Professional Formal Watches Omega Men’s Mature Watches Recommended

Every man should have a watch to enhance his taste, especially at mature age. If you are a company executive and usually need to dress up to work, a dress watch is even more essential. Today, Xiaobian recommends two omega men’s professional dress watches for everyone, showing the mature and stable side of men.

 Omega Aqua Terra Chronometer watch
 This watch is a classic in the hippocampus series, with a 41.5 mm stainless steel case. The watch is equipped with a slightly yellow and black lacquer dial, a calendar window at 3 o’clock, a black-yellow second hand and yellow on the minute ring. The numbers perfectly contrast. Wear-resistant sapphire crystals provide comprehensive protection for this unique dial. The second wear-resistant sapphire crystal is located on the case back, revealing the anti-magnetic Omega 8500 coaxial movement mounted on the watch. In addition to the powerful waterproof function of the Omega Seamaster Series male watch, there is also a super powerful anti-magnetic function, which is rare in ordinary watches. The steel bracelet is paired with a simple black dial with a marked yellow scale circle on the dial. This watch is suitable for those who like sports. Exercise freely, in any venue, can ensure accurate travel time, and will not hurt the strap due to sweating.
 For details, please refer to: Co-Axial Chronometer 431.
 The overall black style of this Omega dress watch is matched by a silver-white stainless steel case. I personally think that this watch is more suitable for the executives of large enterprises, because strict executives always give people a mysterious feeling, always making subordinates unable to guess his mind, wearing this mysterious temperament Black dial watches should be more appropriate. Omega Dish Flying Series 431. Men’s Mechanical Watch 41mm, it is more suitable for men’s wrist. The black dial and Roman numerals look very rigorous, retro and precise, making it the perfect choice for formal watches. And still the gentleman style, the classical elements can feel the sense of history more.
 Watch details reference: Summary: These two Omega men’s watches are models of mature watches, the metal temperament highlights the will of men, the extraordinary design highlights the style of men. In any case, these two formal watches can make men earn enough face and improve their taste in the workplace.