Smart ‘core’ Under The Retro Look Fiyta Light Series Smart Watch Appeared At The 2016 Basel Clock & Watch Fair

Baselworld 2016, Fiyta launched a new vintage fashion watch series-India. Seals are intended to be imprinted. As we look back on the passing of years, there are always some beautiful old days that have passed through and become indelible imprints in life. These imprints are in the bottom of my heart, slow down at this moment, quietly taste the past years, and enjoy the beauty that time gives us. Among them, the light smart watch debuted as a special edition of the Indian series. The watch cooperates with YunOS, a smart operating system under the Alibaba Group, to provide YunOS-related services.

Between classic and modern, fashion and elegance coexist
   This watch inherits the vintage design and exquisite craftsmanship of the printed series. The white and yellowish dial is round and elegant, decorated with black digital studs, slender hands and steel blue seconds hands, highlighting the classic style of watch design. Under the retro feeling, the watch also combines modern design style, simple lines and atmospheric layout, and the round case highlights the beauty of modern touchable arcs. Whether it is rose gold or moonlight silver, it makes this watch It has both beauty and style, adding a calm and elegant temperament for you. The strap is made of Italian calfskin, which is comfortable and skin-friendly. It is available in black and brown. Different straps are used to give the watch different fashion styles. The retro flavor is interpreted by modern design, translating into a unique mood.
Follow the ‘core’ with ease
   As a light smart watch, a ‘smart’ core is hidden under the seemingly traditional appearance. The smart function allows you to remind and worry about the two places at any time without worry.
   Just define the message you want to watch. When the phone has unread messages, the watch can vibrate for a short time. At the same time, the second hand of the watch with the controllable hand movement quickly moves to the 12 o’clock position and remains stationary. Don’t worry about missing important news, let alone worry about being disturbed by complicated news. The watch is designed with two places by default, one is the local time (resident city time), and the other is the remote time. The remote time is updated with the mobile phone. The watch can switch to check the local time with one click. At different times, the two places have a ‘core’. In addition, the research and development of the watch is actively cooperating with YunOS, a smart operating system under the Alibaba Group. It is expected that when the watch is officially launched, the mobile payment function can be realized.
   The Indian series of light smart watches also have functions such as automatic time calibration, charging reminder, etc. to meet different aspects of life. Keep the original heart of your lifestyle, and enjoy the convenience and innovation of the intelligent age. You can calmly follow the ‘core’, say goodbye to the busy life, and enjoy your life with ease.
Fiyta, enjoy everything that time gives you
   For many years, Fiyta has provided Chinese astronauts with ground training and mission execution schedules, accompanied by astronauts to witness the feat of space exploration; in the ‘Extreme Series’, they joined hands with Chinese motorcycle teams to compete in the extreme rally on South America. In addition, Fiyta has also provided timing equipment for international sports events such as the Asian Winter Games and the Asian Sailing Championships. For six years in a row, Fiyta has entered Hall 1 of the Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland, the International Brands Hall. As the first international watch brand originated from China in this hall, Fiyta shines. Fiyta always believes that the true beauty comes from the accumulation of time. Watches not only record time, but also record everyone, whether it is going forward elegantly or actively exploring and enjoying everything that time gives you.
Configuration instructions

Movement: Fiyta smart quartz movement
Case: stainless steel
Mirror: Sapphire glass
Dial: white
Caseback: Sapphire glass
Strap: Italian calfskin
Water resistance: 30 meters
System service: YunOS, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group

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Taking You Into Watches & Wonders A.Lange & Söhne Exhibition Hall

Discover the charm of a fine watchmaking brand. The most intuitive feeling is of course its high-end watch. Through a delicate watch, you can feel a precise watchmaking attitude and the cumulative inheritance of traditional skills. However, the fascinating charm of a fine watchmaking brand is not limited to the watch itself. The thickness of the cultural connotation and the height of the spirit of watchmaking will be revealed through the full angle and all aspects of each manifestation and detail. As the representative of German precision watchmaking-A. Lange & Söhne Lange, the performance at the 2015 WATCHES & WONDERS ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asian High Watch Show is the best proof.

   In the A. Lange & Söhne exhibition hall of WW Haute Horlogerie, visitors not only once again feel the precision watchmaking technology and technology, the immortal spirit of watchmaking by Lange, but also the history of German watchmaking for 200 years. And it complements Lange culture. The charm of a brand is presented in front of many viewers with the fullest tension.

Standing huge Lange watch

   Entering the A. Lange & Söhne Lange Pavilion, the first entry into view is the huge Lange watch standing directly in front of it. A closer look revealed that the prototype of this huge Lange watch model was the ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER, launched at the International Haute Horlogerie Salon in Geneva earlier this year-Lange’s first watch with a decimal minute repeater function. This watch It is a typical representative of Lange’s achievements in precision watchmaking. And this huge ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER watch model was grandly presented at the Geneva International Watch Salon at the beginning of the year and attracted everyone’s great attention. Now Lange regards this huge watch model as a powerful brand logo and presents it at the WW Asia Fine Watch Show, allowing more Asian friends to see for themselves, which shows that the brand values ​​precision watchmaking.

   The ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER watch model has reached the maximum height that the exhibition hall can bear. The bottom is fixed by a wide and stable disk, and the upper part directly reaches the top of the exhibition hall. Although it is a huge model of ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER watch, the design and production are very fine and realistic, the classic train track minute scale, pointer power reserve display, the window showing the time with mechanical skip function, showing the important year of the brand-founding Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s 200th birthday.
Tribute to Ferdinando Adolf Lange
   For A. Lange & Söhne Lange, Mr. Ferdinando Adolf Lange (FALANGE) is not only the founder and leader of the brand. Today, Mr. FALANGE represents more than 100 Lange Years of immortal watchmaking spirit.

   In the most prominent position on the right side of the pavilion is the half-length sculpture of Ferdinando Adolf Lange, the founder of A. Lange & Söhne Lange. Next to it, Mr. FALANGE’s precision watchmaking is displayed in English. Attitude: ‘The entire pursuit of a watchmaker should be the perfection and every watch.’ This is a watchmaking credo that has been passed down for more than a century. The watchmaking spirit of the Söhne Lange brand. To this day, Mr. F.A.LANGE is the spiritual symbol of Lange’s immortal watchmaking.
Walking into the pavilion is walking into the history of Lange
   2015 is a year of special significance for A. Lange & Söhne, not only the 200th anniversary of Mr. FALANGE, but also the derivative and development of German watchmaking and A. Lange & Söhne The 200-year development process of grid and German watchmaking is complementary.

   Entering the A. Lange & Söhne Lange Pavilion is to walk into the history of Lange. In special years and historical nodes such as 2015, Lange clearly showed the German system in the hall of the WW Haute Horlogerie. The development of the watch and the development history of Lange watchmaking, from the birth of Mr. FALANGE in 1815, to the derivative of German watchmaking, to the creation of Lange watchmaking, the huge contribution of FALANGE to pocket watches, the second generation of Lange Watches, third-generation Lange watchmaking … A clear and moving picture of watchmaking history is clearly unfolded in the Lange Pavilion.
   The perception of a rich, profound, and rigorous watchmaking brand always bears admiration for precision watchmaking, the exploration of historical depth, and the harmony of brand spiritual values. And all this, when you walk into the A. Lange & Söhne Lange pavilion, it is clear that when you walk into the A. Lange & Söhne Lange pavilion, you are walking into Lange.

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