko GS has a certain brand prestige and is recognized. Although after I came into contact with more Rolexes, I also realized that it would be an overstatement to call GS ‘Oriental Rolex’. GS does have a gap with Rolex. I clearly remember that one day when we talked about GS again, BOSS said that GS is close to the level of Omega, but has not reached the level of Europe. From the GS market in the past two years, we can clearly see that this statement is true, and after all, the popularity of GS has slowly declined. Longines this time introduced VHP (abbreviation of Very High Precision, meaning high precision) high precision quartz watch, this is the second time I focused on quartz watches. The reason is that the Longines brand is hard and prestigious. Regardless of GS or Longines, the brand is the first. No matter how good the technology is, the highest the precision, if there is no brand prestige support, then such a watch is just a tool, not a luxury watch.

Longines VHP High Precision Quartz Watch

The Longines VHP high-precision quartz watch has a perpetual calendar function. The calendar is adjusted at the factory.
   This time, the Longines VHP quartz watch surpasses the Seiko GS quartz watch in terms of technology and accuracy. The Longines VHP high-precision quartz watch has an annual error of +/- 5 seconds, and the accuracy of the GS is not as high as this Longines. The Longines VHP high-precision quartz watch is also a perpetual calendar. The calendar is set and you don’t need to adjust it yourself (the calendar is set when you leave the factory and you can’t adjust it yourself). Seiko made quartz watches every 1 second to save power. Longines VHP high-precision quartz watch can sleep by itself. After the watch is still for 1 minute, it will enter sleep power saving mode and suspend work. When re-wearing, press the crown and the watch will return to normal time by itself, and continue to move. There is also a more fun time, when the watch is used for many years, the watch battery is almost dead, and the second hand of the watch will jump once every 5 seconds (I remember it is 5 seconds, if it is wrong, please correct), and further save power. At present, the highest precision in quartz watches, no battery replacement for a long time (no battery replacement for 5 years of continuous travel, no battery replacement for 20 years under the sleep function), plus a perpetual calendar, when I learned that Longines launched such a quartz watch I am exclaimed that this is the most suitable ‘timetable’. Radio watches that are even more precise than this Longines VHP high-precision quartz watch are not luxury watches. The accuracy of the GS is not as high as the Longines VHP. The Longines VHP is a ‘timer watch’ that is more suitable than the GS.

Three-pin Longines VHP high-precision quartz watch.

Longines chronograph high precision quartz watch
   So you can see why we can also buy one or two quartz watches (quartz GS is also very good), because the mechanical watch in our hand needs it.

Arrived At The Heart Of The Ocean Tasting Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe 600 Meter Watch

Omega was inspired by the legendary story of ocean adventures. In 2005, it launched the Seahorse series Ocean Universe Watch. However, Omega has not confined this series to men’s watches. At the same time, it has also created beautiful timepieces that are firm and flexible for modern women. The tough shapes and stylish color combinations are very eye-catching, showing the unique charm of modern women. Next, let’s admire this brand new 600 meters ladies’ watch of the ocean universe. (Watch model:

Reaching the Heart of the Ocean

   There is a deep connection between Omega and the ocean. Back in the past, great explorers such as WilliamBeebe, JacquesCousteau and JacquesMayol have all worn Omega diving watches. This new 600-meter marine watch has passed rigorous tests for accuracy, performance and anti-magnetic properties, and is water-resistant to 600 meters. With super high value and super performance, the new Ocean Universe 600m watch can be described as attractive.

Watch real shot

   The entire case of the new Ocean Universe 600m watch is made of ceramic material, and the sides of the case are brushed and polished, showing a unique texture of metal. The sides are polished to make the case more three-dimensional.

    Although this women’s watch, like other common diving watches, also uses a ceramic bezel, the difference is that the Arabic numerals on the bezel are based on Ceragold ™ technology, which is very beautiful.

   The screw-down crown is located at 3 o’clock, and the Omega logo is engraved on it. The non-slip texture design is used around it, which is helpful for adjusting the time. At 10 o’clock is the helium exhaust valve, which is engraved with the ‘He’ logo.

   The brown dial is complemented by 18KSedna ™ gold numerals, hour markers and gold hands, chocolate-colored collision gold, and complement each other, showing a luxurious and elegant style. A date display window at 3 o’clock adds another useful feature to the watch.

   The brown rubber strap and case echo each other, highlighting the brand’s overall aesthetic style. The buckle is also made of ceramic, which complements the case perfectly. It can be seen that Omega has applied ceramics very thoroughly in this watch.

   This new 600mm Ocean Universe watch is equipped with an Omega 8800 self-winding coaxial movement, equipped with a silicon hairspring, a cardless balance spring and a two-way automatic winding system. Certified by the Astronomical Observatory, it can resist strong magnetic fields of up to 15,000 Gauss and provide a power reserve of 55 hours.

Summary: Modern women are increasingly inclined to large dials and tough designs, which can show the other side of modern urban women. Omega launched this new seahorse series Ocean Universe 600 meters women’s watch, combining high value and high performance in one, providing more possibilities for women. Reference price: ¥ 84,000 (Wu Fengqi, home of the picture / text watch)

The Ultimate Pk Of Rolex Vs Omega Antimagnetic Watch

Rolex Green Glass VS Omega Bee Needle

 Open the door to see the mountains, not much to say. Lao’s green glass has always been a bull watch that ‘dominates’ the bezel, and has ‘poisoned’ countless table friends. Green face, lightning needle, no matter the second hand, there are few rivals in the underworld. However, since Ou Ji introduced the bee needle, which is famous for its 15,000 Gaussian ultra-high antimagnetic, last year, I feel that the opponent of green glass has finally appeared, antimagnetic vs antimagnetic, lightning vs bee, chess meets opponents, making it difficult for people to make a choice.

 Rolex Milgauss, commonly known as ‘green glass’

 Rolex has no calendar professional watch represented by green glass, Tanyi, Daytona, etc., has been loved by senior players. There is an endless stream of watch buyers and watch seekers. In short, Lau’s oyster watch is worth buying, and Lau’s professional watch is more worth buying.
The reason why green glass is powerful lies in the following points.

1. The green disk lightning needle is both ‘aggressive’ and ‘irritating’. 2, only steel models, no precious metal models, one step in place, will never be lowered. 3. Second-hand prices are firm and will rise steadily as the market changes. 4, Lao’s professional watch is sturdy and durable, whenever I can’t open almonds and walnuts, I hope I can have a steel worker on hand. 5, strong anti-magnetic ability, usually free to use, do not worry too much.
Above 5 points, let green glass lead the bezel, the same price, almost no opponents that can threaten it. Until a ‘little bee’ flew from Ou Ji.

 Omega’s new 15,000 Gaussian antimagnetic watch

 The bee needle is a new 15,000 Gauss anti-magnetic watch launched by Omega. The anti-magnetic means and values ​​have epoch-making significance. Since it can resist the green glass chamber, the bee needle naturally has a few extraordinary things.

1. The anti-magnetic watch has never penetrated the bottom. The bee needle is the first anti-magnetic watch with a bottom. Because its movement is made of non-magnetic materials, it does not need a dense bottom and a soft iron inner shell. 2. The large black and yellow seconds hand tells everyone that the bees are ‘toxic’ and be careful of ‘poisoning’. 3. Conscience in the price industry. 4, 15000 Gaussian antimagnetic value, the industry first. 5, Ou Ji coaxial movement, this family has no division.

 Green glass and bee needles are both about the price of ‘poison’, but if I don’t give an opinion, everyone should scold me. My point is that you can buy green glass for ‘stability’ and bee needles for ‘new’.

Amazing Colorful Autumn New Oris Large Crown Female Diamond Watch Released

This fall, the Oris Big Crown Lady’s Diamond Watch presents you a sweet and romantic new color. Combining the flying spirit and feminine design, you can enjoy the warm atmosphere in early autumn. For many years, professional mechanical watches with low prices and good quality have always had a good market response, because this watch group can not only meet the needs of mechanical watch players in a downturn; for young people who love mechanical watches, Say, the cheap mechanical watch with reasonable price and attractive shape is the best choice to enter the world of mechanical watch. Among them, Oris is the oldest entry mechanical watch brand in Taiwan. Almost many young people who love mechanical watches have begun to buy from Oris. In addition to its extremely low price, it has entered the Chinese market for more than ten years. History is also the reason why it is famous in low- and mid-range mechanical watches.

Oris Large Crown Ladies’ Watch (Macaron Green)

 Founded in 1904, Oris is a brand that emphasizes mechanical watches. In terms of global sales, Taiwan is second only to Japan and Oris is the second largest market in the world. Among them, the third generation BC3 of the Big Crown series launched in 1999 is an extremely popular flying watch of all types over the years. And it is very forward-looking to produce 35 and 40mm large-scale two years, plus the strap made of black rubber material, very modern, more popular with young consumer groups. It is a common situation for lovers to give each other ORIS, and it should be no stranger to young people in Taiwan.
 This fall, the Oris Big Crown Lady’s Diamond Watch presents you with a sweet and romantic new color. Combining the flying spirit and feminine design, you can enjoy the warm atmosphere in the early autumn.
 This year, ORIS has a clean surface for the classic large crown case design, showing a neat style. The delicate mother-of-pearl dial, with 13 brilliant diamonds at all times, is even more elegant. The charming Oris Crown Lady’s Diamond Watch is aimed at the needs of modern metropolitan women, and it also provides leather straps or stainless steel bracelets in various colors. Whether it’s classic black and white, nude looking, or special ‘Macaron Green’ and ‘Lilac Purple’. As the sense of autumn grows stronger, it is dedicated to taste ladies.

Oris Large Crown Ladies’ Watch (Lilac Purple)

Extremely Rough In Harsh Environments

Introducing the new Engineer III Bronze Star and Engineer III Silver Star models, this model can withstand severe shocks and has unparalleled resistance Brightness. Equipped with patented SpringLOCK® anti-vibration protection system and Amortiser® anti-vibration device to reduce the impact of shock on the watch. The inner shell of high-permeability alloy iron casting guarantees that the watch will not be affected under the magnetic field of 80,000A / m. Proud of its self-luminous miniature gas light, the Pilot’s Watch perfectly interprets the spirit of modern explorers with a new look.

The Bronze Star model is limited to 3,000, while the Silver Star model is a regular model. Both models provide back cover engraving services.

Cast your story in bronze

The Engineer III Bronze Star model is the first copper watch series from Bolt. The bronze used is made of copper and aluminum alloy, which can highly resist severe impact and has excellent corrosion resistance. Its rusty luster will change continuously with the wearer’s wearing habits and time, so that each watch tells a moving story.

Limited collection, personality interpretation

The Bronze Star model of the Engineer III series is only limited to 3,000 pieces. You can choose your favorite number, or choose the engraving service on the bottom cover. You only need to enter your favorite number when purchasing. If the limited number is available, you will have 15 minutes to complete the payment process. If the limited number has been selected, Bolt will also suggest other limited numbers for you to choose from. You can also email us to check if your favorite number is still available for purchase.

Although the selection of the desired limited number can only be on the Bronze Star model, the Bronze Star model and the Silver Steel Star model

Stainless steel, never change

Engineer III Silver Star models are made of stainless steel with a classic appearance, which is suitable for any occasion and any adventure.

Extraordinary technology

We are committed to pioneering new technologies to make Ball watches accurate even in harsh environments.

SPRINGLOCK® seismic protection system

The hairspring is often the most fragile part of a mechanical watch, but it has a significant impact on the accuracy of the watch. For this reason, Boer has developed the world’s first revolutionary patented SpringLOCK® anti-shock protection system-when the watch is subjected to external shocks, this system can effectively reduce the impact of the hairspring by 66%. The special feature of the SpringLOCK® anti-shock protection system is that the hairspring in the movement is surrounded by a protective cover. When the watch is exposed to external shocks, it can effectively absorb shocks and limit the movement of the hairspring, thereby greatly reducing the connection between the hairspring and the balance wheel. The risk of damage also protects the hairspring itself from deformation.

AMORTISER® Patented Shockproof Device

Patented Amortiser® anti-vibration device surrounds the movement with an anti-magnetic protection ring, which can effectively absorb the shock caused by side impacts and reduce the impact on the accuracy of the watch.
High magnetic permeability alloy protective cover

High-permeability alloy is an alloy composed of nickel, iron, copper and molybdenum, and has extremely high magnetic permeability. It can attract and export static electricity and low-frequency magnetic field lines. Bol watch’s high-permeability alloy protective cover can protect the movement from magnetic field interference. The use of high-permeability alloys is a breakthrough in watch technology, making mechanical watches resistant to interference from magnetic fields of up to 80,000 A / m.

Prestigious self-luminous miniature gas lamp

Each Bol watch is equipped with a self-luminous micro gas lamp (H3) manufactured with advanced technology, which is 100 times brighter than the fluorescent paint used in most watches, and has a service life of up to 25 years. . The self-luminous miniature gas lamp used by Bolt does not need to rely on sunlight as an energy source, nor does it need any batteries to supply power. No matter what the environment, you can read the time quickly and easily anytime, anywhere.

The Bronze Star model of the Engineer III series and the Silver Steel Star model of the Engineer III series are now available at exclusive discounted prices. The Bronze Star model is pre-sold for RMB10,200 *, while the Silver Steel Star model is pre-sold for RMB 7,250 * Limited pre-orders during this period will end on December 31, 2016. The scheduled arrival date is from March 2017 to April 2017 (subject to Swiss production progress and arrival date). These two models will be available for sale in May 2017 at retail prices of RMB18,500 * (Bronze Star model) and RMB13,200 * (Silver Steel Star model).

* 17% tax included
Watch Series
• Engineer III
• Bronze Star
• Automatic machinery series
Model number
• BALL RR1102 automatic mechanical movement
• SpringLOCK® seismic protection system
• 14 self-illuminating miniature gas lamps are arranged on the surface, hour and minute hands, which is convenient for reading at night
• The surface digital scale and second hand are painted with super luminous paint
• Passed 5,000Gs collision test
• Magnetic resistance up to 80,000A / m
• Water-resistant to 100 meters / 330 feet
• Hour, minute, second hand, day, date display case
• Bronze case
• Patent registration Amortisér® anti-vibration system
• Diameter 43 mm; thickness 13.45 mm
• Anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
• Locked crown
• Brown calfskin strap with pin copper buckle
• Black
limited edition
• 3,000
Watch Series
• Engineer III
• Silver Star
• Automatic machinery series
Model number
40 mm diameter: NM2182C-L2J-BK, NM2182C-S2J-BK, NM2182C-L2J-BE, NM2182C-S2J-BE
Diameter 46 mm: NM2180C-L2J-BK, NM2180C-S2J-BK, NM2180C-L2J-BE, NM2180C-S2J-BE
• BALL RR1102 automatic mechanical movement
• SpringLOCK® seismic protection system
• 14 self-illuminating miniature gas lamps are arranged on the surface, hour and minute hands, which is convenient for reading at night
• The surface digital scale and second hand are painted with super luminous paint
• Passed 5,000Gs collision test
• Magnetic resistance up to 80,000A / m
• Water-resistant to 100 meters / 330 feet
• Hours, minutes, seconds, day of the week, date display
• Stainless steel case
• Patent registration Amortisér® anti-vibration system
• 40 mm in diameter; 13.45 mm in thickness or 46 mm in diameter; 13.55 mm in thickness
• Anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
• Locked crown
• Stainless steel strap with folding buckle or brown calfskin strap with stainless steel pin buckle
• Black or blue
Order details and terms
• Before confirming the order, Bolt must collect the full payment from the customer.
• Customers can pay online with UnionPay cards.
• After completing the entire online ordering and payment procedure, if your order is confirmed, you will first receive a written confirmation stamped by Bolt & Company.
• It is expected to arrive between March 2017 and April 2017 (tentative, subject to the Swiss production schedule and arrival date), according to the order of customer purchase, the goods will be sent to the customer via direct mail Domestic delivery address.
• After 3 days from the order date, the order or engraved content cannot be cancelled or changed.
• This limited edition and the bottom cover are engraved with a customized service and are not eligible for return.
• General terms and conditions can be found at shop.ballwatch.ch. Different pickup methods and terms of service apply to different countries. For more information, please contact our local customer service center.
• In the event of any dispute regarding terms and conditions, Bolt reserves the right of final decision.

Personal exclusive bottom engraving service

• English letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation only.
• Special characters, accents, and non-English letters are not accepted.
• The engraved name is limited to one line, up to 13 characters (including spaces).
• All text is imprinted in the center.
• It is recommended to print capital letters for easier reading.
• In all cases, the engraving will be carried out exactly as per the confirmation email from Bolt.
• We reserve the right to reject any custom made cover that is deemed inappropriate.
• This limited edition and the bottom cover are engraved with a customized service and are not eligible for return.
• After 3 days from the order date, the order or engraved content cannot be cancelled or changed.